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C3 An Exotic Flower

Chen Jiaojiao was a prodigy in the entertainment circle. As its name implied, she was both beautiful and delicate.

However, there was one thing that made sense. There was one thing that made people unwilling to forgive, and one thing that made them unwilling to accept the rules of this circle.

As a result, she was rejected and she was cast out. Even after all these years, she was still a tepid 18.

Yu Shanshan quickly reacted and raised her eyebrows, "Is it still because of Jiang Qingshan and Liu Xinman?"

Chen Jiaojiao didn't want to answer, just as Yu Shanshan's phone rang.

Not long after, her expression immediately changed.

"What?" Hadn't this character already been decided upon long ago? "Why did it change so quickly?"

Chen Jiaojiao raised her head and looked over. Yu Shanshan, who was in the driver's seat, had a serious expression on her face. Her tone was anxious as she tried to explain something to the person in front of her.

However, this kind of explanation was useless. Soon, the other party hung up the phone. Yu Shanshan was so angry that her eyes turned red. She turned her head and looked at her. "Jiao Jiao …"

"Is it above the Cloud Peak?" On top of the clouds was Chen Jiaojiao's recent Chinese drama, which was also Chen Jiaojiao's only public announcement.

Since the other party was able to call, it must be related to this movie.

Yu Shanshan nodded angrily and could not help but curse out loud, "This bunch of despicable people change their minds whenever they want to. They clearly said it earlier, but now they want to change hands." Jiao Jiao, what do you think we should do? "

Before Chen Jiaojiao could open her mouth, a car suddenly drove over. The bright headlight faced them and the dazzling lights made them unable to help from closing their eyes.

Originally, they thought it was just a passing car, but who would have known that the red Porsche stopped beside them. The car window slowly lowered, revealing Liu Xinman's pretty and flirtatious face. We are truly destined to meet here. "

Liu Xinman covered her mouth with her hands and laughed. After laughing for a while, she pretended to be enlightened. "Oh, right. There's something I forgot to tell you. There's a new intern in my company who's very interested in the character of the play above your cloud. So I said hello to the director and changed the scene for you at the last minute. I think as a senior, you wouldn't mind, right? "

"You did it!" Why are you doing this? " Yu Shanshan was so angry that she was about to get off the car and argue, but Chen Jiaojiao grabbed her wrist.

Liu Xinman was currently in the midst of her popularity. If Yu Shanshan had accidentally done something to her, she would probably not be able to handle it. There was no need to go head to head with her.

However, what made people angry was that Liu Xinman did not care at all. She ignored Yu Shanshan's gnashing teeth and slowly played with her hair, giving Chen Jiaojiao a provocative look, "Speaking of which, you can't blame me. This is the world, some of the characters don't belong to you, you can't even keep them. Some people are the same. If it's not yours, you'd better not touch it! "

Chen Jiaojiao came to a realization after hearing what Nie Tian said.

It seemed like the reason this slut made such a scene was all because of Jiang Qingshan.

But didn't she draw a clear line between herself and Jiang Qingshan? Liu Xinman was still biting on his arm like a mad dog.

Chen Jiaojiao didn't get it until she got back to her apartment.

Yu Shanshan had been in the entertainment circle for so many years, and her emotions had gradually calmed down. She was worried about Chen Jiaojiao's situation and couldn't help asking.

"Jiao Jiao, what is the meaning of that crazy woman's last sentence? Have you still offended her today? "

"How can that be? I didn't do anything, and I smiled and congratulated him. It can't be that Liu Xinman wants to bully me because of this, right? "

"That's strange. Liu Xinman doesn't seem like someone who would cause trouble for no reason." Yu Shanshan scratched her chin as she thought about it. Then, a headache came over her. "But no matter what, we'll be feeling a bit sad after this woman has set her eyes on us."

The two of them looked at each other, wanting to cry.

This was how reality worked in this circle. If you were not popular, had no traffic, or had no fans, then it would mean that you had not been exposed, had not been announced, and there was no itinerary.

Once you are free, you will immediately be confused to the point that you won't even recognize your mother, not to mention that Chen Jiaojiao is just an unknown Eighteen.

The two of them discussed for the better part of the night, but still couldn't come up with a conclusion. They could only look at it first.

The next morning, Chen Jiaojiao was woken up by a series of phone calls.

"Jiao Jiao! Don't sleep anymore, something's happened! "

Yu Shanshan was roaring on the other end of the phone. Her shrill voice immediately drove away Chen Jiaojiao's drowsiness.

She frowned, her eyes still hazy: "Yu Dashan, I'll tell you one last time, don't disturb me while I sleep!"

Yu Shanshan was already so anxious that she was like an ant on a hot pan. She didn't even bother with her address and quickly urged, "You still have the time to talk about this at such a time! Quickly check your Weibo! "Oh right, remember to lock up the doors and windows at home. If you can't go out, don't go out!"

Chen Jiaojiao's brow rose, and she became a bit more clear-headed again.

"What do you mean?"

As she spoke, she opened her laptop and logged into her Weibo account. Her lips twitched.

Her original one million yuan worth of zombie powder had increased tremendously overnight, and countless people had come to Chen Jiaojiaoca several times.

When she finally ignored the missing pieces of information, she finally saw the true origin of the matter.

It was a video of Chen Jiaojiao entering a hotel. Half an hour later, Lu Shen also entered the room.

Ten minutes later, the two of them got off the elevator and went to the parking lot.

Lu Shen waved goodbye to her while Chen Jiaojiao got into her nanny car.

From the footage, it was obvious that Chen Jiaojiao and Lu Shen knew each other. To those who didn't know about it, the two of them had gone to a hotel to do some unknown things.

As a result, once this video was released, it immediately received countless attention and hits. The news of Chen Jiaojiao and Lu Shen getting a room was also pushed to the front page.

On Chen Jiaojiao's Weibo, there was even more criticism.

"I really didn't expect Chen Jiaojiao to be such a woman. She ran over to get a room with Eldest Young Master Lu. Did she think that she would be able to get close to the potential customer just like that?"

"That's right. These female celebrities are, to put it bluntly, high class chickens. They all set their prices clearly. They're so disgusting!"

"Look at her, she looks like a vixen. She's obviously not a good woman, and it's only a matter of time before she's hooked up with a potential financial backer!" It's just a pity for such a beautiful face!

Amongst the invectives, there was another one that had the highest praise rate.

"Could it be... I was the only one who noticed it. Did Young Master Lu only go in and out for about ten minutes? "

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