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It was very easy to lead the public opinion in using this comment well and explain that it was just a misunderstanding.

However, all the comments on the internet seemed to insist on this matter being true. Someone directly replied, "What happened after a dozen minutes? There are many men in the city now, more than ten minutes! "

Thus, # Chen Jiaojiao and Lu Shen rented a room under the hot search, followed closely by # Young Master Lu for 13 minutes and 8 seconds.

Chen Jiaojiao directly spat out a mouthful of water...

Rumors were just that terrifying. In just one night, it was as if the news of Chen Jiaojiao and Lu Shen getting a room was confirmed and that video was dug up countless of times. Lu Shen could tell no matter how many seconds he entered or left.

Lu Shen also saw the Weibo post and was so angry that he knocked over Jiang Qingshan's desk.

"F * ck f * ck f * ck!" Who was this group of lunatics trying to humiliate? Who's 13 minutes and 8 seconds? If you have the ability, come out and compete! "

Jiang Qingshan glanced at him speechlessly and slowly leaned back on the soft chair. His expression was calm, but there was a storm brewing in his eyes.

Lu Shen could not sit still any longer. He slapped the table and frowned as he looked at Jiang Wei, "Jiang, this is not right." When I went there yesterday, I was very careful. No one would follow me.

It would have been fine if the photo was taken by him, but he knew clearly when he went there. It was obvious that the person who took the photo knew Chen Jiaojiao was here.

In that case, there was only one possibility, and that was that the person who secretly took the photo was after Chen Jiaojiao.

Jiang Qingshan knocked on the table without any expression. His eyes swept across the video on the computer once again. He was filled with a cold aura. "Investigate. I want to see who is behind this."

Seeing his arrogant look, Lu Shen couldn't help but shiver and start to sympathize with the people who were pulling the strings.

No one knew better than him how terrifying Jiang Qingshan was when he got angry. The incident this time clearly offended him. No matter who it was, they would definitely die miserably.

At the same time, the public opinion on the internet was in an even worse state. More and more people started to post Aitu Chen Jiaojiao's Weibo.

"Chen Jiaojiao, don't you know your own identity? "Take good pictures of yourself, don't come out and seduce men."

"That's right, that's right. Chen Jiaojiao, it's no different if you want to rely on a woman to become the financial backer. I'm begging you, please be a person."

Chen Jiaojiao had almost lost control of her temper when she saw this.

She was not stupid. The netizen's opinion had fallen because of that half-truths video, but if there was no one in the middle supporting her, then there would definitely be someone supporting her.

The Weibo post was still being updated. Chen Jiaojiao was so angry that her liver hurt just by looking at it. She turned off the laptop and squinted her eyes coldly.

She didn't know how Lu Shen sent her to the hotel yesterday, but she knew that with Lu Shen's character, he wouldn't leave any evidence.

However, no matter how he thought about it, he felt like he had been caught in a conspiracy.

Suddenly, Chen Jiaojiao thought about her encounter with Liu Xinman in the underground parking lot.

It just so happened that she appeared at the same hotel as him. Could she have done this?

Yu Shanshan's text message was sent over again, and Chen Jiaojiao casually mentioned this conjecture. Based on the rule that she didn't want to risk her life on the topic, Yu Shanshan asked her to be patient.

Chen Jiaojiao smiled and then, one second later, she put on her hat and mask and left the room.

F * ck off! Don't be impatient. Liu Xinman dared to insult her like that. She probably didn't want to see the sun tomorrow!

There were already many gossip reporters surrounding the residential complex. Chen Jiaojiao frowned. The exaggerated sunglasses covered her entire face, but they could not hide the mockery in her eyes.

She quickened her pace to avoid them. But just as she was about to leave the district, the female reporter, who had been bored out of her mind, suddenly turned her head and saw Chen Jiaojiao's back.

The female reporter blinked her eyes and immediately shouted, "Chen Jiaojiao! It was Chen Jiaojiao! She's out! "

The sound was sharp and shrill, and it immediately roused all the sleepy puppies around.

Chen Jiaojiao's back stiffened as she ran out of the district's main entrance.

The reporters behind him immediately chased after him with cameras and microphones. They were all excited to the point that they were on stimulants. "Quick, chase her! Don't let her get away!"

Chen Jiaojiao couldn't help cursing under her breath, "They're really haunting me!"

She ran forward with all her might, but the high heels under her feet didn't budge. Just as she was about to be overtaken by the group of people, a hand suddenly reached out from beside her and pulled her to the side.

Chen Jiaojiao jumped in fright. She subconsciously wanted to shout for help, but the person behind her seemed to have expected this and covered her mouth.

"Don't make a sound if you don't want to be discovered."

Chen Jiaojiao's beautiful eyes widened as she heard the man's low and cold warning from above her head.

Even if the voice turned to ashes, she would recognize it!

Chen Jiaojiao turned around and saw Jiang Qingshan looking at her.

She turned around and left without hesitation, but the man's distant voice came from behind, "What? You don't want to solve the problem?"

Chen Jiaojiao had sworn that she would take a detour the moment she saw the dog-man in her life so that she wouldn't fall head first onto his body again.

But the man's voice seemed to have a magic quality to it. Her feet were rooted, and she couldn't move them at all.

She looked at him suspiciously, and there was an obvious disbelief in her voice, "You have a way?"

Jiang Qingshan didn't come alone. Lu Shen was also accompanying him.

Chen Jiaojiao was led to a Lamborghini that was stopped by him. Lu Shen sneakily took off the mask on his face and waved at her, "Hi …"

Chen Jiaojiao's face darkened and she unhappily kicked him. "Stop smiling at me. What happened last night?"

Lu Shen was so wronged that he was about to cry. He said indignantly, "Jiao Jiao, in all our years of being friends, I have never eaten grass by my nest. "God knows what's going on with the media, they're just like the wind trying to catch a shadow!"

Chen Jiaojiao didn't really blame him. No one wanted to see such a thing happening.

However, now that she had been ridiculed by the internet, she felt somewhat uncomfortable in her heart.

Lu Shen was also very perceptive. He poked Jiang Qingshan with his arm and smiled apologetically, "Ms Jiao, in order to make up for your past deeds, I specially invited Old Jiang to help you solve your problem. With his good brain, he will definitely be able to think of a solution. Don't you think so, Old Jiang? "

The last sentence was obviously directed towards Jiang Qingshan. Jiang Qingshan was silent for a while before he reluctantly nodded: "It's not like there is no way."

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