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C5 Make a Deal

Chen Jiaojiao snorted and slowly leaned back against the car. Lamborghini's smooth lines and her curvaceous body matched well with each other. Chen Jiaojiao was always so casual with her words. "I don't believe that he would be so kind-hearted."

Jiang Qingshan glanced at her and casually added on: "But I've never made a loss. Miss Chen has such a big temper, why should I help you?"

Chen Jiaojiao was instantly angered and she shot a cold glare at him. "What do you want then!?"

"Unless... You promised me a request. "

Jiang Qingshan's words echoed in her ears. Chen Jiaojiao immediately raised her guard and stared at him warily. She looked a little frightful as she asked, "What are you trying to do?"

Jiang Qingshan spread his hands casually: "What can I do? It was just a request, perhaps a meal, or a word of thanks. "Miss Chen doesn't want to pay such a small price. Isn't she being too stingy?

Lu Shen also chimed in, "That's right, Ms Jiao. "Right now, it's more important to solve the problem as soon as possible. I have no experience in this kind of things and am unable to help at all. The longer I delay, the more disadvantageous it will be for you!"

Chen Jiaojiao remained silent with a sullen face. Of course, she knew the stakes involved. However, looking at Jiang Qingshan's calm expression, she felt angered.

What right did he have to let this dog-man see a good show?! No one wanted to beg this dog of a man!

However, Chen Jiaojiao was too clear on the principles of this world. The power of public opinion was terrifying. If she couldn't resolve this matter, then her journey to the stars would end here.

Gritting her teeth, Chen Jiaojiao threw caution to the wind and raised her head to Jiang Qingshan in a tragic manner: "Fine, I will agree, but you have to promise that this matter will not continue to spread!"

Jiang Qingshan clicked his tongue, turned around and was about to get on the car: "Okay, go back and wait for the news."

Chen Jiaojiao's face turned green as she grabbed his arm, "Wait, what do you mean? That's it? "

One moment he was forcing her to sign an unequal treaty, and the next moment he was flinging his sleeves and walking away. Was he joking with her?

Jiang Qingshan's ice-cold gaze fell on the hand Chen Jiaojiao was holding onto. A trace of unfathomable emotion flashed through his deep eyes.

Chen Jiaojiao let go of him as if she was scalded by something. She was actually a little lacking in confidence. Weren't you confident just now? If you want to leave just like that, don't tell me you don't have the confidence? "

Jiang Qingshan didn't argue with her. His pretty face didn't even blink for a second. "If you're worried, you can follow me to the car. You can go wherever I go until the trouble is solved."

Chen Jiaojiao spat at him without a second thought. With a disdainful look on her face, she said, "Drop it. I'm afraid I'm going to have indigestion from you."

Jiang Qingshan gave her a cold glance, opened the car door and got in. Very quickly, the silver Lamborghini drew a shadow under the sun and quickly disappeared.

Dog man, why are you pulling!

Chen Jiaojiao cursed under her breath angrily, but didn't say anything more.

She crept back to her apartment, washed her face, and sat down at the computer again.

Of course she had to keep an eye on him since the dog-man had spoken so confidently.

She quickly logged on to Weibo. Chen Jiaojiao took a quick glance and saw that Lu Shen's 13.8 seconds search had been suppressed. Replacing it was a boyfriend that Chen Jiaojiao had to talk to all those years ago!

Hit your mother!

Chen Jiaojiao felt a wave of unease pass through her heart. She subconsciously tapped it open and a burst of darkness instantly appeared before her eyes.

Below the search, there were photos of her and Jiang Qingshan. There were two of them alone, but no matter what, the things that happened between her and Jiang Qingshan in the past were obviously exposed.

The corner of Chen Jiaojiao's mouth twitched. She didn't even dare to think about how chaotic her Weibo had become.

Sure enough, new messages kept appearing. Some came openly to @ her, while others secretly sent messages to slander her.

Wailing on the internet. Compared to Chen Jiaojiao and Lu Shen getting a room together, everyone could not accept that Jiang Qingshan, who had an alluring personality, was with Jiang Qingshan, the god of abstinence.

Especially since Jiang Qingshan was Liu Xinman's man, one could imagine how badly she would be scolded!

"Oh my god, Chen Jiaojiao is indeed a shameless vixen. It's one thing to hook up with Young Master Lu, but you're not even letting Young Master Jiang off! "

"That slut Chen Jiaojiao has probably already been asleep in the entertainment circle for a long time, yet she still wants to lay her hands on our young master Jiang!" What a shame! "

"That's right, I don't even know how hungry she is. That's why she can't leave a man. It's one thing for them to be in cahoots with each other, but to actually dare to seduce Young Master Jiang, who gave her that kind of confidence? "

Amidst the crowd's passionate cursing, Chen Jiaojiao had undoubtedly once again become the target of public criticism.

However, this was not the end. After the photos were pulled out, the video of Chen Jiaojiao going to a hotel that night leaked.

Through the video, there was a Lamborghini parked in front of the hotel. The almighty netizen immediately found out that the owner of the car was Jiang Qingshan within a few hours.

Therefore, everyone was shocked once again. No one expected that the person who booked a room with Chen Jiaojiao was Jiang Qingshan.

But soon, the spearhead was once again aimed at Chen Jiaojiao. This time, it wasn't only the black powder, but even the passersby thought that Chen Jiaojiao was a fox spirit that seduced a married woman.

Despite knowing that Jiang Qingshan and Liu Xinman were together, they still went to the hotel with him.

"Damn, I really did blind my dog eyes." "Chen Jiaojiao, you cheap hoof, you want to make use of the wine to get hot, seduce young master Jiang, and rob us of our men, right?"

"Everyone come and take a look, Chen Jiaojiao's ability to seduce people is really top-notch. If you were really drunk, how could you follow a man to a hotel? I wonder what kind of vulgar method he used! "

"Lai Hei, take the stage." Chen Jiaojiao is too disgusting. Little San is born black! "

Chen Jiaojiao looked at the comments online, her face turning colder and colder.

These people were like mad dogs that had lost their minds, not caring about the hidden secrets behind these things. Even though it was verified that the person who sent her to the hotel was not Lu Shen, he still poured dirty water on her!

Chen Jiaojiao burst into laughter. Even if something really happened between her and Jiang Qingshan, it would still be a resumption of their old relationship, saying that she stole someone else's boyfriend? What kind of international joke was this?

Chen Jiaojiao did not need to think to know that Liu Xinman was behind this matter.

The corner of her mouth curled up as she remembered how Liu Xinman had arrogantly ran over to warn her. Her small face flashed with ridicule as she posted a message on Weibo for the first time in her life.

Chen Jiaojiao also did not post anything else, but her Weibo post was as follows:

"I saw how charming Qingshan was. I didn't expect Qingshan to see me either."

After sending it, Chen Jiaojiao still felt annoyed, so she forwarded it again on purpose and mentioned Jiang Qingshan at the same time.

Disgusting, right? Who wouldn't?

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