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C7 Latent Rule

Chen Jiaojiao silently swallowed her saliva.

How unfortunate, why was her heart moved by the other party's words?

Jiang Qingshan raised his eyebrows and leaned towards her. He said in a low voice, "Your contract with Yu Shanshan is about to expire, right? I'll give you a change of experience …"

Before he could finish his words, he saw Chen Jiaojiao raise her hand, as if she wanted to punch him.

For the past few years, she had been able to live through it comfortably all thanks to Yu Shanshan anxiously looking for a job for her. Now that someone wanted to praise her, she lost it because of Da Shan?


"What's so good about Yu Shanshan? Her working ability isn't much better than yours."

Jiang Qingshan shifted his gaze away from Chen Jiaojiao. His tone was one of indifference unique to those in power.

Chen Jiaojiao suddenly felt the pig's feet become dull. She stepped on the switch on the trash can and threw down the rest of the food in her hands.

That action was obviously filled with anger.

Jiang Qingshan wasn't someone who talked too much. When Chen Jiaojiao didn't appreciate it, he pursed his lips and didn't say anything. He merely shifted his gaze back to her.

After a long silence, Chen Jiaojiao's phone rang. When the two of them were still ringing, Jiang Qingshan's favorite poem, "Laughing Forgotten Book", rang. She awkwardly smiled and quickly picked up the phone, stopping Wang Fei's singing.

The call was from Director Cheng. Chen Jiaojiao glanced at Jiang Qingshan and saw no reaction from him.

"Jiao Jiao, I have a movie here. The investors want to give you the second female lead. What do you think?"

She was slightly startled. "You called this out for me?"

Good boy, she was just treated like a child, and now that she was about to get scolded on Weibo, the investors wanted to use her to hype things up?

Director Cheng repeated what he said, then continued to inform him: "Will you have time to come to the set tomorrow to pick up the script?"

Chen Jiaojiao did not immediately agree. After thinking for a while, she felt that things were not as simple as she thought, "Tomorrow? Are you in such a hurry? "Also, since I am acting as the second female lead, then who is the first female lead?"

"You aren't in a hurry tomorrow, right..."

After throwing three questions in a row, Director Cheng answered hesitantly.

When Chen Jiaojiao saw his reaction, she was even more sure that the second female lead was not that simple. Her eyes turned and met Jiang Qingshan's gaze.

Oh wow, there was still such a great Buddha here, how could she have forgotten about it?

Jiang Qingshan put on a playful expression. He was a little curious about the No. 2 actress, who was invited to be part of the cast — — either her brain got kicked by a donkey, or she wanted to play by the unwritten rules, Chen Jiaojiao.

Seeing that the director was stuttering, Chen Jiaojiao raised her forehead a little, but she had no reputation and no ability to throw a tantrum. Helpless, she continued to ask kindly: "Director Cheng, is there anything you can't say?"

"Could it be that the female lead is Liu Xinman?"

Chen Jiaojiao saw it and was furious. She glared at him fiercely, but luckily, his voice was not loud and Director Cheng did not hear it.

Seeing her fierce look, he smiled like Lu Shen usually did, and imitated the action of him pulling the zipper by the side of his mouth with his fingers.

Chen Jiaojiao snorted and turned around to joke, "The female lead couldn't be Liu Xinman, right?"

"Hmm …"


Director Cheng coughed a few times. "No, the female lead is Xu Xiaoman, who just took the S Nation movie. She's hot to get. You and her have quite a lot of competitions, so it's just nice for you to hone your acting skills!"

Somehow, Chen Jiaojiao always felt that the current Director Cheng gave her the feeling of lying without even opening her eyes, but when the second female lead came to her mouth, she couldn't just give up due to lack of evidence. Furthermore, Young Master Jiang was waiting on the side for her to come out.

"Sure, I'll go to the set tomorrow to get the script."

She answered very straightforwardly as she checked Jiang Qingshan out of the corner of her eyes.

Jiang, I won't let you flatter me. No matter what you say, I'll do it backwards … You're going to be pissed off!

Chen Jiaojiao's small expression did not escape Jiang Qingshan's eyes. The smile on his face was barely discernible. At this moment, his phone also vibrated. He lowered his head and saw a message from Lu Shen.

When he knew that the caller was Director Cheng, he told Lu Shen to find out what Director Cheng's next movie was about to start.

If he remembered correctly, it should be an ancient costume drama called "Night Sky". The female lead was exactly Liu Xinman, and two days ago, she was showing off to a director with a new surname, Cheng, to look for her for a movie …

"Don't be happy too early."

Seeing that Chen Jiaojiao had hung up, Jiang Qingshan reminded her in an inappropriate tone.

She curled her lips and thought that Young Master Jiang was angry because of the unspoken rule so she leaned close to him and leaned on the sofa that he was sitting on. She was extremely flirtatious as she said: "Young Master Jiang, didn't I listen to your earnest teachings and decided to not continue to fall down …"

While Chen Jiaojiao was speaking, he also saw the words on the screen clearly.

"Night Sky".

Her current appearance looked exactly the same as it did a few years ago. Jiang Qingshan frowned and reached out to pull her into his arms.

"Since you're listening to me like this, then I won't let you go get the script?"

Chen Jiaojiao giggled when she heard this. "I'm not going. Of course not."

This time, it was Jiang Qingshan's turn to be confused, but before he could ask, he saw the little fox sitting on his lap smile slyly, getting close to him, intentionally putting his warm breath beside his ear: "I'll let my manager sign the contract now, it's a nail in the palm of his hand, a nail in the palm of his hand, it can't be changed!"

As the sound of her voice faded, she began to giggle.

As expected, no matter who he took advantage of, it was not as interesting as Jiang Qingshan!

"Little vixen."

Jiang Qingshan narrowed his eyes when he saw the smile on Chen Jiaojiao's face. He raised his hand to grab the back of her head and cursed in a low voice.

However, these words made Chen Jiaojiao's face pale. She quickly realized she had lost control of herself and continued to tease him flirtatiously while pretending to be indifferent: "The entertainment circle is only so tiny. Who doesn't know that I, Chen Jiaojiao, am famous for being a little vixen? Thanks to Young Master Jiang, all of the fans outside of the circle know about it. They all came to my Weibo, 'I hope Lady Chen Jiaojiao will give me the title of the universe's number one fox spirit'. "

She was a little over twenty years old this year, and she might even be a little over seventy years old before she could forget how Jiang's mother had pointed at her at the school gate and called her a fox spirit.

If Chen Jiaojiao had any weakness, it would be these three words.

Seeing that Jiang Qingshan didn't say anything, she continued to bury him by herself. Not even half of what he said, his face was magnified dozens of times in front of her.

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