Peerless Sweet Girl/C8 Reluctant Kiss
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Peerless Sweet Girl/C8 Reluctant Kiss
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C8 Reluctant Kiss

How does kissing Jiang Qingshan feel?

Chen Jiaojiao, who had calmed down later, counted with her fingers. She probably hadn't tasted anything for three years.

However, Chen Jiaojiao, who was being held captive by Jiang Qingshan, didn't have the time to care about this. Her mind was blank as she opened her eyes wide and let him pry open her teeth.

Seeing that she was absent-minded, he bit her lip in a punitive manner. Only when he heard her gasp from the pain did he feel satisfied.

When Chen Jiaojiao reacted, Jiang Qingshan had already let her go in satisfaction. He didn't forget to give her a taste comment: "The same dish as when you were in university."

How could he not have noticed her pale face? He just couldn't bring himself to comfort her. After all, the fault lay with him.

"That's right. If I was going to switch them off one by one, my kissing skill would also improve by leaps and bounds …"

The two of them stared at each other. Just as Chen Jiaojiao was about to activate her venomous tongue skill, the sound of a key suddenly came from the lock. She wanted to get off Jiang Qingshan's body, but he smiled evilly and held her wrist, refusing to let her move.

The next moment, Yu Shanshan was knocked on the head by the intimate scene before her.

"I'm sorry … "Sorry for disturbing you."

Yu Shanshan's mouth twitched. She was prepared to close the door expressionlessly, but she was stopped by Chen Jiaojiao's loud shout.

"Yu Dashan! My fucking family has a hooligan! Beast! You are still a beast in disguise! "

Listening to her accusation, the manager turned to Jiang Qingshan. At that time, he was dressed extremely well in his suit. On the other hand, it was Chen Jiaojiao. Her face was flushed red, and her light clothing was a bit messy.

Please! Aunt! No matter how you looked at it, this was the scene of an 18-string celebrity trying to force his way through the rules!

Seeing Yu Shanshan standing at the door in a daze, Chen Jiaojiao shook off Jiang Qingshan's hand and quickly walked in front of her. She pulled Yu Shanshan to the side of the sofa and forced her to sit between him and herself.

"Jiang Qingshan and I …"

Yu Shanshan frowned and interrupted her, "I understand."

"No... What do you understand! "

Only now did Chen Jiaojiao understand what it meant to be dumb and eat sh * t. She pursed her lips and stared at Yu Shanshan for a long time. In the end, she was unable to explain anything. Like a deflated balloon, she lay on the sofa, speechless.

"I have to leave first."

Jiang Qingshan came to find Chen Jiaojiao this time because he was worried about her. It was not a big deal to begin with, so when he received the message from the assistant asking him to deal with the documents, he went back to the company.

Moreover, Yu Shanshan was still by her side …

After comforting himself for a while, Jiang Qingshan got up and left.

Because of that kiss, Chen Jiaojiao put her hands on her hips and vented her anger. Without explaining anything to Yu Shanshan, she jumped up from the sofa, picked up the pig's feet that Yu Shanshan left on the table and started chewing.

She also bought three for herself, but they were not as hot as the one Jiang Qingshan brought over. She was a bit greasy from the cold of the pig's feet.

She liked meat, especially three years ago.

Yu Shanshan did not stop her, but watched worriedly as she wolfed down her food. Soon after, she saw Chen Jiaojiao's actions pause for a moment, followed by tears falling from the corners of her eyes. Chen Jiaojiao did not wipe them away, but instead threw the finished bones into the trash can and picked up the second one.

She had been full just now, and now it was just a vindictive diet.

Chen Jiaojiao felt that only by making her uncomfortable could she remind herself of how painful it was to be separated from Jiang Qingshan at the beginning. And how difficult it was to watch that bastard change girlfriends one after another for the past few years.

After finishing the second one, Chen Jiaojiao took a piece of paper from the table. She didn't know whether she was wiping the grease off her lips or the temperature left behind by Jiang Qingshan.

She was a girl in her early twenties after all.

"Don't eat anymore, Director Cheng called me just now and told me to accompany you to get the script for the new movie tomorrow. He said he told you before."

Yu Shanshan could not bear to watch any longer. She stretched her hand out and picked up the one that was left on the table.

Chen Jiaojiao burped. She felt upset. She rubbed her belly and said, "Let's go today. I was bragging a little too much in front of Jiang Qingshan. I was afraid that he would hurt me."

Yu Shanshan recalled the scene from before and understood her personality. She didn't ask any further questions and urged Chen Jiaojiao to go and put on some makeup.

When the two of them arrived at Director Cheng's film set, they saw that it was already dark. Chen Jiaojiao was wearing an apricot-colored dress. She didn't put on heavy makeup, but instead had a youthful and beautiful look.

"You two finally came."

The assistant director had been waiting for them at the door for a long time. He was a bit impatient and didn't show it clearly, but it was enough for both of them to notice.

Chen Jiaojiao frowned and put the displeasure on her face. Yu Shanshan twisted her waist lightly, causing her expression to change.

It wasn't the assistant director's fault for her face. It was her fault for not having any reputation.

The two of them followed the assistant director and walked in circles for a while. Finally, they arrived at Director Cheng's resting room and knocked on the door. Chen Jiaojiao saw Director Cheng, who had been in the limelight recently.

He was just an ordinary man, a bald man in his forties.

With a raise of her eyebrows, Chen Jiaojiao shrank behind Yu Shanshan. Her experience of crawling and rolling reminded her that this old man might be a bit bad.

Director Cheng stood up and walked towards the two of them. Although his eyes were shining when he looked at Chen Jiaojiao, he still chose to push Yu Shanshan to the seat where he was sitting before. He took out two files from the folder and put them in front of her.

"One is Jiao Jiao's script, the other is the contract."

Yu Shanshan nodded her head upon hearing this. She wanted to pick up the script and flip through it, but was stopped by the director. "Sign the contract first. There's no rush with the script. I've helped Jiao Jiao watch it already. Where can the lines for the second female lead go!"

Chen Jiaojiao stood to the side. She exchanged a look with Yu Shanshan when she saw that Director Cheng was anxious to get them to sign the contract.

"Director Cheng, you know that before, I was not much better than someone who did dragon trap. I will definitely watch the performance for the first time when I act as the second female lead, right?"

"I'm in a hurry for the meeting, you can sign it first. You can read it when I go to the meeting."

Director Cheng was full of smiles.

The two of them simultaneously harrumphed in their hearts. Just who was he lying to? When they came in just now, there were only a few people on set. Who would they meet for a meeting?

Chen Jiaojiao crossed her arms. Taking advantage of the director's attention being focused on Yu Shanshan, she walked forward quickly and took out a stack of documents from the table, quickly reading the words on it.

Director Cheng was shocked. It was too late to stop her, so he just let her check.

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