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C9 Deceived Contracts

Chen Jiaojiao frowned as she looked at the type on the paper. She picked up the contract and skimmed through it. There was nothing wrong with it.

Seeing her reaction, Director Cheng smiled awkwardly. He knew that she didn't see anything she shouldn't have, so he tried to smooth things over for himself, "Jiao Jiao, what are you worried about. I have no enmity with you, how could I scheme against you …"

As for Yu Shanshan, her line of sight fell onto the script that was previously covered by the contract. Liu Xinman's name was like a needle, stabbing her eyes without even greeting.

She coldly harrumphed, so this was the plan.

"Director Cheng, the matter of us being bullied by Miss Liu seems to be within these few days. You don't know? "

Yu Shanshan's tone was firm and was completely different from her gentle and soft appearance.

Actually, all the directors that worked with Chen Jiaojiao knew that her manager was a famous protector. It was fine for her to listen to some unpleasant words, but if you dared to bully Chen Jiaojiao, the manager's daughter would first smash your head.

Director Cheng rolled his eyes a few times and stopped acting if he couldn't get the act done. Seeing that Yu Shanshan's expression changed, he changed his attitude: "I know, but characters are characters and personal feelings are relationships. How can you guys be so unprofessional?"

Yu Shanshan couldn't say a word to him. She stood up, picked up her bag, and was about to leave with Chen Jiaojiao.

"No wonder Chen Jiaojiao has slept with me for three years and changed so many potential customers, but she still hasn't gotten angry. "That's true, how much dedication can a little celebrity who has gone on a hot search for his child have?"

"Who are you calling Little Three?"

Chen Jiaojiao's expression changed as she asked him with a darkened face.

Director Cheng's impression of her was still in the reports of those flirtatious photos. Where had he seen her with such a dark expression? Immediately, he stuttered, "I … Am I wrong? If it wasn't because of your involvement, how could Jiang Qingshan break up with Liu Xinman? "

Chen Jiaojiao threw the contract on the ground and took a few deep breaths. Remembering Yu Shanshan's earlier instructions not to cause trouble, she tried her best to suppress her anger, "If that's the case, then I'm afraid Liu Xinman is Xiao Liu, Xiao Qi. Director Cheng has the opportunity to help Miss Liu, so why don't you ask around to find out who Young Master Jiang kissed first, and who Young Master Jiang gave his first love."

As soon as she finished speaking, the anger on her face had been suppressed down a lot, and she could still force out a smile: "I'm not dedicated, Director Cheng is in the heat of the moment, why do I have to play the second female lead for an undedicated person. Now it's a different role, it's the most appropriate thing to do."

After saying that, Chen Jiaojiao's smile became even more coquettish and radiant, causing Yu Shanshan to only want to clap and clap for her, showing a pleased expression like an old mother.

Wuu wuu, her female demoness has grown up!

Director Cheng was stunned for a moment. He didn't know what to do for a moment, so he took out a recording from his phone. When the two people in front of him heard that, their expressions changed.

The recording was none other than the recording from when he called Chen Jiaojiao.

Director Cheng became confident when he found out that he had turned the tables around. He cleared his throat and threatened, "I have the recording of you agreeing to take the role. You should know whether I can edit out another recording where you rejected me while playing the big card, right?"

Chen Jiaojiao had already been through the violence of the internet. If there were still people adding oil to the fire, wouldn't she die?

The two of them looked at each other before Chen Jiaojiao walked up and signed her name onto the contract.

When they got out of the set, Chen Jiaojiao sat in the passenger seat of Yu Shanshan and took a deep breath, "It's fine, I just happen to be hot from being scolded. If I act out a role, maybe I'll be blackened red? "There are such people in the circle?"

"Jiao Jiao, if you really don't want to act …"

"Yu Da Shan, how did you know? Why don't I want to act? "

As they were talking, Chen Jiaojiao's cell phone rang. She opened the interface and saw that it was a 200k bank card. She pretended to smile brightly and waved her cell phone at Yu Shanshan, "Did you see that? You, Ms Jiao, I haven't started construction in a long time. Otherwise, how could I have shamelessly touched the red carpet last time? Go! I'll take you shopping! "

Yu Shanshan knew that her heart was also in pain, so she silently started the car.

Chen Jiaojiao had always been a brilliant and flamboyant person, but there was always a side to everything in the world that was generously nourished by the sun's rays. There was bound to be a darker side to it, too.

Since she had signed the contract, Chen Jiaojiao's time for the movie came one after another.

Yu Shanshan had something to do at home, so she left her at the door of the movie set in the morning before she drove away.

Before Chen Jiaojiao went in, she pretended to check the time and glanced at her phone a few times. Only she knew that she was checking to see if Jiang Qingshan had sent her a text message.

Firstly, she hadn't changed her phone number in three years. Secondly, Jiang Qingshan was very rich and had some power. She didn't believe that he couldn't find her phone number. Even so, her phone still didn't move at all.

She smiled wryly. The phone she spent several thousand yuan on couldn't possibly be a bad phone, right? You can't even get a man's text message.

As soon as Chen Jiaojiao entered, she met Director Cheng. It was as if he didn't greet her at all last night. She was not surprised by this type of people in the circle, so she responded with a smile.

The set of "Night Sky" was similar to the one she had been in before, except this time the second female lead had her own lounge. She followed the door number and pushed open the door to see a smiling baby-faced girl.

"Is it a makeup artist?"

Chen Jiaojiao put her bag aside. Seeing the girl nod, she sat down.

Without much communication, the makeup artist skillfully removed Chen Jiaojiao's makeup. Once again, she reconstructed her foundation and makeup while Chen Jiaojiao began to study the script.

Even if she was reprimanded for being unprofessional yesterday, she couldn't be a complete wreck, could she?

"Why is your script different from others'?"

The makeup artist put on her makeup and lowered her head to look at the colourful script she had drawn. She was rather curious.

Seeing her ask this, Chen Jiaojiao smiled a little embarrassedly. "It was said by a particularly famous senior on Weibo. The lines written under different characters' different moods can be drawn in different colors. It's especially useful."

When the makeup artist heard this, she thoughtfully nodded her head. "I've painted quite a few celebrities already, and you're the first one to do so."

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. The girl admired Chen Jiaojiaoli, but unlike before, when she heard that she relied on her beauty to rise to the top, she started to move her hands even more diligently.

This time, Chen Jiaojiao played the role of Empress Zhangsun's maid. Later on, she would be married to a general, and the part that would be filmed today was when she was a maid. It was because the male lead and Liu Xinman had a misunderstanding.

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