Peerless War God/C1 Three thousand years later
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Peerless War God/C1 Three thousand years later
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C1 Three thousand years later


Shouts of surprise suddenly sounded in the quiet sky above the small courtyard!

Inside the room, on the bed, a pale-faced youth suddenly sat up!

Although the youth's appearance could not be considered handsome, he was still quite delicate and pretty.

However, at this very moment, his young face was filled with shock and surprise!

The moment he woke up, a large amount of memories rushed into Chen Xiao's mind.

At the same time, Chen Xiao received all the information he had regarding this body and understood the circumstances of his current situation.

This person's name was Chen Xiao, and was the same as him, but the difference was, this guy was just an ordinary clan member of the Qingyang City whose Chen Family was unknown.

More accurately, the former talented young master of the Chen family, now an ordinary member of the clan, or more appropriately, a trash.

As for him, Chen Xiao, he was the leader of the top ten Martial Gods in the Wind Moon Continent, and the crown of the eight great arcane master masters!

There was a huge difference in status between the two. They were like clouds and mud, but at this moment, they intersected.

"Shouldn't I be dead?"

In Chen Xiao's own memories, he and his good brother Ling Xiao led the rest of the Martial Gods to search for treasures in the Divine Realm. However, just as they found a strange little pagoda, Ling Xiao suddenly attacked them from behind!

No matter how strong Chen Xiao's cultivation was, he was heavily injured even when he was caught off guard. Although he had killed several Martial Gods, in the end, he could not hold on and his Divine form was destroyed.

And at the same time that everyone was killed, Yue Yao, who he loved, was also suppressed by Ling Xiao's group inside the Demon Suppressing Pagoda!

How could he not be angry? How could he not hate it?

"Ling Xiao, I'm afraid even in your dreams you wouldn't think that there's still a day when I, Chen Xiao, will be able to live again, right?" Chen Xiao's eyes flashed with a cold light, a terrifying killing intent spread out.

A dragon had a reverse scale, whoever touched it would die, and Yue Yao was Chen Xiao's reverse scale!

Just that, in the next moment, Chen Xiao frowned!

"It's actually already been three thousand years. Are you still alive?" Chen Xiao's gaze gradually softened, and he thought of the beautiful woman in his mind, whose every frown and smile could affect her.

Three thousand years. Even if one's cultivation reached the level of Peak of the War God, one might not be able to live that long, unless one stepped into the Martial God realm!

In Wind Moon Continent, there were nine stages to the realm: Martial Disciple, Martial Master, Martial General, Martial King, Martial King,, Martial Saint, Martial Saint, and Martial God. As for the realm above, even with Chen Xiao's knowledge, he did not know if it actually existed.

If a practitioner cultivated to the Martial God Realm Realm, they would probably only be able to survive between three thousand and four thousand years.

But now, it had already been three thousand years. He could not guarantee that the beauty from back then would still be alive.

"Yueyu, I will definitely ascend to the ninth heaven to find you. Don't worry!" Chen Xiao looked outside the window resolutely. Even if his lover was not there, he still had to confirm!

Seemingly because of being too excited and his injuries, Chen Xiao immediately grimaced in pain, and cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

"How can this body be so bad?" Chen Xiao frowned. It was only now that he noticed the terrible condition of his body.

Perhaps it could not even be described as terrible. Not only had his dantian been damaged, his eight meridians were all damaged, and there was not a single strand of true energy flowing through his body. He was basically a cripple!

A waste body was a body that could not cultivate true energy. In the path of martial arts, one only needed to absorb enough true energy before they could open up their dantian and become a true martial artist.

If he couldn't cultivate, then no matter what, he couldn't become a real martial artist!

Perhaps, to the bystanders, this was an injury that simply could not be healed, but to Chen Xiao, it was nothing at all.

With the knowledge and methods of his Peak of the War God in his previous life, even if the meridians in his body were to be shattered, he still had a way to recover and cultivate once again.

Just as Chen Xiao was about to cultivate, he suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside.

Along with a creaking sound, the door suddenly opened and a young girl dressed in green, with skin as fair as cream and carved jade, pushed open the door and walked in.

"Qing Xuan?" Chen Xiao looked over in surprise.

In his memories, Qing Xuan was the personal servant of his body. The two of them grew up together, calling themselves master and servant, but in reality, they were more like brother and sister of a childhood sweetheart.

Ever since he had become sensible, Qing Xuan had been in charge of taking care of his daily life. Even if his dantian had been crippled, and he had fallen to his current state, Qing Xuan had not abandoned him like the others in the clan. Instead, she had taken care of him without leaving him for a whole three years!

This care slightly touched the heart of the Chen Xiao who had just suffered a betrayal.

"Yah, Young Master, you're finally awake!" Seeing Chen Xiao who had already half sat up, Qing Xuan cheered in delight, her face full of unconcealable joy.

After he inquired about it with concern, only then did Qing Xuan think of something. He hurriedly extended his hand and took out a porcelain bottle, "Young Master, this is the medicine that the old patriarch sent over earlier.

"Is this the Pei-Yuan Dan?" Chen Xiao took it, but discovered that there was a jade green pellet inside, which he instantly recognized.

"Why would he give me this pill?"

Chen Xiao frowned slightly. In this body's memories, the old patriarch had originally loved him dearly, even during the three years his dantian had been crippled.

But three months ago, the honored tutor had suddenly turned cold towards his character, and had even begun to ignore him.

It was also from that time onwards that his body was frequently subjected to insults and even wanton bullying.

However, having his cultivation base crippled, he was incapable of even fighting back. Even if he did resist, it would only be a joke in the eyes of those people.

How could he not be surprised when a grandfather who seemed to have never cared about his life and death suddenly delivered a medicinal pill to him?

"The Old Patriarch should be troubled, right? After he gave the pill to me, he immediately left. Qing Xuan thought.

"Got it, you go out and rest first!" Chen Xiao waved his hand.

After Qing Xuan left, Chen Xiao's eyes started to flicker with a strange light, as though he was thinking about something.

"Zhao Yun, Zhao Peng!" Chen Xiao's eyes revealed a cold glint, these two names were the main culprits behind the death of this body.

If it wasn't for his rebirth, this body might really not be able to stand up again.

The original Chen Xiao may not have been able to see anything, but the current Chen Xiao was not the same Chen Xiao from before!

As the War God, how experienced and experienced was he?

In almost an instant, he could see that there was something fishy going on inside.

"My body is still too weak. I have to heal my injuries first!" Chen Xiao's eyes flashed. Even if he wanted to avenge this body, it was not the time now.

He slowly closed his eyes and was about to examine the injuries on his body.

"Hiss …" "What's going on?"

Chen Xiao's eyes suddenly opened, filled with deep shock.

As if he could not believe it, Chen Xiao closed his eyes and looked inside again.

In his sea of consciousness, there was a nine-storey, strange, pitch-black pagoda quietly floating in the air. Around the pagoda, there was a pitch-black, sinister pentagonal dragon.

The colossal dragon's eyes were as black as ink, and the Dragon Scale Dragon's whiskers were extremely fine, making it look extremely lifelike.

The body of the dragon emanated an extremely terrifying draconic aura. The head of the dragon was open, but a wisp of pitch-black flame was pulsing within its mouth.

"Is this a Tower of Void?" Looking at the strange little pagoda, Chen Xiao could not believe what he saw.

The Tower of Void was the origin of Chen Xiao being chased and killed by Ling Xiao and the others in his previous life.

Originally, Chen Xiao was still sighing, but he didn't expect that this object would actually appear in his sea of consciousness.

Just as Chen Xiao was in shock, the fierce dragon head seemed to have sensed something, and pitch black flames instantly shot out of its mouth.

The rushing pitch-black flames instantly transformed into a lifelike illusion of a black dragon, shrouding Chen Xiao's consciousness within.

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