Perfect Match In Moment of Beauty/C13 Don't Let the Old Bastard Eat You up
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Perfect Match In Moment of Beauty/C13 Don't Let the Old Bastard Eat You up
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C13 Don't Let the Old Bastard Eat You up

While hitting her little brother's little brother, Beauty Jing had completely forgotten her little brother's original intention to join the army.

He wanted to be a superior person, not a bodyguard or a follower.

The two of them walked out of the study and went to the bathroom to wash up. At the same time, they walked towards a different place at the same time.

The aroma of the meal brought the two of them into the dining room.

The long western style dining table was filled with the western style dishes.

Mousse chocolate with mango, beef pizza, exquisite steak, fruit and vegetables salad, tomato beef pasta and so on.

Beauty Jing and Jing Ping looked at each other and only then did they notice the Chief sitting in the living room.

Bo Liangchen changed into a comfortable home clothes, his green uniform bound his freedom, and he took it off when he got home.

The silk felt cool against his skin.

He stepped slowly into the dining room.

"Sit down!" The leader, who had been waiting impatiently, restrained himself and tried his best to speak softly.

Beauty Jing blinked her eyes and said, "You prepared these for us?" His large eyes were filled with suspicion.

How does he know our tastes? How could he kidnap my stomach in such a way?

Bo Liangchen smirked and softly said two words: "I like it."

Jing Ping and Beauty Jing suddenly felt powerless and frustrated. In front of someone, even their stomachs would give in to that person.

Unable to resist the temptation of the delicious food, the two of them walked over and pulled out their chairs at the same time. They sat down together and picked up their knives and forks in unison.

In front of them was a roasted steak. The two of them unexpectedly cut the steak simultaneously with the same speed. Even the act of eating the forked steak was very consistent.

Chewing the juicy steak, they both looked up at the man sitting at the head of the table.

The man did not move, but his sapphire eyes were filled with disbelief. Why did a double mirage appear in front of him? If these movements were done by two identical men or the same woman, then it would be understandable. However, they were two people of different genders, and they weren't even blood related in the slightest.

The servants at the side were all dumbfounded. At this moment, their mouths gaped wide in astonishment.

"What is it? "Doesn't it taste good?" The two of them asked the man in unison.

Soon after, the two of them seemed to realize something. They looked at each other, then took a piece of steak and chewed it in unison.

He chewed left and right, enjoying his meal.

After the steak, the pizza, then the pasta, then the fruit salad.

There wasn't much on the plates, but after eating, their stomachs were still full.

After looking contentedly at the clean bowls and plates in front of them, the two of them stood up at the same time and left the table, ignoring a certain someone.

Bo Liangchen ate a few mouthfuls of spaghetti, his teeth chattering.

Why were they so hungry? Why were they so happy? How could one look from them tell what the other was trying to do?

The chopsticks in his hand were about to be broken.

The servant looked at the man who was on the verge of exploding, his heart quivering. He hurriedly left the restaurant and hid in the kitchen.

The siblings finished their meal and walked out of the room, taking a walk in the garden.

In the shady garden, Jingjie sat on the swing and looked up at the sky while standing under a tree.

"Sis, how long do you think it's been? "So thick." Jing Ping walked around the great banyan tree for a circle before stopping.

She swung her gaze away from a gardenia tree and turned to the great banyan tree.

The bangs on her forehead had already been tied up and tied into a high ponytail, giving off a youthful vivacity. The red crescent-shaped birthmark on her forehead had disappeared with the illness, revealing a shiny forehead.

Her skin was like snow, and the sunlight that shone through the mottled leaves on her face gave people a mysterious and indescribable feeling.

Her red lips parted slightly.

"Without a word, I ascend to the west floor, the moon is like a hook. Lonely Parasol Tree Deep Courtyard Lock Qingqiu.

"If you can't cut it off, it will be messy. It will be sadness for me, but not the usual taste."

At this moment, her heart was in a mess. A loneliness she had never felt before assaulted her heart.

He always felt that what he was missing was a heart, a heart that he would never be able to find.

"Shameful that you are not a wutong tree, you must come to the morning when the sun cries the phoenix." Jing Ping muttered to himself, as if he was judging his current state of mind.

He sat and looked up at the hundred-year-old tree.

Bo Liangchen stood in front of the French window, looking at the two people in the garden. The cigarette in his hand seemed like it was about to break.

His phone rang.

He walked over and opened up someone's phone page from the desk.

With the password, after several attempts, it was finally opened.

The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile. It was their birthday code.

Flipping open the page, the QQ profile picture of the little woman flashed.

Crow King: Girl, why didn't you contact me? I think you're going crazy.

After a short moment, another "ding dong" sound was heard.

Crow King: If you don't reply, I'll rush over to your house and snatch you away. I'm not afraid of any of your superiors at home. If he has the ability, then let's spar. Humph.

Beautiful scene: how to compare?

Crow King: K, you're here, but my heart is dead. I thought that old bastard from your family was imprisoned. It's fine as long as you're online. You made me worry for nothing.

BEAUTIFUL: How would you like to compare with him?

Crow King: If I don't tell you, you can just wait and see how I'll snatch you away. Remember, don't let that old bastard eat you. I don't want you to be eaten by him.

Bo Liangchen's face was gloomy.

A piece of information had completely destroyed the defense line in the depths of his heart.

Bo Liangchen was holding his phone, wishing that he could break it and that Crow King's man into pieces.

Unbeknownst to him, the person lying on the bed was laughing so hard that the flowers on them were quivering. His pretty face carried a look of secret delight from success.

A few days ago, she had successfully stolen the Crow King's information, and now, she was using the Crow King's account to provoke the leader.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. She got up and watched the yard with the binoculars.

On a high slope outside the mountain stream villa, a row of sightseeing sightseeing hotel stood there. On one side was a panoramic view of the ski resort, on the other side was the rippling sea, and on the other side was the residence of the mountain villa.

Without using a high power telescope, one wouldn't be able to see the courtyard of the mountain stream villa. It was just that, who was she, she was one of the top espers in the Special Forces, the high-tech in her hands was a thin piece of paper.

Liang Shasha put on her sunglasses and walked out of the hotel. She broke her mobile phone card into two, and even if someone were to check, they wouldn't be able to find any information on her.

She smiled and walked down the hill in a good mood. She got on a speedboat she had prepared and left the place.

After a long time, he walked out of the study and went upstairs. He turned on the computer and started to check.

A few minutes later, the target was locked in the hotel.

He changed out of his clothes, put on his casual sports clothes, and rushed out of the room. He quickly ran past the two people sitting in the garden, entered the garage, and opened the car door.

He started up the red Ferrari and charged out of the villa area like a sword.

The siblings were stunned for a few seconds. Then, seeing that it was about time, they returned to the study room.

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