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Feng Qianlou's words kept ringing in her ears as if he wanted to torture her.

How could this be? Why would Big Brother Qian Lou disgust me?

She covered her face and silently cried.

It must be the woman's fault, it must be.

A sinister look appeared in her eyes. 'As long as Qu Dance is dead, and she is dead, Brother Qian Lou will look at me.'

Thinking like this, Meng Xue quickly wiped away the tears on her face and chased after him.

"I think you're quite heartless."

Then, she secretly sized up Feng Qianlou to see what his expression would be.

However, she was destined to be disappointed. Hearing her words, Feng Qianlou smiled and said, "Don't worry, your husband and wife definitely won't be so heartless."

He didn't forget to tease her.

Seeing this, Qu Dance knew she couldn't get anything out of him, so she just kept her mouth shut.

"Big Brother Qian Lou!"

Meng Xue's voice came from behind them. The two of them turned around and saw Meng Xue, who had been upset a moment ago, smiling as if nothing had happened.

"Why didn't Big Brother Qian Lou wait for Little Snow!"

She was smiling coquettishly and wanted to punch Feng Qianlou on the arm, but he dodged her unceremoniously.

Dreamlike Snow's movements froze for a moment, but she quickly recovered. She said, "Big Brother Qian Lou, do you want to take sister-in-law to dinner? Little Snow, why don't you come along as well? "

She opened her eyes wide, pretending to be innocent and adorable as she looked at Feng Qianlou.

However, it was as if Feng Qianlou didn't see her at all as he continued speaking to Qu Dance, "I wonder what my wife likes to eat?"

Hearing this, Qu Dance was stunned and immediately came back to her senses. "It's good that you've made your decision." After speaking, he continued to look at Ru Mengxue's expression.

He saw Ruoxue lowering her face in disappointment, thinking of something.

This fellow was truly heartless.

She silently cursed in her heart and then retracted her gaze. She did not realize that Ru Mengxue was using a cold and frightening gaze to stare at her. She occasionally grinned, as if she was thinking of something happy.

The main hall of Qianji Tower was very big. As soon as she walked in, she could smell the fragrant smell of food. After being hungry for a whole day, her eyes immediately turned green as she stared at the food in front of her like a hungry wolf.

"Eat, don't look at me like that." Feng Qianlou said while holding back his laughter.

After hearing what was said, Qu Dance started to eat without any trace of politeness. Ruoxue sat on the other side of Feng Qianlou and started to eat as well.

"Big Brother Qian Lou, this is what you like best to eat."

She picked up a dish and placed it in Feng Qianlou's bowl. Hearing the sound, Qu Dance secretly raised her head and looked at the two of them.

Just when she thought Feng Qianlou would eat that dish, he raised his eyes to look at the butler at the side.

"Go and change a pair of chopsticks."

As soon as she said that, she almost spat out the food in her mouth. She looked at Dreamy Snow on the other side, and as expected, her face was as white as flour. Tears started to appear in her eyes again, as if she was not going to cry.

When the housekeeper brought out a new set of bowl and chopsticks, Qu Dance placed it into Feng Qianlou's bowl and then ate it.

She glanced at Dreamy Snow and saw that she was being stared at with a murderous look.

Qu Dance shook her head. There was really no saving her. Why did she have to hook up with a married man?

He then ignored the man and continued to eat.

This meal was so tasteless that it was like eating in a dream. She just stared blankly at Feng Qianlou and Qu Dance talking. The moment she opened her mouth, she would ignore it and feel extremely sad.

He had to get rid of Qu Dance as soon as possible!

This thought was growing stronger and stronger in her heart.

Feng Qianlou intended to send Qu Dance back after the meal. Ruoxue definitely wouldn't let the two of them be alone like this. When the carriage came, she impatiently got on first.

Seeing her like this, Qu Dance's movements froze for a moment. How long is this guy going to follow us for!

However, Feng Qianlou acted as if Mengxue didn't exist, and helped Qu Dance onto the carriage before getting on herself.

Then, Ruoxue experienced what was called regret.

She looked at the two of them, who seemed to be alone. Her heart was bleeding.

After arriving at the general's manor, she was also the first one to alight, and the guards of the manor were stunned for a moment when they saw an unfamiliar woman alight. Only when they saw that Feng Qianlou and Qu Dance had also alighted from the carriage did they come back to report to Qu Wei and Qu Li.

"This guy is really troublesome." Qu Dance pouted as she complained unhappily. Feng Qianlou rubbed her head but didn't say anything. However, Ru Mengxue, who was in front of her, still stiffened.

The three of them entered the general's estate.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Ru Mengxue. They didn't understand why Feng Qianlou would bring an unfamiliar woman back home.

"Heh, and here I was thinking how much Young Master Feng loves this little bastard, but he still carries a beauty with him." Seeing this, Qu Ling laughed mockingly. However, she also knew that she could lower her voice and not let anyone hear her clearly. She only told them to listen to Qu Lei and Qu Zhi Ang by the side.

However, she thought her voice was soft, but in the eyes of those who practiced martial arts, it was as normal as usual.

Thus, after hearing this, Feng Qianlou's gaze towards Qu Linglong could be said to be exceptionally cold.

However, Meng Xue felt her eyes brighten up. This woman also hated Qu Dance. Perhaps she could use her to look at Qu Ling Long's location.

"I think General Qu should take care of some people who have bad mouths." Feng Qianlou looked at Qu Li with a cold smile, his eyes full of threat.

How could Qu Li not know what he was saying? His face immediately turned green, "Understood, I understand. Young Master Feng, don't worry, I, Qu Li, will definitely teach them a lesson."

Following that, he glared at Qu Linglong, who did not know what had happened behind him.

Qu Linglong still felt wronged after being stared at, not understanding why her grandfather was staring at her.

"In that case, I will leave and take care of Dance." He then turned around and left.

Seeing this, Ru Meng Xue immediately followed and turned her head to look deeply at Qu Ling's appearance.

After Feng Qianlou left, Qu Linglong could no longer control her own mouth.

"Serves him right! I thought Young Master Feng would hate you, right? That beauty is a hundred times more beautiful than you. "

She proudly looked at the emotionless Qu Dance, thinking that she was sad that Feng Qianlou had forsaken her. How would she know that she was troubled by Mengxue? From her appearance, she knew that she would definitely hold a grudge.

She knocked on her forehead as she thought to herself, "Feng Qianlou sure has a lot of rotten peach blossoms." As he thought about it, he glanced at Qu Linglong, who was talking about something triumphantly in front of him, and this guy was also doing the same.

Qu Dance sighed and went back to the yard by herself.

Qu Linglong, who had clearly been ignored, felt that Qu Dance was afraid of her, which made her look all the more pleased with herself.

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