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"Ugh …"

Feng Qianlou couldn't help but lower her head and kiss Qu Dazhi's lips, which had been blabbering non-stop ever since they started, only releasing her after lingering for a while.

"You stupid woman, I've really lost to you." He rubbed his head vigorously.

"Why are you scolding me for?"

"Did you know that you were poisoned? Who do you think the crown prince would let you live in the palace for no reason at all? You are truly audacious, daring to stay in any place for no matter what kind of person. "

"What?!" That Prince Lao Shi actually poisoned me?! "Why?!" Dancing was about to jump up and down in anger.

"Why? What do you think the people in the palace want? Isn't it all for that position that is above tens of thousands of people?" Feng Qianlou's eyes were heavy.

"Damn it!" Today, I must go and teach that darn Crown Prince a lesson. Even if I have to die, I will drag him down with me! " Qu Dance was about to walk out angrily, but she was stopped by Feng Qianlou. She was about to speak when she saw Feng Qianlou's mysterious smile.

"You stay here, don't go anywhere. I'll take care of the crown prince myself." He took out a white porcelain bottle and handed it over to Qu Dance.

"Take this medicine and take it at night. Remember, only one pill can be taken. I will take care of everything else that happens next, so just wait for your husband to come and take you home safely. "

"What kind of medicine is this?" It's three parts poison, can I take this medicine randomly? There won't be any side effects, right? " With her knowledge from the modern age, she knew that she definitely couldn't eat medicine carelessly. Moreover, she had seen the power of Feng Qianlou's Bone Dissolving Powder last time and knew that there were countless strange medicines like this one, so she naturally didn't dare to take them lightly.

"My wife, you actually don't believe your husband. Your husband's heart is about to break." Feng Qianlou pretended to sigh while clutching his chest.

"Quickly put away your pretentious appearance. I'll take this medicine." Qu Dance was sweating.

Upon hearing these words, Feng Qianlou extended his hand to cup her cheeks, leaned over, and softly said, "My wife is really obedient." Then she gave her delicate, pale cheeks a good thrashing before she left.

"Ah, it hurts!" "Go!" Dancing shouted towards his retreating back. Only when she could no longer see did she use her hand to pat her slightly red face.

"Oh my god!" I was actually picked up by an ancient man... It even felt pretty good … "What do we do now …"

On one side, Dance ran to her room in shyness and excitement, while on the other side, the Crown Prince was nervous.

"Your Highness, there's no movement from the Qian Ji Tower."

"Feng Qianlou didn't do anything after returning?"


"Alright, I understand. You can leave now."

After the dark guard retreated, Mo Ruhai held his forehead tiredly as he muttered to himself, "What does he want to do? His woman is still here and he will definitely not do anything reckless. But why is there no movement from Qianji Tower?"

Soon, the sky darkened. As always, the servant girl came to Qu Dance's bedroom. She looked at the pitch-black palace and felt a little puzzled.

"Eh? Miss hasn't even eaten today, yet you're resting so early?" There was no response. She continued to exert more strength, but still did not respond. At this moment, the maid had an ominous feeling, so she immediately put down the tray in her hand. She pushed open the door and entered, but was so frightened by what she saw that she sat down on the ground.

Qu Dance was in a white robe lying on the bed, white foam constantly flowing from the corner of her mouth. At the same time, her body was still shaking violently. The maid scrambled out of the room and ran to the crown prince's sleeping quarters.

"Your Highness!" Your Highness! Something terrible has happened! "

"What is there to be so flustered about!" The guard at the door stopped the maid and scolded her.

"Miss Qu, she, she's foaming at the mouth and her whole body is twitching, I'm afraid … I'm afraid he's going to die soon. " The maid's voice was filled with tears. Previously, the Crown Prince had told them to be careful when taking care of Dancing Song. If there was one, he would take their heads. And now …

"What!" The guard was also shocked and hurriedly went in to report. A moment later, Mo Ruhai walked out of the chamber in his outer robe.

"What are you doing in a daze? Hurry up and call the imperial physician!" The guard who was following behind hurriedly said to the maid, who was secretly in a daze.

He rushed to Qu Dance's room in a hurry. Mo Ruhai saw her pale face and twitching body, the corner of his eye twitched. His usual good cultivation had also been thrown out of the sky as he angrily coaxed, "What did you give her? This morning, you were still fine, but now you have become this dead and indestructible appearance! "

The group of maids and guards knelt on the ground, not daring to make a sound. They were afraid that the crown prince would kill them out of displeasure.

"The imperial physician is here, the imperial physician is here!" The serving maid led a white-haired old man in. Just as the imperial physician wanted to bow to Mo Ruhai, he waved his hand and cut him off.

"Stop bowing, hurry up and go see her!"


The imperial physician took out a few silver needles from the medicine box he carried with him and inserted them into each of Qu Dance's acupoints, finally stopping her convulsions. Then, he took out a red thread and wrapped one end around Qu Dance's slender wrist while he held the other end and carefully felt her pulse. After about half an incense worth of time, the imperial physician put down the red thread in his hand and removed the end of the thread tied to Qu Dance's wrist. He stood up, took a few steps closer to Mo Ruhai, and said in a voice that only they could hear, "Your Highness, did you give any medicine to this young lady a few days ago?"

Mo Ruhai's raging emotions had already calmed down. When he heard the imperial physician's question, his eyes grew dim and unreadable.

"What did the imperial physician say? I can't understand it."

Your Highness, you are a wise man, just now this humble subject was taking this young lady's pulse, her pulse was extremely chaotic, her dantian contained several flows of Zhen Qi, which caused the blood to boil, and her body to twitch from the white foam at the mouth, so this humble subject has the guts to assume that the Crown Prince gave this young lady some tyrannical medicine. The imperial physician's eyes shone with wisdom.

Mo Ruhai was silent for a moment, then waved his hand to the group of kneeling servants, "All of you can leave, Qu Dance's serving maid will stay behind." The maid fearfully stood at the side with her head lowered, not daring to look Mo Ruhai in the eye. After everyone had left, Mo Ruhai looked towards the maid and lightly instructed, "Come over, I have something to ask you."

The maid still had her head down, but she didn't dare to slow down as she walked forward.

"The person who passed the food around these past few days has always been you. I've already told you that Miss Qu's life is linked to yours. If even the slightest of problems were to occur to her, you all would not have a good time. Do you still remember those words?"

"This servant remembers, and does not dare to slacken down in the slightest to serve Miss, but who knew that such a thing would happen today. This servant deserves to die, Your Highness, please show mercy and spare this servant's life!" Your servant's home has seniors and juniors, so your servant has to support them. If your servant goes, they can only wait for death! " The maid fell to her knees and started crying bitterly.

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