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Since she admitted that she could not repay Qu Li for adopting her, she voluntarily sold herself as a slave and became Dancing's personal maid at that time.

If one were to talk about the reason why the fool Qu Dance could survive the mistreatment of her big uncle's family, then Xiuluo accounted for a large portion of it.

Just as Qu Dance was about to leave the room, a large group of people walked into her small yard.

"Dancing Song!" "Get the hell out here! How dare you hurt my men!" Qu Wei's eldest son, the servant Laiwang, was one of Qu Wei's most capable subordinates. Qu Lei stood in front of his sister and shouted at the room where Qu Rong was.

Dancing rubbed her ears, she walked to the door and leaned on the doorframe, seemingly unintentionally saying, "Whose dog is barking in the middle of the day?" Why isn't anyone paying any attention to him. "

Qu Lei, who was in the distance, looked at Qu Dance with a sloppy expression, as if she was angry at heart.

"Dancing Song!" "How dare you call me a dog!"

When Qu Dance heard this, she rolled her eyes at Qu Lei, "I didn't say your name out loud. You admitted it yourself."

Qu Lei's hands trembled in anger. He looked at Qu Dance and yelled, "Qu Dance, go to hell!"

After saying that, Qu Lei ran towards Qu Dance at lightning speed.

Qu Dance squinted her eyes, looking at the furious Qu Lei and Qu Linglong who was standing behind him. An almost imperceptible smile rose on the corner of her mouth.

If he were to throw his life away, then don't blame her for not showing mercy!

Just as Qu Lei was about to reach the door, Qu Dance's body moved and disappeared.

Qu Lei looked at the place where Qu Dance had been standing and couldn't be seen. He then forcefully controlled himself, "Qu Dance! Where are you hiding! If you have the guts, come out and fight me! "

At the side, Qu Ling's eyes darkened. As for the sudden disappearance of Qu Dance, a thought suddenly stirred in her mind.

Dancing Song... Had he been beaten awake by Laiwan?

Otherwise, why would he hide from his own brother? What's more, before this, Tsui Yi had been scared away by her …

Thinking up to here, Qu Linglong felt a cold wind blow past her back, causing her to break out in a cold sweat.

Suddenly, an unbridled laughter came from the courtyard, Qu Linglong and co. looked towards the direction of the voice.

The figure of Qu Dance appeared there.

"Why? Weren't you going to hit me? I'm here, come. "

This arrogant tone made Qu Ling frown. She looked at Qu Dance with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Big brother, let's go back."

How could Qu Lei who was in a rage possibly listen to Qu Ling's advice?

He clenched his fists so hard that they turned white. He looked at Qu Dance with bloodshot eyes.

Qu Dance lowered her head and frowned slightly.

"Hiss …" The wound on his back split open again.

However, now was not the time to be able to calm down and examine her wounds. As she thought, she raised her head and looked at Qu Lei, still looking like a ruffian.

"You don't dare to fight?" Qu Dance paused, "If you don't dare to fight, scram!"

Instantly, Qu Dance released all the energy from her body. The crimson dress fluttered in the wind.

Qu Lei looked at Qu Dance, who was in such a state, and felt as if his blood had frozen, and he had no more strength left in his body.

He looked at Dancing Song, and it was as if he could see the battle horses whining at the border. The blood-red flag rose high into the air amidst the slaughter of the soldiers.

The oppressive and oppressive atmosphere caused Qu Lei to lose all of his anger. Instead, an indescribable fear began to grow from the bottom of his heart.

Dance had been paying attention to the changes of Qu Lei and the others. Just when she was about to collapse, Qu Lei moved.

"Let's go."

After saying that, Qu Lei led those people who wanted to take advantage of his power and take care of him, then left the small courtyard.

After Qu Lei and the others left, Qu Dance walked into her room with heavy steps.

So tired … The wounds on his body hurt so much …

Everything in front of Qu Dance became hazy. She was about to reach out her hand to rub her eyes when her vision suddenly turned black and she almost fainted.

A person in a red robe appeared out of nowhere and hugged the weak Qu Dance in her arms.

After tapping on Qu Dance's acupoint, he retreated, turned around, and disappeared without a trace.

Who was this person?

Looking at the man who suddenly appeared and hugged her, Qu Dance felt her luck was a little good here.

The man's sword-like brows slanted down to his temples. His gem-like purple phoenix eyes were filled with the interest of meeting with a beloved object.

He had a tall and straight nose, and full, thin lips. Not a single part of him didn't show how handsome this man was.

The kind of handsome face that could instantly kill anything in China.

Qu Dance stared at the man in a daze until her vision went dark and she passed out.

Feng Qianlou walked steadily into a lavishly decorated courtyard.

When the maidservants in the courtyard saw him, they all lowered their heads and bent down, "Young Lord."

Feng Qianlou looked around and asked: "Where's the Blue Carrot?"

"Reporting to the Young Chieftain, Lady Blue Luan has just left." Go and call her back. "

With that, Feng Qianlou carried Qu Dance into the only room in the courtyard.

After entering the room, Feng Qianlou walked to the side of the bed and carefully placed Qu Dance on it.

"Qu, xiu, dai. "Heh, what a good name. I wonder, are your name and your people worthy of your name? I will be waiting to see."

Feng Qianlou looked at Qu Dance on the bed and smirked, revealing a bewitching face that could shake the world.

When he thought about how he had seen the two people from the Qu family leaving without any effort while he was in the Qu family, the interest in his eyes increased.

After sitting by the bed and watching Mu Dance for a while, Feng Qianlou left the room.

In the lobby of the Qian Ji Tower, Feng Qianlou was leaning against a soft collapse, lazy and distinguished. His red clothes made him seem like a man descended from heaven.

"Young master." The Blue Luan knelt down on one leg and placed both of its hands on its back.

"Get up." Feng Qianlou looked at the blue luo and said, "Order it. This young master will be getting married in three days and invite all of the royal members of the Falling Moon Kingdom as well as the various great sects."

When the Blue Luan heard this, it was stunned for a moment. After it received the questioning gaze of the Windy Pavilion, it immediately responded, "Yes, this subordinate will immediately make the arrangements."

Soon after, the unfathomable feeling in Qingluo's heart began to fade away.

The moment they stepped out of the door, Blue Moonflower pulled a female servant from the courtyard of Feng Qianlou and asked: "Is there anything abnormal with the Young Master today?"

The maidservant who was being pulled knew that Qing Luo had a good temper. After thinking for a while, she replied, "That's abnormal … "If anything's out of the ordinary, it should be the young master carrying someone back today. From the looks of it, she seems to be a young lady."

"Miss?!" The Blue Luan stared with its eyes wide open. "Did you see it clearly?" Was it a girl? "

"Lady Qingluo, it … it could also be that I was mistaken …"

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