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The maidservant was shocked by the sudden rise in the tone of the Blue Moonflower. She wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Seeing the maid's actions, the Blue Luan immediately released the hand it had been holding onto earlier and pretended to cough. "Erm, um, you, you want to go back to work?"

After receiving permission, the female servant immediately ran away.

The Blue Luan stood at its original spot, a strange smile plastered on its face.

Hehehe, Young Lord, this time, you have passed through a myriad of flowers, you must have gotten a leaf of it …

As she thought of this, Blue River left the front hall with light footsteps and went down to give her orders.

Meanwhile, on the side of Feng Qianlou's courtyard, Qu Dance woke up in a daze.

Looking at the man standing in front of her, Qu Dance shrank back, "Who are you?"

Feng Qianlou flicked his long sleeves and sat on the edge of the bed. He leaned on the bed with one hand and smiled with his eyes: "Guess?"

Guess your ass.

For some baffling reason, Qu Dance rolled her eyes. After sizing up Feng Qianlou, she leaned forward and sent a fist towards his face.

Guess, guess, guess your head! You can casually play with people just because you're good-looking? Look at that beautiful face of yours swollen from my hit, what are you going to do about it.

Qu Dance, who was thinking of cleaning up Feng Qianlou and running away, didn't notice the laughter that grew in Feng Qianlou's eyes when he saw her actions.

Just when Qu Dance's fist was about to land on the face of Feng Qianlou, Feng Qianlou suddenly bent down and dodged her attack.

Then, Feng Qianlou quickly reached out and grabbed Qu Dance's fist. The other hand wrapped around her waist.

Feng Qianlou liked the soft touch of his men. He pulled her closer and placed his chin on her shoulder under her threatening gaze.

"What, were you trying to escape?"

Feng Qianlou's words startled Qu Dance. She didn't expect this man to have guessed her thoughts.

"Run? I'm still afraid of you? " Qu Dance pretended to be calm. The warm feeling on her shoulder made her feel as if many ants were crawling on her body, nibbling on her. So she shrugged her shoulders slightly to ease the feeling.

Feng Qianlou seemed to sense the discomfort of Qu Dance, and she intentionally let out two breaths on her white neck.

"Answer your previous question. This young master's surname is Feng and my name is Qian Lou. It's the young tower lord of the Qian Ji Tower … "That's true, your fiancé."


Qu Dance widened her eyes — — Where did she get a fiance? Where did this evil spirit come from, wanting to take him home?

In the original owner's memory, there was no one who called himself his fiancé. If there was, she would have noticed it.

Qu Dance didn't believe that she didn't notice whether this fiance had appeared in the life of the original owner or not.

She looked at Feng Qianlou and calmly asked: "Why do I not have the impression of being engaged to you?"

"..." This is because we only set it up a quarter of an hour ago. " Feng Qianlou turned around and stared at Qu Dance with a serious expression.

"This young lord's father has long since wanted this young lord to bring back a woman. A quarter of an hour ago, this young lord coincidentally happened to meet you and the other two good-for-nothings of the Qu family in a battle of wits and courage …"

At this point, Feng Qianlou stopped and Qu Dance naturally followed up, "So, you kidnapped me and brought me back?"

"Where did it come from? When this young master carried you back, you didn't refuse. "

Reject your ass! I'm already dizzy, alright?

Qu Dance took a deep breath. Although she really wanted to beat Feng Qianlou to death and ravage him to her heart, when she thought about how her fist had been blocked by him just now, and knew that her current body didn't have 10% of her previous power, she had to endure it.

It wouldn't be too late for a gentleman to exact vengeance in ten years. My revenge will not be too late until the day I die.

Thinking of this, Qu Dance felt a little comfortable at the bottom of her heart.

"In three days, we will hold the wedding ceremony. At that time …" Three days later? "

Without waiting for Feng Qianlou to finish speaking, Qu Dance interrupted him, "Are you joking with me? You told me that you've decided on such a big matter like marriage and it wasn't easy for me to accept it. But you actually told me that it would be a big wedding in three days? "

When Qu Dance interrupted him, Feng Qianlou frowned but quickly recovered his usual calmness. He looked at her face that seemed like she could glare a cow to death and couldn't help but to smile. "Why, can't I?"

I can't! Of course not! This is marriage! Do you know what it means to be married? Marry, only once in a lifetime ah, fall...

At this moment, Feng Qianlou stood up and brushed herself off before leaving with the words, "You rest first. I will tell my servant girl to come".

Seeing that he didn't seem to care, the thought that was suppressed in Qu Dance came back to mind.

After waiting for Feng Qianlou to reach the edge of the room's screen, Qu Dance quietly got off the bed and quickly grabbed a teapot beside her and threw it towards Feng Qianlou.

F * ck your grandmother, if you can't hit me this time, then I'll kneel down and call you father!

How come Feng Qianlou didn't notice the little trick of Qu Dance? He just smiled, pretending not to know what she was going to do.

However, when the teapot flew over, he didn't expect that Qu Dance's hatred for her would be so great.

This was the tempo to murder one's husband!

He nimbly rolled backwards and lightly kicked the teapot with the tip of his foot. The teapot, which was originally aimed at him, was knocked onto the screen beside him.

With a "clang", the teapot fell to the ground. Just like the heart of Dancing. Pa ji, it was shattered into pieces.

Feng Qianlou looked at Qu Dance and lowered her gemstone eyes. "Murder of her husband?"

Qu Dance immersed herself in her own world, her mind continuously thinking, "The teapot dropped!" The teapot fell! It didn't hit him! "I have one more father …"

When Feng Qianlou, who initially wanted to spare Qu Dance, saw her distracted look, a thought flashed in his mind. He flashed to her side, extended his hands towards her, and gave her a princess' hug with ease.

Qu Dance, who had just come out of her own world, was shocked by his actions, and goosebumps appeared all over her body. "You, what are you doing?!" I, let me tell you, when it comes to flirting with women, one has to be punished! "

"But you're my wife." Feng Qianlou placed Qu Dance on the bed and pressed her slender body down, her gaze burning.

When she heard his flirting words, she blushed.

God, what if the beautiful guy talks to me about love? Request online, wait urgently!

Feng Qianlou looked at Qu Dance's daughter-in-law as she leaned close to her ear and said, "Be good." "Take a rest."

Qu Dance, who had been softened by Su De, could only shift her gaze towards Feng Qianlou resentfully.

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