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Qu Dance, who was grabbed, had an unsightly expression. She stomped on the guard's toes viciously. The guard trembled when she stepped on him. He immediately released his shackles around her hands and screamed in pain.

Seeing this, Qu Dance took this opportunity to kick the guards hard in the groin and break free from their shackles.

"Don't go too far!" she said viciously.

"You're going too far?" Qu Linglong laughed, as if she had heard some hilarious joke, "As for us, we just like to push ourselves too far!"

He ordered a large group of guards to go after her.

It would be fine if there were only one or two people, but if there were a lot of people, Qu Dance wouldn't even have the strength to fight them.

Thus, she gradually fell into a disadvantageous position. Just when everyone thought they were going to catch her, a figure flashed and hugged Qu Dance, killing the guard that was at the front of the group.

Everyone was horrified, and when they saw who it was, they were even more terrified.

"Wind... Wind. Young Lord! "

Qu Ling Long, Qu Wei, and the rest were all stunned. They didn't think that they would be caught red-handed.

Qu Dance, who was hugged by Feng Qianlou, froze for a moment. She stared blankly at the person hugging her and felt a strange feeling in her heart. She pursed her lips and actually felt that this embrace was very comforting.

"Only now do I know that my wife was treated like this in the Qu Family." Feng Qianlou said with a cold smile. His sharp eyes swept across the crowd, and those who were being stared at didn't even dare to move.

Qu Wei stood out and was about to open his mouth to save her, but he was shocked by the look in his eyes.

"If there's a next time, you'll have to watch your own head!" Feng Qianlou warned and then released Qu Dance to size her up. After finding that she was unharmed, she seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

"Thank you." Qu Dance thanked him softly. Feng Qianlou was stunned for a moment, then rubbed her face and said: "I hope there won't be a next time or else I will take their miserable life for you."

His words caused the surrounding people to tremble. They all nodded their heads.

Seeing that his warning worked, Feng Qianlou chatted with Qu Dance for a while before leaving.

As soon as he left, the Qu family immediately relaxed. Qu Linglong and the others glared at Qu Dance fiercely, but this time, no one dared to step forward.

Looking at their expressions, Qu Dance let out a "hmph" in satisfaction, then helped Xiuluo up and chased them out.

"Miss! Who was that man just now!? " Soo Luo asked in surprise. Then, she clasped her hands together in front of her with a lovestruck look on her face.

Only after being asked by Soo Luo did she realize that she hadn't told her that she was married yet. However … After some thought, Qu Dance felt discouraged. She didn't want to tell others that the guy was her husband!

When Soo Luo saw that her young miss didn't answer, she revealed an ambiguous smile. Even if her young miss didn't say anything, she would understand!

On the other side, after experiencing what happened today, the Qu family used cold violence towards her, ignoring her, and even ignored her food. No one brought the food themselves, making Soo Luo extremely angry, complaining in front of Qu Dance, feeling that the Qu family was really unkind.

However, their actions were exactly what Qu Dance wanted them to do.

"It's fine, they won't bother me like this, I think it's even better!" She tried her best to comfort the tearful Soo Luo.

Hearing her words of consolation, Soo Luo felt the same way and became happy. These people ignored her and she was still unwilling to ignore them!

The two of them were extremely happy, while Qu Linglong's mood was extremely warped.

"Damn !" She gritted her teeth and slammed the table, sweeping everything on it to the floor.

She didn't think that Feng Qianlou would place so much importance on Qu Dance.

At the thought of this, Qu Linglong's expression became even more twisted. She should be the young master's wife of the Qianji Tower! What ability did that little bastard Qu Dance have!

Jealousy had completely blinded her.

"Cui Yi!" She called out loudly. When Cui Yi heard her voice, she trembled and walked in.

"Miss, what do you need me for?" As soon as she entered the room, she fell to her knees.

Qu Linglong gave a cold smile, "Crawl over."

Cui Yi shook, and immediately crawled to her feet, upon seeing this, Qu Linglong smiled, and whispered a few words into her ear.

"Do you know if you're smarter?" After saying that, Qu Linglong lightly slapped her face.

Hearing that, Cui Yi immediately nodded, and crawled out of the room bit by bit in her line of sight.

However, after a while, there were a few rumors circulating outside the neighborhood.

"The sixth young miss of the Qu family disregarded the grace of the emperor and became engaged to someone else on the condition that she was engaged to the crown prince."

'A foolish young lady of the Qu family is extremely lustful and dissolute. She actually dares to look down on someone else's kindness … '

Of course, Qu Dance and Soo Luo had also heard of this rumor.

"They are going too far! How can you say that about Miss! " Soo Luo said angrily, "She clearly doesn't know anything! This way, how will our Young Miss get married in the future! "

Hearing her words, Qu Dance froze for a moment, then laughed, "They can't be mistaken, I did get married to someone else."

Hearing that, Soo Luo was stunned. She stared blankly at her. "Miss …" She walked over and touched Qu Dance's forehead, "It's not hot, why are you talking nonsense?"

Hearing her words, Qu Dance smiled helplessly and could only explain the whole situation to her.

After hearing that, Soo Luo was completely stunned.

Miss had married at a time he didn't know, and the person who married was the young master of the Qian Ji Tower, Feng Qianlou.

When she came back to her senses, she immediately became happy. "That's great!" She hugged Dancing and started to cry, "Then no one can bully Miss anymore!"

Seeing this, Dance had no choice but to comfort her.

At this moment, in the crown prince's palace, the crown prince, Mo Ruhai, was listening attentively to the shadow guard's narration of the rumors circulating around the streets.

When the shadow guard had finished, he dismissed all his servants and sat down alone at his desk.

"..." "Interesting." He laughed softly.

Then he looked up into the darkness and said, "Go check on her."

A "Yes" came from the dark corner.

Qu Dance didn't know that the crown prince, whom she was engaged to, was looking for someone to investigate her.

The shadow guard of the crown prince's palace was not ordinary. On the morning after Mo Ruhai's order, he obtained all the information on Qu Dance.

He flipped through a few pages excitedly, then stopped after seeing that Dancing Song became a normal person again.

"Who spread this rumor?" he asked faintly.

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