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The shadow guard beside him immediately answered, "General Qu's granddaughter, Qu Linglong."

"Oh?" Hearing this, Mo Ruhai laughed, "Looks like this general's residence isn't as I expected." With that, he casually threw aside the information on Qu Dance.

"Go warn her."

Hearing this, the shadow guard immediately accepted the order and disappeared.

"Dancing Song …" Mo Ruhai tilted his head slightly. He had originally thought that she was just the daughter of a general and didn't need to be bothered about. However, he didn't expect that the person who married Qu Dance was such an extraordinary person.

God help me.

Mo Ruhai chuckled softly.

As night fell, within the general's manor, Qu Linglong was filled with joy as she waited for the news of the neighborhood to spread more and more. Therefore, her mood today was pretty good.

Just then, a knocking sound came from outside the door, and when Qu Ling heard it, she looked towards the door and frowned, thinking that it was Cui Yi and her servant who made the noise, she opened her mouth and warned: "Cui Yi! Keep it down! "

However, the voices outside did not stop because of her warning. Seeing this, Qu Linglong's face became ugly, she stood up and walked outside aggressively, pulling open the door.

Then, a stream of fishy liquid sprayed onto her face.

Qu Linglong was shocked because the thing in front of her eyes was nothing else but Cui Yi's dead body. She died a horrible death, her head was cut off completely and hung in front of Qu Linglong's door.

Qu Linglong trembled as she looked at Cui Yi's head, only to discover that her tongue and eyes had been completely dug out by someone.

This scene was truly terrifying.

"You know what to say and what not to say?"

A sound suddenly came from behind her, scaring Qu Linglong into screaming, but before she could even scream the first time, someone had already covered her nose and mouth.

"I'll ask you one more time, do you know what to say and what not to say?" The man behind her repeated his sentence coldly. Hearing this, Qu Linglong immediately nodded, afraid that this man would kill her if she was unhappy.

"If you know, then how do you talk about today's rumors?" The man released the hand that was covering her nose and mouth, then reached down and grabbed her slender neck.

"Don't kill me!" Seeing that, Qu Ling trembled and said, "I will get someone to clarify the rumors! No. Don't kill me! "

"You don't need to do this." The man let go of her neck and continued, "However, it's best to control your own mouth in the future. Think about who can say who can say who can not say who!"

Without waiting for a response, he swung his knife at the back of her neck.

The next morning, Qu Linglong woke up in fear. The moment she opened her eyes, she rushed to the door to check on Cui Yi's corpse.

"Miss?" Not waiting for her to go out, Cui Yi's puzzled voice sounded.

Hearing this, Qu Linglong almost screamed out, she looked at Cui Yi in shock, wanting to distinguish if she was a ghost or a human.

Cui Yi, on the other hand, was so frightened by her gaze that she immediately lowered her head.

"Are you human or a ghost!" Qu Ling asked in a trembling voice.

Hearing this, Cui Yi felt extremely wronged, "Miss, this servant is a human of course!"

"People?" Qu Ling walked over hesitantly, pinching Cui Yi's cheek, noticing that this person's body was warm, and did not look like a ghost, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she remembered what happened last night. She was sure that it wasn't a dream, but now that she thought about it carefully, she realized that the head and corpse were extremely fake.

It must be because of the people from the Qian Ji Tower!

Thinking about this, Qu Long was extremely angry and immediately planned to find Qu Dance to settle the score.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Qu Dance didn't know that she had unwittingly become someone's scapegoat.

"Dancing Song!"

Qu Dance, who was happily eating breakfast, trembled and almost threw the bowl away.

What the hell is this Qu Linglong doing! It was early in the morning.

She stood up and walked out, and saw Qu Linglong looking at her coldly.

"Qu Dance, you're so nice. How dare you call someone to treat me like that!" Upon seeing her, Qu Ling asked.

"What?" Meanwhile, Qu Linglong had a face full of doubt, "Are you dreaming? I'm not in the mood to find someone to mess with you." He rolled his eyes.

"If it wasn't for you! Could it be someone else!? " Seeing that she was adamant, Qu Linglong's expression turned even colder.

"What is it? You think it's me? Don't you think that you've offended too many people? "

Hearing this, Qu Dance laughed mockingly, "Truly, when a person sits at home, the pot comes from the sky."


Seeing this, Qu Linglong wanted to flare up, but was picked up and thrown away by Qu Dance.

Being disturbed so early in the morning was really annoying!

She pouted in dissatisfaction and slammed the door shut.

Qu Linglong, who had been thrown out by her, suddenly rushed over and threw punches and kicks towards her courtyard door.

"Qu Dance, you lowly bastard!" I won't let you off! "

As for the crown prince palace, Mo Ruhai had a headache as he looked at the shadow guard that reported to him. He only wanted him to warn Qu Linglong, not scare her.

He rubbed his brow and dismissed the shadow guard.

"Prepare the clothes for me, I am leaving the palace today."

With that, he stood up.

Qu Dance sat helplessly at the table, looking at the busy Xiuluo.

"Sure, I'm just going out, not to get married. There's no need for me to be so eye-catching." She opened her mouth and said. Hearing that, Soo Luo immediately opened her eyes wide and turned her head. Miss, you must definitely dress up beautifully to let others know that you are in no way inferior to Third Miss! "

Seeing this, Qu Dance knew that she couldn't persuade him anymore, so she allowed Xiuluo to find a dress that was extremely eye-catching and put it on.

"Miss is so beautiful!" After finishing up, Soo Luo said happily, "She's much more beautiful than Third Young Miss!"

"Alright, let's go out!" "If I had been any later, I wouldn't have been able to catch up with the lake today." Qu Dance said helplessly.

Hearing that, Soo Luo immediately nodded her head. Then, the two of them walked out of the general's manor hand in hand.

Due to their activities in the lake, all the girls on the streets wore eye-catching outfits. Some of them had husbands, while the ones without husbands had handkerchiefs with them. After they saw a man, they exchanged them for tokens.

Soo Luo and Qu Dance hadn't participated in any swimming events, so they didn't know much about this. When Qu Dance left the men who had come to bother her so many times due to boredom, she became suspicious. Why didn't these men seem to have seen any women today?

As she thought about this, she felt that someone was blocking her in front of her.

She impatiently raised her head, intending to kick him out.

But as soon as he raised his head, his body froze.

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