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The person in front of him wore white clothes, and had a picturesque appearance. Compared to the previous few waves of men, he was simply a handsome man.

"You …" She still decided to chase him away, but she was interrupted by the man in front of her.

"This one is called Yun Rushui." Mo Ruhai who had left the palace in his slight suit smiled and said, "Miss Li, I've paid attention to you for a long time. I wonder if you would be interested in making a friend with me?"

Hearing this, Qu Dance was stunned. She didn't know what to say, so she could only stammer, "I'm Qu Rundus."

Then it was gone.

"Our young lady has a husband! "Don't mess around with me!"

At this moment, Xiuluo, who was standing at the side, spoke up. She looked warily at Mo Ruhai, afraid that he would become a rogue student.

Hearing this, Mo Ruhai laughed helplessly. This young lady was on guard, "I don't have any other intentions, I just want to befriend Miss Qu."

"Find someone to be your friend for no reason at all!" "No wonder!" Soo Luo's cheeks continued to look at him warily.

Her words successfully brought Qu Dance back to her senses. She carefully sized Mo Ruhai up for a moment, then lightly pulled on her beauty. She smiled at Mo Ruhai and said, "My lord, please forgive me for spoiling this maid of mine."

"Miss!" Xiuluo was discontented with being held back, so the young miss must not be fooled by this fellow's flowery words!

However, Qu Dance gave her a calm look before giving up. 'Miss is definitely not that kind of person!'

Mo Ruhai then joined their group to swim in the lake.

Although the two of them seemed to be chatting really enthusiastically, only they themselves knew that they were testing each other, so Mo Ruhai also knew that this Qu Dance was definitely not a simple person. He could not help but become more interested in her.

Thinking of this, Mo Ruhai smiled gently at Qu Dance.

"So my wife is here. It was really easy to find her husband."

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded, leaving Dance speechless. How did this guy know she was here!

But now that they are outside, she knew that she couldn't give Feng Qianlou any face so she forced out a smile and said: "Aiya! It was definitely my husband who said that he didn't want to come out with me! "

Seeing this, Feng Qianlou's eyebrows shot up as he walked over and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Then, he looked at Mo Ruhai with eyes filled with dense coldness.

Mo Ruhai's heart skipped a beat after receiving his gaze. He knew that Feng Qianlou was not someone who was easy to mess with.

"Young Master!"

Seeing Feng Qianlou's Soo Luo was so excited that she couldn't control herself. What would Young Master do when he came? What would he do when he saw this prodigal student? Thinking this way, she looked complacently at Mo Ruhai.

Qu Dance covered her face when she heard Soo Luo call her 'Young Master'. Oh god!

Feng Qianlou, on the other hand, was being called to the side, and he revealed a joyful smile. "My wife doesn't know that my husband said something against his heart. Who knows how many times my husband and my wife came out together."

"Is that so?" Qu Dance returned a squeezed out smile.

Their attitudes completely ignored Mo Ruhai, while Soo Luo continued to look at Mo Ruhai with a 'why aren't you leaving?' expression.

Mo Ruhai who had always been praised and raised by others had never received such treatment. His expression was ugly as he glanced at the few of them, before hurriedly taking his leave.

As soon as he walked far away, Feng Qianlou said: "Stay away from this person in the future."

Eh? Qu Dance looked at him in confusion. This confused appearance of hers made Feng Qianlou want to tease her.

"Believe your husband's words. Your husband won't lie to your wife."

Saying that, he pinched her cheek.

Believe your head!

Qu Dance opened his hand that was kneading her cheek in dissatisfaction.

Feng Qianlou, who had his hand opened, was not angry. Instead, he laughed happily, "My wife is truly lively." Saying so, he once again put his arm around her shoulders. "Since you've come out, your husband will accompany you on your stroll!"

However, she said that she didn't want to hang out with you!

However, she ignored his shamelessness. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't chase him away.

The two returned to the Qu Family after the event.

As soon as she entered the general's manor, she received a surprised look from the guards at the entrance. Then, under the indifferent gaze of Feng Qianlou, the guards ran into the manor to report to Qu Wei and Qu Li.

"Hubby is really impressive." Mu Dance said with a smile. She had completely accepted the call of 'hubby'. She wouldn't lose a piece of meat anyways.

"Is that so? Your husband also feels the same way. " Feng Qianlou said without any trace of politeness.

Then the two walked in hand in hand. Just as they entered the courtyard, they saw Qu Li, Qu Wei, and the rest of the people waiting for them.

Qu Dance was shocked at this scene.

"Dance, bring Young Master Feng to the living room quickly!" Qu Li said seriously as he looked at Mu Dance, who was still standing together with Feng Qianlou. Then, he continued to look at Feng Qianlou with an attentive gaze.

Seeing this, Feng Qianlou frowned, "It's fine if you're just sitting. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first."

After saying so, he looked towards Qu Dance, who still had a stupefied expression, and sighed, "Your husband will leave first. Your wife must remember to want your husband."

He then left the general's estate.

Only after Feng Qianlou left did the Qu family heave a sigh of relief. Feng Qianlou's power was strong and he was so arrogant that he naturally would not restrain his aura in front of them. Thus, just now, everyone felt as if a rock was pressing down on their chests.

The only one who didn't feel this aura was probably Qu Dance.

Everyone looked at Qu Dance in jealousy.

"With Young Master Feng as your backer, you sure are proud." Qu Linglong said sarcastically, "But you better be proud for a long time, otherwise, when Young Master Feng dislikes you, you will never be able to do it again." "Hum, hum, hum!"

The meaning of her words was self-evident, and of course, Qu Dance understood it, but she didn't realize that she wouldn't be able to survive if she left Feng Qianlou.

"Thank you for your concern, Third Young Miss. But even if Hubby loathes me, he won't take a fancy to you." She purposely emphasized the words' husband ', angering Qu Linglong to the point that her eyes were bloodshot.

Looking at the bloodshot eyes of Qu Linglong, Qu Dance didn't intend to argue with her and brought her back to her own yard.

The next few days were peaceful and peaceful.

But this morning, Qu Dance felt a different atmosphere in the mansion, as if something good had happened.

"Soo Luo, go and find out what happened." She looked at Soo Luo and said.

Hearing that, Soo Luo immediately obediently left the room to find someone to ask.

Not long later, she returned to her room in high spirits.

"I know! "Miss!"

Qu Dance looked at her, "Second Young Master is coming back. Second Young Master hasn't been back from the border for the past few years. A few days ago, Second Young Master sent a letter saying that he would be back today, so everyone in the manor is preparing!"

Second Young Master?

She frowned and searched her mind for memories of this second young master but found nothing. Seeing this, Qu Dance sighed. The original owner couldn't even recognize the Qu family.

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