Was it fate's arrangement, or was it a person's fate to struggle against fate for their entire lives? In this place, there were many battles of disdain between different Spirit Formations, all in order to look down on the world with disdain. In order to break through the hand of fate, in order to defy the heavens and change fate. It was destined that Wen Lin would have an extraordinary life. Collect and subscribe if you like.

Trash? Did he lose a spiritual and a physical soul? Was it the arrangement of fate, was it fate that made this life destined to be different? How could the decline and rise of a genius change his fate?

From the very beginning till now, in order to break the arrangement of fate, mankind began to search for the legend of immortality. Legend has it that in the distant Pangu's Land, people have left behind their birth, old age, and death, begging for help from all kinds of disputes in the world, leaving early every day to forget to return, children under the tree laughing non-stop along with the warm sunset, and so on. The bliss of the legend began from here on to the ignorant human's exploration. In the blink of an eye, a thousand years had passed. That place, once known as the Kingdom of Eternity, had been explored once and for all.

As a result, within a crevice in space and time, there existed a prehistoric era, known as prehistoric era. Someone once told this story, and this story was also passed down from prehistoric era to prehistoric era.

And thus, this story was known by everyone. Today, Xiaoxiao told this so-called story to everyone in order not to be controlled by their fate. Let me tell you about the previous continent. Everything that had happened before, only the survival of the fittest existed. The weak could only die, the weak could only flee, and they could only plead for the protection of the so-called gods.

I want to rule the world, I want to rule the fate of others. I don't want all of this, why, why, why, could it be that I was born to be a piece of trash, why, why did you treat me like this, why? "Tell me, what did I do wrong? Why did I have to treat me like this? I can't even protect my own parents, I'm just a piece of trash, the weakest person in the world." From a distance, he could see that as the leaves fell from the tree, they landed heavily on the ground, as if teasing the young man for his incompetence. The youth continued to roar, the sound seemed to alarm the earth, and many birds in the forest were startled. It was as if the birds were also laughing at him, letting out bone-piercing cries. The youth looked to be around 17 years old, with a short stature, about 175 or so, and a handsome face with a few traces of anger and helplessness.

"Little Lin, what's wrong with you? Why are you here again? Are you unhappy? Can you tell me about it?" The girl behind him knew that Wenlin was calling out to him when the youth roared. She seemed to know what he was thinking and walked over to hold his hand. From the girl's eyes, she could see a glimmer of hope. Suddenly, the youth let go of the girl's hand and fainted on the ground. "What's wrong, Little Lin, wake up, don't scare me, don't wake up like this, wuuuuuu …" "Wait for him to rest, after experiencing so many things, if it was any other person, they would have already gone mad. He needs to rest." Master, why are you here? Look at Little Lin, it seems like he's about to die, Master, Little Lin must be feeling guilty for his parents, and you can't blame him for that, you have to blame that damn Free and Unrestrained Faction, why are they doing that, could it be that life is as worthless to them? Master, if Su Ye wants to take revenge, I have to take revenge for Little Lin. Ever since the Free and Unrestrained Faction entered the prehistoric era, everything had changed. The former youth, who was the eldest son of the Wen family, would read books in his bedroom every day, learn all the clan's management skills, practice martial arts with his younger brothers in the afternoon and eat dinner naughtily with his parents at night, but his good days were always limited. One night, he would never forget that his mother had fought with his sister to protect him, and his father had said to him one last time, "Little Lin, take good care of your sister, and don't take revenge for us. "Remember that when you're 22 years old, if you go to the ancestral tombs to see us, you'll get something." Watching his father and the black clothed man leave their world together, he fainted in an instant. At the last moment, the mother handed the young man a jade pendant and slowly disappeared into the courtyard.

Qiankun Sect -- "Xiao Lin, you're awake, you've slept for three days, are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat. "

With that, the young girl touched the boy's head and walked out, leaving behind only the crying sounds accompanied by the young man. With that, the young girl touched the boy's head and walked out, leaving behind only the crying sounds accompanied by the young man, and the young man left with the tears, and took the jade pendant that his mother had given him. Suddenly, an old man's voice was heard. "Child, stop being sad about your parents. It's all my fault, it's all because of me that your family is spared. I'm willing to teach you my life's secret, do you want to take revenge for your parents?"

Xiao Lin stopped crying and looked around. Could it be his master? " "Is Master you? I don't blame you, I was incompetent. Your disciple doesn't blame you, I really don't blame you." Child, I'm not your master, I'm a soul inside your jade pendant. Don't be afraid, I won't harm you, you can just call me grandpa. " The youth was at a loss. Looking at the jade pendant, "Am I silly, jade pendant? How can you speak? Impossible. " Thus, Xiao Lin went out to see if Sister Yu Su Ye was back. After checking that she was still not back yet, Xiao Lin smiled foolishly at the jade pendant. His smile was so terrifying, there was nothing to describe his terror. "Child, look over here!" The youth's face was filled with surprise, "Who are you? Are you a human or a ghost?" He saw a white-haired old man walk out from the jade pendant. The old man looked like an immortal as he floated in the air. "Child, you …"

The young man stared blankly at the white-haired old man in the air. "What's wrong with me?" Are you a human or a ghost? "How did you come out of the jade pendant my mother gave me? What exactly are you?" I'm here to help you, and it was you who used your tears to wake me up. I don't know how I ended up like this, I remember that I've been inside this jade pendant for almost 1000 years, and woke me up today, and it's you, and I know about you, and it's all because of me. Sorry, child, are you willing to have peerless martial arts? " The youth was at a loss again. "The youth stopped sobbing, and the only thing left on his face was astonishment." "Old grandpa, you're a soul, you're really willing to teach me martial arts, I can really learn it, I don't know anything, I'm just a piece of trash, I don't know anything, even now I can't learn anything, I don't have any true qi at all." He suddenly learned that there was a day when a white old man came to the manor and took care of the sickly Little Lin. Only then did he know that Little Lin was born with one soul and one soul missing. However, the white old man looked at Little Lin with doubt. Without a soul and a soul, he could live till now. Was he born to be rare, or was this young man destined to be different from the masses in the future? Afterwards, his father had listened to the white-clothed old man and taught Little Lin a set of life-prolonging supreme techniques, changing it to 'Heaven and Earth for Life'. After that, the youth had relied on a set of skills to reach the age of 17 in the blink of an eye. After his parents died, he was accepted into the Heaven and Earth Sect by his kind master. It was said that the Heaven and Earth Sect was one of the top ten cultivation sects in the prehistoric era, and there was nothing they could do even if they saw Little Lin, this' good-for-nothing 'master. This ghost-like old man had said that he could teach Qilin a heaven-shattering cultivation technique. One could even see it in the old man's eyes, as though he was looking at a five-point note on the street. Could it be that Little Lin is really different from the others, that her parents' career is destined? ( I'm a bit busy today, so I'm looking forward to next time.

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