Shi Yao Yin carefully observed her surroundings again. After making sure that no one else had withdrew their gaze, she continued to walk deeper into the courtyard. When she arrived in front of a two-story building, she slowly raised her head and looked up.

"This building is really unique. Although it is a bit dirty and messy, it still gives off a good feeling."

In front of the building, there was a large banyan tree. The trunk needed at least three or four people holding hands to wrap their arms around it, but there were very few leaves on the tree branches. The stars were scattered across the branches, and if one carefully counted them, it was possible to count how many leaves there were on them.

The ground was littered with the withered leaves of the banyan tree.

Shi Yao Yin walked under the banyan tree, placed her palm on the banyan tree, and sighed, "Spring has come, and autumn has arrived. Life may be long, but at the end of the day it must be done and cherished. "

She only saw that the old banyan tree was about to die, and then she remembered that she had been reborn after her death, so she had a deeper understanding of life. That was why she felt this way, that life should be cherished, not just her life, but all life in the world as well.

It was because she valued her life that she had acted to save that rose.

Just as Shi Yao Yin finished lamenting, her hands suddenly felt a numbing sensation, as if she was being played by something. Although it was not painful, it was a strange feeling.

"What is it?" Putting his hand before his eyes, he didn't find anything amiss with it and looked at the spot where he had touched a moment ago.

Perhaps the skin of the banyan tree was too coarse, and it tickled the palm of her hand.

Putting his hands down, Shi Yao Yin didn't think anymore and walked towards the two story house. He first familiarized himself with the surroundings inside and then began to clean it.

Strangely, no one had lived in this building for at least many years, but there were no cobwebs inside. There were cockroaches, rats, worms, all gone, just layers upon layers of dust wiping away the dust and the furniture as if it were brand-new.

This An Kang Wang Palace was really a strange place.

After some work, the sun had already set and night was about to fall. After pouring the last of the trash in the small house into the courtyard, Shi Yao Yin collapsed onto a stone chair in front of the banyan tree. She was so tired that she couldn't move anymore.

"I'm so tired. I've been doing this for most of the day, but I've only done a portion of the cleaning. I haven't done any other work yet!"

"There's nothing I can do about it. Who allowed my body to be so weak?"

If it was the her of the past, how could she be so tired from such a task? It looked like she had to exercise hard to make her body stronger.

Because Shi Yao Yin was too tired, she lied down on the table and blurrily fell asleep.

In her dream, she had come to a beautiful paradise. Here, the mountains were clear and the water was beautiful. Birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. Nature's vitality filled every corner of the place.

"So beautiful!"

Along the way, hundreds of flowers bloomed, and the fragrance of flowers filled the air. Butterflies danced in the air, and birds sang softly. It was as if this was a dream-like country.

Shi Yao Yin was deeply captivated by the scenery here and felt that she had returned to her carefree childhood, yet she did not pick any flowers by the side of the road. If she liked it, she would stop, touch it, smell it, praise it a little, then continue walking forward.

She had learned how to dance since she was young and was a dance teacher. She also knew a bit about the rhythm. Although she didn't win any big prizes, she had never felt that her dancing was bad.

The people who really loved to dance weren't dancing for the sake of the celebrity prizes, but for the sake of dancing. She was the latter, so even though she didn't receive any great prizes, she still liked to dance as she liked, never caring about the opinions of others.

As Shi Yao Yin danced, the surrounding butterflies flew over and danced with her. Even the birds were singing for her.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yao Yin was even more intoxicated by her own dancing. At this moment, she was no longer dancing alone, but together with the several hundred butterflies, dancing out with all of their beauty and joy.

"What a rare sight, wonderful …"

At this moment, waves of applause interrupted everything.

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