Hearing the clapping sounds, Shi Yao Yin stopped dancing and turned around. An old man with a kind face and a smile on his face was looking at her, praising her.

"Wu turned back to her red sleeve, while Sang Sang was filled with tears. The whole hall was filled with lights. The girl danced so well, as if she were alive. It was amazing. "

"Old man, who are you?" Shi Yao Yin sized up the old man in front of him. Although he looked kind, with no ill intentions, but she was a stranger.

"He's just an old man waiting for a fated person."

"Waiting for a fated person? Me? "

The old man did not answer Shi Yao Yin's question. Instead, he casually pinched his withered fingers, and a few beautiful flowers flew into his hands, before bringing the flowers to her and asked: "Little girl, what did you see among these flowers?"

"I saw their beauty, and I saw the brevity of their lives. Their lives were not very long to begin with. If they were picked at the time of blooming, they would wither and die even faster. "

"That's right, they will wither and die very soon." The old man agreed, but just as he finished speaking, those beautiful flowers began to wither at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When Shi Yao Yin saw this scene, she said furiously, "They didn't even provoke you, so why did you destroy them?"

The old man ignored Shi Yao Yin's angry words and continued to ask, "What do you see in those flowers now?"


"That's right. They have died and lost all of their life force. If they obtain new life force at this moment, they will bloom once more."

"What are you talking about? "It's a mess."

What a strange old man, what he did was strange.

"Look." The old man blew on the withered flowers in his hands, and they unexpectedly returned to their beautiful state of blooming. They were even more beautiful than before.

Shi Yao Yin was stunned, and asked in disbelief: "So mystical, how did you do it? Is this a magic trick? "

"This is the power of life."

"Power of life?"

"The reason why all living things in this world can grow is because of the life force between heaven and earth. This life force is called the power of life, and it is also known as the life source. life source were everywhere, but they were things that one could not see or touch. Only those who understood the true essence of life would have the chance to see and touch them. Little girl, in your heart, what kind of thing is life? "

"I feel that life is a very ordinary and profound thing, because everyone, every living creature, has life, so it is very ordinary, and can be seen everywhere. Life was also a mysterious and profound thing, because it brought life to every corner of the world. Although I don't really understand the profound meaning of life, but I do know that there is first a world, and then everything will be born into another world, and all life is equal. The so-called high and low are simply the differences caused by external factors, and no matter how noble a person is, he cannot escape from the natural laws of life and death.

Shi Yao Yin didn't know why she said so much, and didn't know whether she was right or wrong. It was because she had experienced life and death situations, that her comprehension of life had deepened slightly.

However, right after she finished speaking, a strong white light shot out from the sky. The light was extremely blinding, causing her to be unable to open her eyes.

What was going on?

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