Shi Yao Yin was exposed to the intense light and when the light faded, she opened her eyes. The result was a completely different scene, as if she had returned to reality.

"So it's just a dream, a strange dream."

Shi Yao Yin thought that she was just having a strange dream, so she didn't think too much about it and stretched her waist, but just at this moment, she unintentionally realised that her right palm was emitting a green light. She was extremely shocked, so she placed her palm in front of her eyes.

At first glance, he was stunned.

"What … what is this?"

On the palm of her right hand, there was actually a banyan leaf. That leaf gave off a beautiful tender green glow as it slowly embedded itself into the palm of her hand, finally fusing with it.

"How did it get into my hands?" "Come out, hurry up and come out." Shi Yao Yin flung her hand with all her might, wanting to throw out the leaf that had embedded itself into the palm of her hand. But no matter how much she flung it, the leaf was still in her palm.

"What the hell is this? Why is it in my hands? What should we do, what should we do? "

Just as Shi Yao Yin was circling around anxiously, she heard a familiar yet unfamiliar voice, "This is the leaf of fate."

"The Leaf of Destiny? What Fate Leaf? "

At this time, an old man walked out of the banyan tree. The old man's entire body was emitting the same kind of tender green light as the leaf in Shi Yao Yin's palm.

"It's you." When Shi Yao Yin saw the old man, she was extremely shocked.

The person in her dreams had actually walked out from the banyan tree. This was simply too inconceivable, too inconceivable.

"My name is Qing Mu, and I'm the guardian of this banyan tree. Little girl, it was fate that you were able to come to this place and meet me. The Leaf of Destiny was the master of destiny. Wherever it went, it would be up to you to choose. If you are unable to obtain the approval of the Fate Leaf within a month, you will be sucked to death by it. "

"What?" Old man, don't you think it's very overbearing to give me the Life Leaf without my permission? I just managed to escape from death and I'll be dying under the holy tree one year from now. Yet you … you directly shortened my lifespan to one month.

How could she be so unlucky? It was fine if she did not encounter any good things, but bad things were coming wave after wave. It was simply endless.

"Disaster and fortune depend on each other, and fortune and misfortune abound, and fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and whether it is a disaster or not is a blessing. Young lady, if you can obtain the recognition of the Fate Leaf, you will walk on an extraordinary path, I hope you can make good use of this opportunity. "

"What extraordinary path?"

"Heaven is not to be revealed. You must not tell anyone about this, or you will have to pay a corresponding price. "

"I …" Shi Yao Yin was still confused. She wanted to ask a few more questions, but just as she opened her mouth, the old man before her had already disappeared, transforming into a green light that flew into the banyan tree.

Is that all? She still didn't know anything!

She had only dreamed a dream. After waking up from a dream, she found out that she only had a month left to live. The price for having such a dream was too great.

"I've really got my back. I've encountered all sorts of weird things. How can I live this life?"

"Heavens, I've never done anything disgraceful since I was young, can you not treat me like this?"

Shi Yao Yin laid on the table, looking at the bright moon in the night sky, and sighed. But suddenly, a black shadow flashed past the bright moon, startling her.

Just now, there seemed to have been a shadow flying over the manor. Had she seen wrongly?

She must have seen wrongly, she must have seen wrongly.

"It's none of my business whether he's a shadow or not. Right now, all I have to do is sleep. I might even be dreaming right now, so I'll be fine once I wake up." Shi Yao Yin did not want to meddle in too many matters, in case he got into trouble.

She was currently unable to protect herself, so how could she have the ability to meddle in other people's business? It was good enough to be in charge of his own business.

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