Chapters 19 - 019: Some people are happy while others are worried

With the help of the first and second years of the new year, Shi Yao Yin finally moved all the things outside to the west yard. She even took a comfortable hot bath, changed into a clean and refreshing dress, and made a sumptuous dinner.

However, there were some people who were so angry that they couldn't even eat.

Shi Qian Meng carried a huge debt, she was incapable of paying for the entire street's goods, and had no choice but to go back to her parents for help.

When Shi Xue Wen heard about this, he was so angry that he almost exploded. He lectured Shi Qian Meng for half a day.

"How could you be so foolish as to agree to such a thing? Such a large sum of money, this is going to ruin Scholar's House, do you know that? "

"Master, this matter can't be blamed on Meng'er. If you have to blame, you can only blame that bitch Shi Yao Yin. Madame Shi had always been speaking up for Shi Qian Meng.

"She is an open pit, how can you blame her? Even if it's her fault, do you dare to blame her? She is now An Kang Wang's concubine, and is no longer the little girl from Scholar's House who you can bully. I told you yesterday that I want you all to keep a low profile these days, do you all not take my words to heart? "

"Even if you pay up all the goods, you are still a joke within the Imperial City. I wonder what kind of laughter the people outside have made you into? You would rather be tricked to death than to protect your own face. You think you can keep your face, but others think you're extremely stupid. "

"Father, I didn't know that the situation would turn out like this. Who would have thought that Shi Yao Yin, that slut, would suddenly become so bold?" Shi Qian Meng pretended to look wronged in front of her parents, but in reality, her resentment had already soared to the skies.

The reason she agreed to buy for Shi Yao Yin was because she believed that the timid Shi Yao Yin would not dare to do anything big.

Until now, she still could not understand, why did Shi Yao Yin have such a huge change in just two days? Merely because she was forced to marry to the Third Prince, there shouldn't be such a huge change.

That kind of change wasn't on the surface. Rather, it was a change from the depths of one's bones to the soul. It was as if one was born like this.

Shi Xue Wen scolded for a long time, he was tired of the scolding, and said weakly: "Since we have reached this point, we can only admit defeat. Pawn out all the valuable things in the mansion, pay up first. This matter shall stop here, you guys better not find Shi Yao Yin for revenge, otherwise you will only cause more trouble. Meng'Er, during this period of time, you have to reflect on it at home, and also prepare for the Newcomer. You must definitely get top three in the Rookie Competition, and get number one will be the best, only then will you be able to save your face. "

"Dad, don't worry. I'll definitely be able to make it into the top three of the Rookie Competition." The first place is hard to say, since the First Prince Jie Mo Yun is stronger than me and his talent is also higher than mine, so there's a 80 to 90% chance that the first place is his. If I were to compete with him in second place, the result would be hard to say, but third place is something that I can definitely take down. " Shi Qian Meng said with incomparable confidence.

The Shen-Tian Gate was a place where the The State of Awakening nurtured powerful warriors, only those with extremely good talent were qualified to enter. Therefore, the people of the The State of Awakening were proud to be able to enter the Shen-Tian Gate, because they would be exalted existences.

Anyone who came out of Shen-Tian Gate would usually be able to become a mainstay of the The State of Awakening and be conferred the title of general, so there was no such thing as a general in the The State of Awakening. The Shen-Tian Gate was a place for the selection of talents in the imperial government, regardless of gender, as long as you had talent, you would have the chance to enter the Shen-Tian Gate, obtain high-quality cultivation resources, and walk step by step towards the peak of your life.

Ten years ago, Shi Yao Yin and Shi Qian Meng went to participate in the Shen-Tian Gate's assessment together. In the end, Shi Yao Yin was told that she was born with a yin meridian.

However, because of Shi Qian Meng's outstanding talent, she was accepted as a direct disciple by the Shen-Tian Gate's Sect Leader on the spot.

In less than half a year, she had become a main wife. However, Shi Yao Yin could only live in a lowly manner from then on, and was gradually forgotten by the world. It was only until a while ago when the Divine Emperor bestowed upon her that she finally returned to the people's line of sight.

Regarding these past events, the current Shi Yao Yin did not even care about them. In any case, she was not the original owner, so there was no need for her to be overly concerned about the past.

Rather than grieving over the past, it was better to look to the future. Even if there wasn't much time left, she wanted to live a wonderful life.

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