Shi Yao Yin knew that the middle-aged man who walked in was the Steppes Master's father, Shi Xue Wen. She was counting on this "father" to save his, but the result left her disappointed.

When Shi Xue Wen entered the room, he saw that the Madame Shi was abusing Shi Yao Yin, but he did not blame the Madame Shi, and even pretended not to see him. He only explained the matter, "The royal family's bridal escort party is already here, hurry and pack up, send the bride onto the bridal sedan, and absolutely do not have any mistakes."

"Master, don't worry. With me watching, there won't be any mistakes. This damned girl actually dares to seek death and refused to marry. After Madame Shi finished speaking, he then took Shi Yao Yin up and threw her to the servant girl beside him. He then ordered, "Tidy her up immediately and send her to the bridal sedan in a bit."

The servant girl by the side accepted Shi Yao Yin and quickly tidied up her clothes and combed her hair. She did not care about how Shi Yao Yin felt at all, as long as she did the job well.

Shi Yao Yin did not resist at all and allowed the servants to toy with her as they pleased. However, she glared at Shi Xue Wen fiercely with great resentment in her heart.

Although Shi Xue Wen's previous words and actions had disappointed her, it was not to the point of being resentful. After all, she had nothing to do with Shi Xue Wen. There was only one reason why she would resent Shi Xue Wen, and that was because the hatred the original owner had for Shi Xue Wen influenced her.

Don't worry, I'll help you vent your anger if I get the chance. Shi Yao Yin said to the original owner in her heart, willing to accept the hatred the original owner had towards Shi Xue Wen and the rest.

Unconsciously, Shi Xue Wen met Shi Yao Yin's gaze that was filled with hatred, and his heart tightened. He had a bad premonition, but he didn't care too much about it.

Even if Shi Yao Yin marries to the Third Prince, she would still be a good-for-nothing waiting to die, and wouldn't be able to stir up any trouble.

"Father, Mother, the royal wedding procession outside is urging the bride to get on the palanquin. Is it done with you?"

At this moment, a crisp voice came from outside the door. As soon as the voice fell, the person who spoke had already ran into the room. His figure was extremely fast, like a shadow.

The person who came was Scholar's House's concubine, Shi Qian Meng.

Although Shi Qian Meng was born from a concubine, her mother's position as the legal wife had changed. Right now, she was the same as Shi Yao Yin, she was the young miss of the Scholar's House, a direct descendant of the Scholar's House. Adding on her outstanding talent, the light she emitted would fill the entire land with splendor when people of the outside world mentioned the wealth of the Scholar's House, the first person they thought of was her, not Shi Yao Yin.

"Meng'er, you've mastered the Godspeed Steps?" When Madame Shi saw his own daughter, he immediately welcomed her with a smile.

"How can a mere God's Walk be hard for me?" Shi Qian Meng said haughtily, and looked at Shi Yao Yin with contempt before ignoring her. More accurately, he looked down on her.

Madame Shi also agreed, "Of course, my daughter is talented, so learning the Godspeed Steps is no problem. She's not like some people who are useless and useless. If Scholar's House didn't have you, he would have lost all face due to that trash. "

Although Madame Shi did not say her name, Shi Yao Yin knew that she was the one who said those words.


She had just arrived and was not familiar with the people and matters here. She had to endure for now, and it wouldn't be too late for her to take revenge after she familiarized herself with everything here.

It wouldn't be too late for a woman to take revenge for ten years.

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