For the next few days, Shi Yao Yin busied herself with preparing all the food she had bought. She washed all the vegetables and placed them in a jar to seal the meat inside for pickles, so that the meat wouldn't rot and rot too quickly. As for the other things, she would keep them and distribute them to the poor.

"It's a new day, the first and second days of the new year. Good morning. What should I do today? "

"That's right, we already agreed yesterday that we are going to tidy up the plants and clean the fallen leaves in the various courtyards."

"En, I have happily decided. We will start working after we have eaten our fill."

They would come to the west yard early in the morning to wait for dinner to start. After these past few days of interaction, they had really fallen for Shi Yao Yin and had completely taken her as their master, having long forgotten all about him.

Shi Yao Yin also treated them as her true friends and treated them very well. Not only did she make them delicious food, she also bathed, scratched and trimmed their fur.

Such a life was actually quite good, but in the end, he still felt that he was missing something. She hadn't seen Jie Kai Chen for a few days and she didn't dare barge into the East Court.

Forget it, regardless of him, he had lived all these years and had not starved to death.

"You've eaten your fill, right? When you guys are full, start working. Your job today is to get a pile of dried up plants and branches from the yard, while I am going to tidy up the flower beds and take care of the flowers and plants. "

"Whoever does more today can eat an extra chicken leg."

With the rewards, I will work even harder on the first and second day of the new year. According to Shi Yao Yin's request, I will pick out the dried up flowers and plants and put them together.

Shi Yao Yin picked up the spatula and tidied up the flowers and plants that had not completely dried up. Then, she burned the dried up leaves and plants to ashes and scattered them on the ground, using them as fertilizer to nourish the plants.

Just as she was concentrating on arranging the flowers and plants, a bird's nest fell from the tree. Inside the nest, several hatched young birds were chirping sorrowfully.

"Why did it suddenly fall into a bird's nest? Was the wind that strong today? There doesn't seem to be any wind. "

"What a pity your mother isn't at home, is she?"

"Then I'll take you home."

After putting down the shovel, Shi Yao Yin held onto the bird nest in her hand. She looked at the not too tall tree in front of him and studied it for a bit before deciding to climb up and place the bird nest on top of it.

It was rare for her to climb a tree. She had barely climbed a tree, but this time, somehow, the climb went so smoothly. It didn't seem to take much effort. Soon, she reached the top.

However, when she put the bird's nest on the tree, a cracking sound suddenly came from beneath her feet. The branch she was standing on cracked open, and then broke apart.

"Ahh …"

After the branch broke, because he lost the ability to support, Shi Yao Yin was unable to maintain his balance and in the next moment, he fell from the tree and randomly waved his four limbs in the air. In such a critical moment, she was already scared out of her wits. The first person she thought of in her mind was Jie Kai Chen.

However, just as she wanted to shout for help, she suddenly felt a stream of warmth flow into her right palm. Following that, a beautiful leaf flew out from her palm.

The leaf emitted a tender green light, and flew to Shi Yao Yin's side. It was just a small leaf, yet there was a huge force supporting her, sending her to the ground slowly.

"This …"

What a magical leaf.

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