Shi Yao Yin heard the loud explosion and immediately cast her gaze towards the source of the sound. Seeing the smoke coming out from the east side, she asked herself suspiciously, "Is the courtyard in the east side on fire?"

At this time, the first and second year of the new year ran over from afar, walking around Shi Yao Yin and even biting the corner of her skirt, as if wanting her to go somewhere?

"You want me to go to the East Court?"

"No, that Jie Kai Chen said that I am not allowed to take a step into East Court, I do not want to offend him."

"What are you doing?"

Shi Yao Yin had already made it clear that she wasn't willing to go to East Court, but on the first and second day, she still didn't give up. One of them bit the corner of her skirt and pulled her forward while the other used his head to push her from behind.

"Could it be that something happened to Jie Kai Chen?" Seeing that on the first and second year of the new year, Shi Yao Yin was so anxious and panicked, as though he urgently needed her help. Could it be that it had something to do with the explosion just now?

"Forget it, if something really happens to Jie Kai Chen, I'll be screwed as well. I don't want to die under the holy tree right now. Let's go to East Court to take a look now. "

Such a strong explosion might even turn East Court into flat ground. If Jie Kai Chen was inside, maybe he would have been blown into smithereens, or maybe even his corpse would not be left!

The more Shi Yao Yin thought about it, the more afraid and anxious she became. She hastened her steps and ran towards East Court, but when she stepped into East Court's territory, she was already suffocated by the smoke drifting out of the courtyard. She had no choice but to cover her mouth and nose with her sleeves and walk deeper into East Court.

Just as she had guessed, East Court was blown apart by the explosion. Eighty percent of the buildings had already been destroyed, and the remaining twenty percent were on the verge of collapsing.

In the yard, there was a bright fire everywhere. Fortunately, there was nothing that could be ignited, so the fire could not be ignited. However, the smoke and dust were very large, severely affecting one's line of sight.

"Jie Kai Chen, where are you?" After Shi Yao Yin entered the courtyard, she started to look for people, but she was not familiar with the East Court, so she did not know where Jie Kai Chen was. After walking for a few places, she still could not find him, so she could only call out.

The moment she opened her mouth, she would inhale smoke, choking her throat and slowly making it difficult to breathe.

"Cough cough …"

At this time, the first and second year students were screaming, and they had even come over to lead the way for Shi Yao Yin.

Shi Yao Yin followed the first and second years of the new year. In a room with no walls and a roof from the explosion, he found Jie Kai Chen lying unconscious on the ground.

Jie Kai Chen's body was pressed down by a large piece of iron, lying on the ground like that, with a lot of blood flowing from his forehead. His clothes were also tattered and his body was covered in dust, and not far from him was a bright flame.

"Jie Kai Chen, wake up." Shi Yao Yin avoided the flames and came to Jie Kai Chen's side. She first checked's breathing and discovered that she was still breathing, then tried to wake him up.

Jie Kai Chen had already fallen into a coma. If he did not save her in time, it was extremely possible that his life would be in danger.

"I guess I owe you from my previous life."

Shi Yao Yin wanted to try and move the huge piece of metal that was pressed on Jie Kai Chen's body, but that piece of metal was extremely hot, just touching her hand would make her burn. Furthermore, the metal was very heavy, with her weak strength, he wouldn't be able to move it.

"What kind of iron is this? Is it that heavy?"

"What should we do? "What should we do?"

Just as Shi Yao Yin was in a hurry to think of a way, she suddenly realised that a little flame was about to burn Jie Kai Chen's clothes.

Not only was there a bright flame, but there was also a large beam of light at the side. It was already on fire, and the fire was going very fast. Soon, the entire beam of light was set ablaze.

Once the house beams were burnt, the stuck rocks would roll down, and at that time, even if Jie Kai Chen wasn't burnt to death, he would still be smashed to death.

"There's no other way. I can only give it a try."

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