When Shi Yao Yin was in the room, she had courage that could break the heavens. Not only did she scold Jie Kai Chen from inside to outside, she had also seen through Jie Kai Chen from outside to inside. Once Jie Kai Chen left the room, her face immediately became boiling hot.

She was so scared, so embarrassed, what was she doing just now? How dare he talk to Jie Kai Chen like that, did he not want to live anymore?

This couldn't be blamed on her, as who told Jie Kai Chen to be so unreasonable as to stand naked in front of her.

"Isn't it just a man? What's the big deal, what's not to see, I finished it all last night, it's just like that, it's no big deal. "Forget it, let's not think about this. Let's go eat on the first and second days of the new year." Shi Yao Yin shook off the beautiful spring scenery in her mind, preventing herself from thinking too much about it, and went to the kitchen to take out the breakfast.

In the past few days, she ate under the banyan tree, and the stone table under the tree became her table. Sometimes she would even call Qing Mu out to come out and eat with her, but after calling a few times, there was no response, so she did not call again.

If not for the feeling that there was a power in her palm, she would never have believed that she had had such a fortuitous encounter in the past few days. It was simply too amazing.

If she had enough strength, would she be able to escape her fate of dying under the holy tree in a year?

Shi Yao Yin continued to eat her breakfast, her appetite seemed to be not very good, she was in a daze, but suddenly, the chopsticks in her hand was snatched away, and what she saw next caused her to be extremely shocked.

"You …"

Without saying a word, he snatched the bowl and chopsticks from Shi Yao Yin's hands and wolfed it down like a hungry ghost. In a few blinks of an eye, he had already finished all the millet porridge in the bowl and passed an empty bowl to Shi Yao Yin.

Shi Yao Yin was originally very angry, but when she saw Jie Kai Chen's bedraggled state and the wounds on his body, she couldn't even get angry. She took over the empty bowl and gave him another bowl of porridge.

"I thought you weren't hungry! "Hey, why did you get blown up like this?"

"Those who know too much will die even faster." Jie Kai Chen finished the last mouthful of the congee, then threw the bowl down and stood up to leave without even saying a word of thanks.

"Tsk, I'm too lazy to know all that nonsense of yours." had long gotten used to Jie Kai Chen's cold demeanour and didn't bother about him anymoreHee made a face at his retreating back and stuck out his tongue, but when she looked back, he realized that the food on the table was all gone, not even a speck of it was left. She scolded angrily, "Jie Kai Chen, you bastard, you've finished eating my breakfast, you bastard …"

It was unknown if it was because she shouted too loudly that it caused a tremor, causing a bird to be knocked down from the tree.

Bang... A blood-red bird fell from the tree onto the stone table, landing on the empty plate. The bird was only slightly larger than a magpie, and apart from its blood-red fur, there was nothing special about it.

"Is my voice really that powerful? It actually shook the birds down?" Shi Yao Yin looked up, then shifted his gaze onto the blood red bird. Carefully, gently, he picked it up, and held it in his hands.

In the beginning, the blood red bird still struggled with all its might, as if it was resisting Shi Yao Yin's attacks. But slowly, it stopped struggling.

"Be good. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Don't be afraid."

"So it was because you were injured that you fell from the tree!" I thought it was because of my soprano wave! "

"If you hurt your wings and your feet, no wonder you fall off the tree. "Good girl, stay here and don't move. I'll go get the medicine." Shi Yao Yin gave the bird a kiss, then gently put it down and ran inside the house to get the medicine.

There was still a little bit of medicine that he had bought for Jie Kai Chen yesterday, and now it just so happened that it could be used.

"Xiao Hong, I'm back! This medicine will hurt when applied to a wound. Endure it. "

Shi Yao Yin carefully treated the wound of the blood red bird, every action being very gentle, but what made her feel strange was that the bird was extremely cooperative. Even if it was in pain, it did not move about, and quietly let her tend to the wound.

Could it be that this bird could understand human speech?

Just as Shi Yao Yin was treating the bird's wounds, she heard some noise coming from outside, and it was the sound of a stranger.

No outsider dared to casually enter the An Kang Wang Residence, who exactly was outside?

"Someone come!" "Search carefully, I must find that assassin."

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