After Shi Yao Yin received the original owner's memories, she had a rough understanding of her own situation and was about to be married off to the current Third Prince's Jie Kai Chen, who was also the most respected King of the The State of Awakening, An Kang Wang.

Those who didn't know the reason would think that this was a good marriage. Marrying to the royal family, marrying to a noble king or prince, that was the dream of many women. However, there would always be some exceptions.

Every twenty years, The State of Awakening would offer sacrifices to the holy tree. The offerings were not ordinary animals, they were living people, and they had to be people with royal blood in their bodies. Jie Kai Chen was the offerings he was giving to the holy tree. There was still one more year until the twenty year deadline, which meant that after one year, Jie Kai Chen would be sent into the holy tree's mouth and eaten.

The holy tree was the god who protected and protected The State of Awakening. No matter who it wanted to eat, even the concubines and sons that it doted the most on had to be eaten by it.

The Divine Emperor had decreed that after the death of the person chosen by the holy tree, his wife would sprinkle her blood under the holy tree and serve the holy tree together with the offerings. In other words, she would drain the human blood under the holy tree and use the corpse as fertilizer.

Just the thought of such a thing was enough to make one's heart tremble.

No wonder the original owner was afraid of marrying Jie Kai Chen. Such a terrifying marriage, if it was her, she would also be scared. She had just escaped from death and was about to jump into a pit of fire.

What made her even angrier was that the marriage had been arranged by her own father, Shi Xue Wen. He did not hesitate to push his daughter into the fire pit, just so that he could raise her by a level and become a first rank Grand Scholar of the The State of Awakening.

No wonder the original owner hated his father so much.

A person who had pushed his daughter into hell for the sake of fame and fortune was not worthy of being a father.

"Rumor has it that you are the same as your mother. You are proficient in poetry, but you are born with yin meridians. You are destined to never be able to cultivate like other people, so rather than live a lowly life, you might as well die in glory. It is your honor to sacrifice your life for the holy tree. "

When Shi Xue Wen saw Shi Yao Yin onto the bridal sedan, only then did he speak to her, and act in front of others.

But these words caused Shi Yao Yin's heart to turn cold. At this time she had already recovered a little, and her throat was no longer as sore, so she slapped Shi Xue Wen in front of everyone, "What is called living in poverty? What did it mean to die in a glorious manner? It's just some pretentious words. Your real purpose is for that first-rate Grand Scholar. "

"Don't spout nonsense and slander me. Rumours? I know you don't want to marry to Third Prince, but this is a wedding given by Divine Emperor. Shi Xue Wen cared a lot about his reputation, especially in public. He couldn't allow anyone to ruin his reputation.

"If you hadn't added fuel to the fire, would Divine Emperor have bestowed this marriage? "Even if you have covered up the truth very well, the eyes of the people here will still shine brightly. Before long, everyone in The State of Awakening will know that you, Shi Xue Wen, are a heartless and unscrupulous person who sacrificed his own daughter at the cost of becoming an official."

"Shi Yao Yin, how dare you! You actually dare to speak to your father like that. This is truly outrageous." Madame Shi was used to roaring at Shi Yao Yin, especially today, when Shi Yao Yin was extremely disobedient. Not only did she hang herself and refuse to marry, she even spoke rudely to his own father, causing her to be unable to control herself and shout out in front of outsiders.

After shouting, Madame Shi regretted it immediately, because all of the surrounding people were looking at her with gazes filled with ridicule and contempt, which made her feel very humiliated.

This detestable Shi Yao Yin, who was purely trying to make things difficult for her, actually caused her to lose face at this moment, this was truly detestable.

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