Seeing Jie Kai Chen, Shi Yao Yin immediately ran over to his side and said in a low voice: "These people should have some sort of background, they must have some huge character supporting them from behind."

"Even if they had Divine Emperor supporting them, they would still die in the end." Jie Kai Chen said coldly, then raised his head and looked at Liu Quan Fu with a gaze as cold as ice. He said coldly, "Go over to the Divine Emperor and ask for your death, you can still leave a complete corpse this way. If you don't die before noon tomorrow, This King will personally chop you into five pieces. "

"You, don't scare me like that. You actually want me to go and beg for death in front of the Divine Emperor, do you think I'm an idiot? My sister is the most beloved concubine in Divine Emperor right now. If you kneel in front of me and kowtow to me and admit your wrongs, I might be able to forgive you. Until now, Liu Quan Fu still did not know that his death was imminent, and still relied on his older sister imperial concubine to be unscrupulous.

The people around him all looked at Liu Quan Fu, secretly reminding him that there were some people who were pulling on his clothes, telling him not to make a mistake again.

However, Liu Quan Fu pretended not to see them and scolded unhappily as he felt someone tugging at his clothes: What are you doing? It's just two brats, and they scared the hell out of you. Relax, I, Liu Quan Fu, will take responsibility for today's matters. With me protecting you all, I guarantee that none of you will be hurt. "

"Ignorant person, dying is not a pity. It's a pity that your sister's Royal Pet, which she spent so much effort and resources to obtain, was destroyed by your ignorant little brother." Jie Kai Chen ridiculed.

"Brat, you actually dare to curse my elder sister, and the present Liu Fei. I see that the one who is impatient to live is you."

"If you want to live, then go to Divine Emperor and expose this person's crime. One person only needs to expose one crime to live. This King was in a good mood today, so I let you guys go, but whether or not you can keep your lives in the end will depend on your luck. "

"Brat, what nonsense are you spouting?"


"Thank you for not killing me." The men that Liu Quan Fu brought, after kneeling down and kowtowing to Jie Kai Chen, left in a hurry, and no longer paid any attention to him.

If they continued to follow this idiot Liu Quan Fu, they would be done for sooner or later.

Seeing that all of his subordinates had run away, Liu Quan Fu started to panic and fear, and shouted loudly: "Why are you guys running? "Come back here, come back here, do you hear me?"

After shouting for a long time, no one came back. They all ran off without a trace.

It was only now that Liu Quan Fu realized that the situation wasn't good, but he was a person who cared deeply about face. As he retreated, he said viciously, "You two dogs, man and woman, just you wait.

Shi Yao Yin made a face at Liu Quan Fu, mocking him.

Even she, who had just arrived at The State of Awakening, knew that An Kang Wang could not be trifled with casually.

Whether he knew it or not, he was going to die anyway.

"Jie Kai Chen, you were so cool just now! Cough cough … Those who trespass into An Kang Wang's residence will die; go to Divine Emperor and invite them to die, this way you can even leave a complete corpse. " Shi Yao Yin imitated Jie Kai Chen's domineering attitude just now, but what he learnt was completely unrelated to his. It was even funny and funny, but she was happy inside.

Jie Kai Chen looked at the lady beside him expressionlessly. He felt that she was silly, as though she lacked tendons, but felt that she was very sincere and pure, like a skylark that could only bring happiness to others.

Shi Yao Yin unintentionally met Jie Kai Chen's cold gaze, and looked at his own hand, which was actually on's shoulder, thus she awkwardly retracted his hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't hurt your shoulder right?"

"Ignorant." Jie Kai Chen threw down his words, and turned to leave.

"How am I ignorant?" Shi Yao Yin caught up to him quickly, however, the reason why she came up to him was not because of 'ignorance', but rather, some other things. As she walked, she asked, "Jie Kai Chen, can you tell me how I can become a Spirit?"

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