The next morning, news came from the palace that Liu Fei had been beaten into the cold palace. Liu Quan Fu was escorted to the execution grounds, where they would behead her at noon.

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die! Sister, save me! Save me!"

"I don't want to die!" Wuuuu... "I don't want to die …"

No one sympathized with Liu Quan Fu at all. Even though he was crying out in grief and regret on the execution grounds, no one bothered with him and treated him as a huge joke.

He was merely a favoured little brother, yet he actually dared to shout at An Kang Wang.

"This Liu Quan Fu, just because he has a big sister imperial concubine, is acting so arrogantly in the Imperial City, who does he think he is? He must have kicked a steel plate. He dares to cause trouble at An Kang Wang's residence, and even tease An Kang Wang's Fei Fei, this kind of person dying is not worth it. "

"I heard that Liu Quan Fu chased the person who assassinated him to An Kang Wang's residence, which was why something happened later on."

"This is even more of a joke, if An Kang Wang wants to kill Liu Quan Fu, do he really need to assassinate him? Simply put, Liu Quan Fu would be finished even if he has three heads and six arms. "

"There's nothing we can do about it. Who told Liu Quan Fu to be stupid to this extent? It wasn't easy to get his life from the assassin's hands, and he actually went to An Kang Wang's residence to send himself to death. I also heard that the one who assassinated him was Xie Ying Shou. Who could escape from the people Xie Ying Shou wanted to kill? Maybe Xie Ying Shou intentionally lured Liu Quan Fu to An Kang Wang's residence. "

"What's so strange about that?" Although Xie Ying Shou specialized in killing, most of the people he killed were evil. Not long after Liu Quan Fu arrived in Imperial City, he had already done a lot of evil deeds and offended a lot of people, causing him to complain. Those victims did not dare to offend Liu Quan Fu, and had secretly hired Xie Ying Shou to take action.

Virtually everyone knew that the person who tried to assassinate Liu Quan Fu last night was Xie Ying Shou, but no one knew who Xie Ying Shou was.

On a relatively high rooftop near the execution grounds stood a man in white clothes, looking as beautiful as jade.

The man held a white jade flute in his hand, and was staring straight at Liu Quan Fu who was on the execution grounds. The moment Liu Quan Fu was beheaded, his face revealed a cold smile.

"Master, all the rewards have been obtained, they are all here." A Xiang jumped onto the roof and handed a stack of silver notes to the man.

"Take these. When I need them, I will look for you. He had completed his mission this month and would no longer take on business this month. If there was a suitable transaction, could you inform the other party that he would be able to accept it next month? "If you can't accept it, then return the deal."

"Yes." Master, your injuries are not light this time, you should take a good rest, your subordinate … "

"It's just a small wound, there's no need to recuperate on purpose. I have other things to do during this period of time."

"Master, the mission for this month has been completed. What else do you want to do?" His eyes were filled with worry, as he obviously didn't want his Master to go back to work when he was injured.

"Don't worry, it's just a small matter." The man did not say what it was, but his figure flashed and instantly disappeared without a trace. In the next moment, he arrived outside An Kang Wang's residence, took a look, and immediately followed up with a flash, once again disappearing without a trace.

Shi Yao Yin spent the entire night trying to comprehend the key to becoming a Spirit. She was so tired that even when she thought about it, she could not think of any clues, and in the end, fell asleep on the table.

Just then, a white silhouette flew in through the window, transforming into a human and came to Shi Yao Yin's side, quietly looking at her.

"Spirit, I want to become a Spirit, Spirit …" As Shi Yao Yin spoke in his dreams, even when he was asleep, he was still thinking about becoming Spirit.

Just as he was about to extend his hand to brush away the hair on Shi Yao Yin's forehead, he suddenly sensed that someone was rushing towards him, and immediately turned into a white shadow and disappeared.

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