Jie Kai Chen rushed into Shi Yao Yin's room as fast as he could, and it was after breaking through the door, the moment he entered, he carefully looked around. It seemed to be looking for something, but he couldn't find it.

Even if he couldn't find it, he continued to look at the corners of the room a few more times with a serious expression, as if he was extremely sure that there was someone else in the room and was determined to find it.

He had clearly felt an outsider's intrusion into An Kang Wang's residence just now and had followed the aura over to chase after him, why did the aura disappear so quickly?

Shi Yao Yin was suddenly startled by Jie Kai Chen's sudden intrusion. With a pair of panda eyes, she asked unhappily: "Jie Kai Chen, what are you crazy about? "You don't have to knock on the door when you come in. What if I'm changing?"

"Who are you hiding in your room?" Jie Kai Chen asked in return as his face revealed terrifying fury.

"I'm hiding people? Who can I hide? "Can you not accuse someone wrongly?"

Jie Kai Chen did not believe it, but suddenly he grabbed Shi Yao Yin by the neck and lifted her up, causing her to tiptoe on the ground as he asked coldly: Tell me, who exactly are you hiding in this room?

"Jie Kai Chen, you big bastard, you're pinching my neck again, let go of me … "Cough cough …" Shi Yao Yin tried her best to resist and struggle, but to no avail.

He was pinched yesterday, pinched today, pinched to save someone, pinched to wait quietly. How could he not allow people to pass his days?

Outside the window, the white clothed man stood on top of a tree silently. When he saw Jie Kai Chen making his move to pinch Shi Yao Yin, his eyes immediately filled with anger, and his killing intent instantly surged.

Inside the house, Jie Kai Chen felt a strong killing intent from outside and immediately threw Shi Yao Yin away, chasing after him. However, when he chased to the outside, the killing intent was already gone without a trace.

Although he didn't find the intruder, he was certain that a powerful individual had been here before.

Who was this person? What was the purpose of coming to An Kang Wang's residence?

Jie Kai Chen was confused, so he returned to his room, and the moment he entered, he saw Shi Yao Yin sitting on the ground with a painful expression. Seeing him enter, Jie Kai Chen immediately shrank back in fear, as if he was very afraid of him.

He didn't know why, but seeing this woman being so afraid of him made him feel a little uncomfortable. He didn't like her fear very much.

He originally wanted to interrogate this woman about the hidden person, but he was no longer in the mood to do so. Without another word, he turned around and left.

Seeing Jie Kai Chen turn around and leave, Shi Yao Yin's tensed nerves relaxed a bit. As if he had walked through the gates of hell, he let out a light breath and said: "Did this guy eat the wrong medicine today? I was almost strangled to death by him. "

"Looks like it's best not to interact with him in the future. I don't have the heart to save him anymore, otherwise, I wouldn't even know when he'll strangle me." Calm down, don't be angry, don't be angry, and don't bother about him. "

"I'm hungry, let's go cook."

Shi Yao Yin tried her best to calm her emotions. After recovering from her shock, she stood up and walked towards the kitchen, starting to cook. Just as she was searching for rice, she accidentally saw a little white bird standing at the kitchen window, staring at her.

The little white bird was extremely beautiful. Her snow-white fur emitted a pearl-like radiance, and her beautiful tail was like a phoenix. It was extremely spiritual.

"Hi, hello." Seeing the little white bird staring at her, Shi Yao Yin casually greeted it.

She had not expected the little white bird to understand, but the result was beyond her expectations.

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