The little white bird standing at the window, upon hearing Shi Yao Yin's call, spread its beautiful wings and flew towards her, landing on her shoulder, and looked at her even more closely.

"You can understand what I'm saying, can't you?" Shi Yao Yin gently caressed the little white bird's head with his fingers.

But the feeling of touching this little white bird's hair was very similar to the feeling of touching the blood-red bird yesterday.

What's so strange about that? Aren't the feathers of birds all the same?

"Xiaobai, are you hungry?" Do you want to eat rice? "

Shi Yao Yin grabbed a handful of raw rice that had been soaked in water from the pot and brought it to the little white bird's mouth for it to eat.

However, the little white bird didn't eat it. It stayed for a while before flying away.

To Shi Yao Yin, this was just a small interlude. She did not take it to heart, but to someone else, it was something that she had carved into her heart.

The little white bird flew outside the palace and landed on the ground. It turned into a man in white and looked at the high wall with its deep eyes. Its face couldn't help but reveal a smile as it said, "Xiao Hong, Xiao Bai."

Yesterday, he was called Xiao Hong and today he was called Xiao Bai. The name that this girl gave him was too simple and straightforward.

But he liked it.

At this time, Ah Xiang caught up to the white-clothed man and reminded him, "Master, you're injured, it's best if you don't walk around randomly. Especially this An Kang Wang Palace, they're not simple.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

"This incident involves An Kang Wang. Although Liu Quan Fu has already been executed, the Divine Emperor still gave the order to investigate about Xie Ying Shou, so you have to be careful during this period."

"Since that Divine Emperor is so free, I will give him some work to do. Go and spread the secret of the Second Prince to the world, as well as pass on the shameful deeds of a few royal relatives or officials of the Imperial Court. As long as these people are in chaos, the Divine Emperor will not have much energy to pay attention to my situation. "


The white-clothed man looked in the direction of Shi Yao Yin again and smiled mysteriously. Then, he turned into a white shadow as he flew towards the horizon and disappeared.

A Xiang also left.

After the two of them left, Qing Mu appeared where they were standing just now. He stroked his long beard with a kind smile on his face, then walked towards the wall, directly entering inside and disappearing without a trace.

Shi Yao Yin did not know anything about what had happened outside and did not want to know either. After eating her fill, she would continue to comprehend the secrets of becoming a Spirit. However, after thinking it through, she still could not think of anything.

"Why am I so stupid! If you can't even do such a small thing, what big thing can you do in the future? "

"Spirit, Spirit, just how do I become a Spirit?"

"So annoying!"

Shi Yao Yin sighed for a long time. Somehow, she suddenly thought of Jie Kai Chen, and when she thought about this annoying guy, she became angry.

She said that she wouldn't be angry, why is she angry now?

"I wonder what that damned fellow is doing in the East Court? "Whatever he does, as long as he doesn't pinch my neck again."

"Sigh... My heart is in my throat! "

Just as Shi Yao Yin was feeling depressed and sighing, she unintentionally realised that the flowers and plants in the courtyard had sprouted, and the life source around them had become even denser, becoming emerald green in color.

"These life source are so beautiful."

In the end, he discovered that he could actually absorb the life source, and the life source that was absorbed by his body was absorbed by her, entering into her dantian through her veins and veins.

"How could this be?"

She was unable to send the heaven and earth origin energy into her own dantian, but was able to send life source in. If he could convert life source into usage of strength, wouldn't that be the same as the key to becoming a Spirit?

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