Shi Yao Yin arrived under the tree where the Deity of Dance Whip was coiled and carefully observed it.

The Deity of Dance Whip seemed to have no roots, like a long snake coiled around a tree. If you looked closely, you would be surprised to see that it was actually a living being.

Since it was a living being, it was something that had its own intelligence. Generally speaking, creatures that had intelligence would have their own thoughts. If one wanted to obtain it, they first had to obtain its approval.

My name is Shi Yao Yin, I'm very happy to meet you, can I give you to your friend? Shi Yao Yin tried to greet the Deity of Dance Whip, she even stretched out a finger, wanting to touch it.

However, the Deity of Dance Whip did not let her touch it, and suddenly crawled even faster. It could even be said that it was flying directly towards another tree.

"Darling, don't go!"

"You can't be so rude as a person. When people greet you, even if you don't like them, you still have to give them a meaningful response. Otherwise, it would be very heartbreaking." Shi Yao Yin chased them to another big tree and continued to communicate with the Deity of Dance Whip.

This time, the Deity of Dance Whip seemed to react a little, shaking the leaves on its body, swaying a few times. Obviously, this was its response.

Seeing this, Shi Yao Yin was overjoyed. She guessed that this Deity of Dance Whip should be a child by human age standards.

He was just a child, so it was fine as long as he was coaxing her.

"Actually, I don't have any friends here, and no one would play with me. If you are willing to play with me, I will be very happy."

"Actually, you know very well in your heart that I want to be friends with you for another purpose. Don't you want to come out with me and see the world? "

The Deity of Dance Whip listened to Shi Yao Yin, and slowly crawled to her side. It tried to use its body to touch her hand, but immediately retracted it back the moment it touched her. It was obvious that it was afraid.

Shi Yao Yin lied on the grass and faced the Deity of Dance Whip, trying her best to show her best good will, "Although the outside is not as beautiful as here, but there are so many colorful things happening outside, there are good people and bad people too. Let's go out and fight the bad people, alright?"

"I promise you, I will treat you well."

Just like Shi Yao Yin had guessed, the Deity of Dance Whip was currently just a little kid. It had a low intelligence and did not understand good or evil, acting according to its own preferences, doing whatever it liked.

The Deity of Dance Whip's courage increased a little now. It no longer lightly touched Shi Yao Yin's hands, but crawled onto her body.

Shi Yao Yin stayed still and allowed the Deity of Dance Whip to climb on her body. She was still playing with it, "I'll call you Xiao Wu from now on, what do you say?"

"Then let's do it this way, Little Wu, Little Wu."

With his name, the Deity of Dance Whip looked very excited, it danced non-stop on Shi Yao Yin's body, and as it danced, it suddenly turned into a ball of green light. When the green light faded, a green bracelet appeared on Shi Yao Yin's wrist.

The bracelet was inconspicuous. It looked like a normal gold bracelet with emerald inlaid on it.

"This... "What's going on?" Shi Yao Yin looked at the green bracelet on her wrist, she was shocked, but in the next moment, the green bracelet changed again, turning into a vine whip and floating in front of her.

The front end of the cane was a green wooden handle with beautiful vines circling around it. There were a few cute pink flowers on the cane, adding some color to the monotonous cane whip.

The Deity of Dance Whip just now was completely a tree vine, but now it had become a true whip weapon.

Shi Yao Yin reached out and grabbed the Deity of Dance Whip, her mind immediately becoming one with it. She felt that this Deity of Dance Whip was a part of her body, she could use it however she wanted.

At the same time, a set of whip techniques appeared in his mind.

This should be the Deity of Dance Whip method that Senior Qing Mu spoke of.

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