Shi Yao Yin practiced according to the method of whip in her mind, waving the Deity of Dance Whip in her hands, moving about freely in the beautiful flowers and plants, after repeated practice, she had completely learnt the Deity of Dance Whip method, and used the power of life source in her dantian to unleash a whip, which was extremely powerful, capable of shattering rocks.

"The Deity of Dance Whip Art is really powerful, next time we meet that Shi Qian Meng, there's no need to be afraid of her."

"Little Wu, you're also very powerful. I'm glad that you've acknowledged me and chosen me."

The Deity of Dance Whip gently waved the small leaf on her body in response. At this time, she had already completely acknowledged Shi Yao Yin as her master, and was completely willing to follow after her.

"I didn't expect you to so easily obtain the Deity of Dance Whip's acknowledgement. Perhaps this is your lucky chance. Little girl, the Deity of Dance Whip is extraordinary, I hope you can cherish them. " Qing Mu seemed to be reluctant and reluctant to part with the Deity of Dance Whip, but he had no choice.

"Senior Qing Mu, don't worry. I will definitely treat Little Wu well."

"I am sure you will treat it well. Little girl, I have a present for you today. "

"What gift?" Shi Yao Yin was filled with anticipation, her eyes shone as she looked at Qing Mu. The gift from Senior Qing Mu, was definitely not an ordinary thing.


"Blessing? What kind of gift is this? "

"All living things in this world possess life. Their power may be great or small, but if they are gathered together, they possess the ability to destroy the heavens and earth. If we can get the blessings of all living things in the world, it would be equivalent to getting their help and protection. We can use some techniques to convert this blessings power into our own, and that is the Blessing. " Qing Mu demonstrated the Blessing in front of Shi Yao Yin.

Shi Yao Yin followed suit, her ten fingers intertwined with the jade green light aura.

Although the Blessing she used was not as strong as Qing Mu's, it still had a certain level of power.

This kind of Blessing could increase one's own abilities, and could also strengthen one's own defensive capabilities. If one fought with an enemy, one would have a huge advantage when using the Blessing.

"Senior Qing Mu, I learned the Blessing. Not only have I learned the Deity of Dance Whip method, I have also learned the Blessing. I feel that my future is bright and bright, and I feel extremely happy. " Shi Yao Yin was excited, excited, and happy like a skylark. Sometimes, he even wondered if this was a dream.

If it was a dream, it would be too sad.

"You are only an elementary Spirit. This bit of ability is nothing. Girl, work hard. I hope you can get far. I have cast a spell on the Deity of Dance Whip, so no one will be able to see your cultivation. This way, it will be a form of protection for you, and before your wings grow full, it will be best for no one to know about your existence. "

"Go further. What does that mean?"

"You will know that later. Someone is coming to An Kang Wang's residence, you must immediately leave. Regarding green border, I hope that you do not mention about it to anyone, even if it is your loved one, you cannot tell anyone. " After Qing Mu finished speaking, he casually waved his hand.

Shi Yao Yin only saw a flash of green light, and when she opened her eyes, she was already in the courtyard outside, but she was still wearing the green bracelet on her wrist.

"It's always like this, getting her out before you even explain it clearly. It doesn't matter, as long as Little Wu follows me out. "

"Senior Qing Mu just said that someone has come to An Kang Wang's residence. Who is it?"

Just at this moment, a few people walked in front of Shi Yao Yin. The one leading was a eunuch, followed by a few imperial guards.

"Consort An Kang Wang, this Divine Emperor has ordered for you to enter the palace immediately."

"Divine Emperor wants to see me? Just to see me? Will Jie Kai Chen follow me into the palace? " Shi Yao Yin asked many questions in one breath.

The palace was not a good place. If he could not go, then he would not. If he had to go, then he would bring a reliable companion along.

Other than Jie Kai Chen, what other companion did she have?

"Divine Emperor wanting to meet you is your honor, where did all this nonsense come from? Hurry up and leave, will have to wait too long, this is the crime of being disrespectful, we will lose our heads for sure. " The eunuch clearly didn't place Shi Yao Yin, the Concubine An Kang Wang, in his eyes. He was acting arrogantly in front of her, his tone and attitude extremely terrible.

Shi Yao Yin knew that she had no right to reject this matter, otherwise, it would be disrespecting the edict, so she could only obediently follow the eunuch and enter the palace to meet Divine Emperor.

Why did that Divine Emperor suddenly summon her?

Could it be because of the matter with Liu Quan Fu yesterday?

There were no servants in An Kang Wang's residence, so the news was rather dark. Shi Yao Yin had not stepped out of her house throughout the entire day, so she did not know that Liu Quan Fu had already been beheaded.

When Shi Yao Yin was taken away by the people from the palace, Jie Kai Chen hid in the shadows and watched. He did not make any movements, but only watched on, and not long after, she turned around and walked towards the East Court.

On the first day of the new year, they followed Jie Kai Chen very obediently and did not make any noise. From the looks of it, they were not afraid of anything happening to Shi Yao Yin.

"The first and second years of the new year, watch the house. When I'm not around, no matter who trespasses into the manor, I'll bite them to death." Jie Kai Chen changed into a set of black armor clothing in a secret room, held an iron mask in his hands, and immediately put it on after he had finished instructing the first and second days. Then, he jumped out from above An Kang Wang's residence and sprinted towards the imperial palace at an extremely fast speed.

After changing into a set of clothes, Jie Kai Chen was like the king of darkness, revering all others.

At this moment, Shi Yao Yin had already been brought into the palace by a eunuch. She originally thought that Divine Emperor would immediately see her if he called her into the palace but who knew that she would have to wait outside the palace after entering.

What was going on? He clearly wasn't in a hurry, but he had made her rush over in such a rush. He was truly infuriating.

There was no other way. Who asked him to be the Divine Emperor, the king of the The State of Awakening?

Shi Yao Yin was waiting outside the hall. When she had nothing to do, he casually looked around at her surroundings and realised that the life source here was extremely thin. It was not as dense as An Kang Wang's residence, but the flowers and plants here looked pretty good.

In a place with such thin life source, the flowers and plants shouldn't be growing very well, so why is there the opposite view here?

There seemed to be something wrong with the palace.

Just then, First Prince and Second Prince Jie Ying Long arrived outside the hall. It seemed like they were summoned by the Divine Emperor, but they did not wait foolishly like Shi Yao Yin, and directly walked towards the hall. When they walked past Shi Yao Yin, the two of them glanced at her.

After just a glance, he did not greet anyone, especially Jie Mo Yun whose eyes were filled with indifference, as if she was looking at a stranger.

As for Jie Ying Long, his eyes were filled with contempt and despise, and he obviously looked down on Shi Yao Yin.

You look down on me, and I look down on you!

Shi Yao Yin did not think much of these two. Since he was not familiar with them, they could do whatever they liked, especially that Jie Ying Long. She looked like a villain, which made them feel disgusted.

That's not right! Wasn't the Divine Emperor summoning her, why were Jie Mo Yun and Jie Ying Long here?

Did something big happen?

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