Shi Yao Yin waited outside the hall for four whole hours. When the sky turned dark, the Divine Emperor still had not called for her.

What was this? Did he want her to enter the palace on purpose?

What kind of tricks was the Divine Emperor playing?

So tired, so hungry, so thirsty, so sleepy. I really want to go back and have a good meal and sleep comfortably.

Just when Shi Yao Yin was both hungry and tired, someone finally came to find her. The person who had brought her into the palace was a eunuch.

"An Kang Wang's wife, Divine Emperor wants to see you. Follow me. When you see the Divine Emperor later, pay attention to your own words and do not speak carelessly.

"Yes, I understand." Shi Yao Yin tried his best to suppress the displeasure and irritation in his heart, and forced himself to become a small, well-behaved person, and followed the eunuch towards the main hall.

However, after entering the main hall, the scene before her eyes made her feel astonished, and the anger in her heart flared up even more.

She had thought that the Divine Emperor was in the great hall discussing major matters with the ministers, princes, and emperors.

This was too much, too much bullying. She bitterly waited outside for four hours, while the people inside ate and drank. They obviously didn't take her seriously and purposely made things difficult for her.

Great Divine Emperor, Aunt will remember you, and this debt will be settled with you sooner or later. Even though grandma doesn't have your position of power, it's still fine to scheme against you.

Inside the palace, there were dozens of court ministers and some people with relatively high status. Shi Xue Wen and Shi Qian Meng were among them.

When Shi Yao Yin walked into the hall in a sorry state, Shi Qian Meng revealed a disdainful smile, secretly ridiculing Shi Yao Yin, waiting to see a good show.

Shi Yao Yin ignored the strange gazes of the people around him and went to the great hall to kneel and pay her respects, "We pay our respects to Divine Emperor."

"Yes, let's go to the side and wait for This Emperor to finish enjoying the dance." The Divine Emperor responded perfunctorily, she did not even look at Shi Yao Yin and told her to wait by the side.

Besides the palace maids and eunuchs, there were seats everywhere. The seats were just right in front of them, there were no unnecessary seats at all. Even if there were any extra seats, they could not casually sit around.

The imperial family paid great attention to the rules, especially for those who had low statuses. Even if they violated a small rule, they would still face severe punishment.

Shi Yao Yin looked around, and simply did not know where she should stand. She felt that she was a person with a lot of power, and standing in the middle of the Main Palace was like a joke, and many people were laughing at her, especially that Shi Qian Meng, who looked like she was waiting to see her make a fool of herself.

Did these people think that she was really that easy to bully?

Do you think I'm a sick cat if a tiger doesn't show it's might?

Shi Yao Yin changed her posture, she was no longer humble like before, but had instead raised her head, stuck out his chest, and looked straight at Divine Emperor who was seated on the dragon throne, and said coldly: "Divine Emperor summoned me, just to have me stand here and enjoy the dance with you? If that's the case, then forgive me for not accompanying you. "

When these words came out, the entire audience was shocked, the musicians stopped playing the music, and the dancers stopped dancing. Everyone looked at Shi Yao Yin in shock, as they did not expect Shi Yao Yin to say such a thing to Divine Emperor.

The Divine Emperor was the king of the The State of Awakening, he had the highest position and the most power. With regards to the life and death of all the Paragons, who would dare to be disrespectful to him?

"Shi Yao Yin, you have guts, you actually dare to speak to Divine Emperor like that, are you tired of living?" Divine Queen who was seated beside Divine Emperor scolded, using her royal mother's power to intimidate the people below.

The others were all afraid of this mother, but Shi Yao Yin did not put it to heart. She sneered: "Don't you think it's funny to ask a person who's about to die if he's tired of living?"

"To rebel against you, you actually dare to act presumptuously in the great hall."

"For a dying man, even if you are the god of heaven, you are all mud in my eyes. Divine Emperor, I was originally quite respectful to you, but today's matter has made me understand one thing, you are not worthy of my respect. I have already been forced into a corner by all of you, and there's not much time left, yet you all still want to make things difficult for me, you heartless people, all of you upright hypocrites, I feel disgusted just by looking at you. "

"You … Someone! Drag this damned girl, who doesn't know her place, out and kill her. " Divine Queen was enraged by Shi Yao Yin, and habitually ordered to kill those who disrespected her.

But soon, she regretted it. She felt that she had done something very ridiculous, that she had become the joke on the scene.

She actually gave the order to kill Shi Yao Yin. Shi Yao Yin had already married Jie Kai Chen and was going to offer him to the holy tree one year from now. She was already about to die, so how could she possibly kill him?

If she really killed Shi Yao Yin, it would be equivalent to slapping Jie Kai Chen's face. If she provoked Jie Kai Chen, the one who would die in the end would be herself.

"Aren't you going to kill me? Come on! " Shi Yao Yin said fearlessly. At this time, she was even more daring, and had already decided to go all out. No matter what the result was, she would be satisfied.

She actually did not want to do this. However, these people were truly too excessive. She was truly unable to endure any longer. Thus, she did not wish to endure any longer.

No matter what the consequences would be, he would just go all out. If he couldn't win, then he would just run back to Senior Qing Mu and ask for help.

"Shi Yao Yin, don't rely on the fact that you have An Kang Wang as your backer just want to stand on our head and behave atrociously. Don't think that I wouldn't dare to kill you. If I were to cross the line, do you think I would dare to kill you? You are not of the royal family, nor are you chosen by the holy tree. After we kill you, we can even find a new woman for An Kang Wang. Divine Emperor finally spoke, his words full of warning.

"I finally understand your purpose for summoning me today. Wasn't it because of that Liu Quan Fu incident yesterday? Is it because of this matter that you have to go through so much trouble and lose face, so you have to find someone to start the operation to bring you back some face? "

"So what if I am? Liu Quan Fu deserves to die, but don't think that you can do whatever you want from now on. "

"I do what I want, how did I do what I want? Divine Emperor, dare I ask, what have I done to offend you? Or have I violated the laws of the The State of Awakening? It was Liu Quan Fu himself who barged into An Kang Wang's residence, and even teased me, so how did it become me who relied on An Kang Wang's support to do whatever I wanted? If you really want to go all out against me for the sake of a single Liu Quan Fu, then you would truly be shamed to the point of losing face. "

"You …"

"You what you? Don't think that just because you are the Divine Emperor that you are impressive, you are just a king. There is always someone stronger than you, and to those people in the Heaven, you are nothing more than an ant.

Someone, drag Shi Yao Yin out and behead him immediately. Divine Emperor was angered to death by Shi Yao Yin and immediately issued the killing order.

He originally did not want to kill Shi Yao Yin, and had only wanted to warn her. However, he never expected that Shi Yao Yin would actually be so outrageous that he would even dare to scold him.

If he did not kill this kind of person, how powerful would his Divine Emperor be?

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