When the Divine Emperor gave the order to kill, the two guards walked up, intending to drag Shi Yao Yin out and behead him.

But at this moment, the entire palace hall suddenly shook violently, all the utensils and fruits on the table fell to the ground, the standing palace maids and eunuchs fell to the ground, even the people who were sitting rolled on the ground, especially the dragon throne that Divine Emperor was sitting on, almost flipped over.

The tremors did not last for long. It was just a small moment, but it had already disfigured the entire hall. The people who were knocked to the ground had already gotten up and tidied up their clothes, quickly taking care of their appearance so that they would not lose too much face.

"What happened?"

"Why is there such a strong vibration all of a sudden?"

Just as everyone was puzzled, a guard ran in and reported, "Reporting to Divine Emperor, it was unknown why the holy tree suddenly became angry and knocked down all the houses nearby."

"What?! The holy tree is enraged?" The moment Divine Emperor heard this, his expression immediately changed, and then shifted his gaze to Shi Yao Yin.

Soon after, many people looked at Shi Yao Yin the same way as the Divine Emperor, they all had strange looks in their eyes, especially the Divine Emperor and the Divine Queen, who looked like they wanted to be angry but didn't dare to.

Shi Yao Yin was also shaken to the point that she almost couldn't stand steadily. It wasn't until the guards came to report that she knew that the intense trembling was due to the Holy Tree becoming angry.

What did it have to do with her that the holy tree was angry? Why were all these people looking at her?

Shi Qian Meng originally wanted to see Shi Yao Yin make a fool of herself, but she never thought that things would turn out like this.

He never thought that the holy tree would stand up for Shi Yao Yin. How was this possible? Just as Divine Emperor gave the order to kill her, the holy tree was enraged. The matter could not be more obvious, the holy tree did not allow the Divine Emperor to kill Shi Yao Yin.

This had never happened before. The holy tree did not protect anyone other than the offerings, not even the families of the offerings.

Why was Shi Yao Yin an exception?

Why on earth?

Shi Yao Yin looked at the strange expressions of the people around her, as if she understood something. Although she still wasn't sure what was going on, but she knew that the holy tree would not allow the Divine Emperor to kill her.

Why did that holy tree want to help her? Could it be because of Senior Qing Mu?

Although she had never seen the holy tree before, she was still a tree. Maybe Senior Qing Mu was related to the holy tree?

Regardless of their relationship, with the Holy Tree as her backing, she had no need to fear these people.

"Hello, Master Divine Emperor, is there anything else I can help you with? If not, then I'll leave first. I was summoned by you to the palace early in the morning and stood outside for four hours without drinking a single drop of water.

"Also, by the way, let's remind everyone here that if the dog is anxious, it will jump over the wall. If the rabbit is anxious, it will bite. She must not provoke someone who was about to die, because she could do anything she wanted. It would be death anyway, and it would be good for Dora and the others to carry it. "Sister, don't you think so?"

Shi Yao Yin pointed at Shi Qian Meng, her meaning very clear.

Hearing these words, the expression on Shi Qian Meng's face immediately stiffened, and all of her resentment was forced to the bottom of her heart, as she did not dare to express it again.

This damned Shi Yao Yin, she actually dared to harm her like this. Damn it, damn it.

Everyone in the Imperial City knew that Shi Qian Meng and Shi Yao Yin were not on good terms. Adding the matter of him being scammed earlier, everyone knew that Shi Qian Meng wished for Shi Yao Yin to die quickly.

However, Shi Yao Yin's words today made Shi Qian Meng into a bomb that could explode at any time. Everyone wanted to distance themselves from her in their hearts, and even Jie Ying Long was no exception.

It was not only Shi Qian Meng, but the entire Scholar's House was the same as well. They definitely could not get too close to them, or else Shi Yao Yin would be implicated when she took her revenge one day.

There was still a year before the sacrifice. If Shi Yao Yin attacked Scholar's House within that year, she would be done for. Looking at Shi Yao Yin's courage and boldness today, she was not even afraid of Divine Emperor, so how could she be afraid of a Scholar's House?

Looks like the Scholar's House is going to suffer.

Shi Xue Wen was already so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, at that moment, he had nothing to regret. If he did not bring up this marriage with Divine Emperor, he would never have given Shi Yao Yin the chance to marry Shi Yao Yin.

He originally thought that he could use this marriage ceremony to stay at the first rank, becoming a first rank Grand Scholar. Who knew that he would actually lift a rock to smash his own foot, creating a huge problem for the Scholar's House.

The married Shi Yao Yin was completely different from the cowardly and cowardly Shi Yao Yin she used to be. Her courage was so great that she was not even afraid of Divine Emperor.

"Lord Divine Emperor, if there's really nothing else, then I will be leaving first. You guys continue eating, drinking, playing, and enjoying yourselves." Shi Yao Yin emphasized on the last four words, which were full of sarcasm. After she finished speaking, she turned around and walked into the great hall.

Since Divine Emperor did not stop Shi Yao Yin, the others did not dare to stop her either and allowed her to leave.

Who dared to not let her go? With the protection of the holy tree, it meant that she was the same as Jie Kai Chen. In the future, she could kill whoever she wanted to, and even the Divine Emperor had to be wary of her.

After Shi Yao Yin left, the people in the palace hall heaved a sigh of relief. The others were fine, but Shi Xue Wen and Shi Qian Meng were in a terrible situation.

"I'm tired. Everyone can leave now." "If anyone dares to spread the news of today's events, I shall exterminate all nine of them." How could the Divine Emperor still have the mood to eat and play? He ordered everyone to withdraw and even warned them.

Actually, there was no need to do anything unnecessary. Everyone understood in their hearts that they could not speak carelessly of what had happened today. Otherwise, the imperial family would lose a lot of face.

After everyone had left, Divine Queen then spoke to him privately.

"Divine Emperor, are you really going to let that damned girl Shi Yao Yin go?"

"So what if I don't? The holy tree is protecting her, and even I can't touch her. I want to go over to the holy tree and take a look. "

"Chenqie will accompany Divine Emperor."

"Alright, let's go."

Divine Emperor and his wife walked towards the holy tree. Along the way, there were eunuchs and palace maids guarding them and protecting them.

The holy tree was in the center of the palace. The houses around it had all collapsed due to the tree's fury. The scene was a mess.

At this time, under the Sacred Tree stood a man dressed in black who wore a black iron mask on his face. This man was Jie Kai Chen.

Jie Kai Chen placed his hand on the large tree trunk of the holy tree and spoke to it, "Thank you very much for being willing to help me. That girl's performance today was not bad, causing me to be surprised. I never thought that she would actually have such guts, to even dare to scold Divine Emperor, but he did it extremely well. "

"I appreciate her more and more, but that's not enough. Divine Emperor and Divine Queen are heading over here right now, probably because of what happened just now. You handle it well, I'll be leaving first. "

After he finished speaking, Jie Kai Chen leapt to the top of the holy tree, then flew towards the bright moon in the sky, and instantly disappeared.

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