Shi Yao Yin coldly looked at Madame Shi and taunted, "You actually dare to say such outrageous things to someone who's about to die. It's simply laughable. Do you really think you can step on my corpse and be carefree? Even if I were to turn into an evil ghost, it would not be easy for you all. "

"Shi Yao Yin, shut up."

"What is it? Are you scared? Don't worry, I still have a year! Who knows what will happen this year? Maybe all of you are finished, but I'm still alive and well! "

"You …" Madame Shi really wanted to slap Shi Yao Yin's face, but there were too many outsiders here, she couldn't do that.

This Shi Yao Yin, how did she suddenly become more daring? She wasn't like this before.

Shi Qian Meng was present as well and she had lost face due to her own mother. However, she was arrogant and would definitely not allow something that would harm her face to happen, so she said disdainfully, "A natural born trash like her has no value at all from the moment she was born. Scholar's House has been kind enough to bring her up as an adult, it's already enough to be considered benevolent."

"That's right. Trash should have the appearance of trash. Who told you to be trash?"

This mother and daughter duo thought that Shi Yao Yin was easy to bully, but unfortunately they were wrong.

"What you mean is, because I was born a wastrel, that's why I was married to the Third Prince and given to the holy tree? In your eyes, the Third Prince and holy tree are only worth trash like me. "

When Shi Yao Yin's words came out, the entire audience was shocked. No one would have thought she would say such a thing and it made a lot of sense.

Be it the Third Prince or the holy tree, especially the holy tree, they were all supreme existences within the The State of Awakening, and could not tolerate any blasphemy or blasphemy.

The words that the Scholar's House family had said previously were originally nothing, but after hearing what Shi Yao Yin had said, they became extremely outrageous.

Shi Xue Wen was already scared pale white, the Madame Shi was panicking even more, Shi Qian Meng gritted his teeth in anger, and wished that he could tear Shi Yao Yin apart. However, they had already made a very serious mistake, and couldn't speak anymore, because if he did, the situation would get worse.

Damn it, Shi Yao Yin, how did you become so good at talking?


"This Scholar's House is filled with the miasma and it is not a place for people to live. It is best if they leave so that they do not get infected by the miasma of this family. From today onwards, I, Shi Yao Yin, will no longer have any relations with the Scholar's House, and my relationship with him will be severed. A first rank Grand Scholar, you better take care of yourself. " After Shi Yao Yin said her piece, he got on the bridal sedan.

She didn't know what would happen after she married Third Prince Jie Kai Chen, but she didn't regret leaving her "mother's house".

Since this family was unreliable, he might as well break away. Maybe it was a good thing to break away from them.

After Shi Yao Yin got on the bridal sedan chair, the royal wedding procession left, leaving behind many dumbstruck people. These people had yet to react to Shi Yao Yin's words just now, especially Shi Xue Wen, the bad premonition in his heart was growing stronger and stronger.

Why did it feel like this daughter of his had become a completely different person? Was it an illusion?

Maybe because she was forced to marry to the Third Prince, her personality underwent a huge change due to the stimulation.

"Master, don't listen to that stupid brat Shi Yao Yin. This marriage was set up by the Divine Emperor, who dares to speak carelessly? " When the guests gradually dwindled, Madame Shi opened her mouth to console Shi Xue Wen.

Shi Qian Meng arrogantly said: "Whoever dares to speak such nonsense, I will tear their mouth apart."

All the princes were fighting to marry her. Once she became a Divine Queen, whoever dared to speak nonsense would be killed by her, and the first person she would have to kill was Shi Yao Yin.

However, Shi Yao Yin was going to die in a year, so it was not her turn to kill him.

"Alright, let's not talk about it anymore. We're talking about the sharp edge of the wind right now. You guys should keep a low profile and not talk about it too much. We'll talk about it when the time comes." Shi Xue Wen said calmly. Once again, he shifted his gaze to the distant wedding procession, and comforted himself in his heart.

A trash that was born with Yin Meridians did not have much time to live, so he did not need to fear her.

So what if she was his own daughter? Who told you to be a trash?

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