Not long after Jie Kai Chen left, the Divine Emperor arrived at the foot of the holy tree. However, they could not come into close contact with the holy tree like Jie Kai Chen could, and could only watch from a distance of thirty meters.

The holy tree was actually also a banyan tree. It's trunk was as big as a house, and its branches were lush and dense, like a green sky. The underground roots were extremely complicated, covering almost the entire palace, and even the entire Imperial City.

"Holy Tree, why are you protecting Shi Yao Yin?" Divine Emperor came under the holy tree and asked, his tone was slightly unhappy, slightly reproachful, but it was not very obvious, and he did not dare to make it obvious.

He was the sovereign king of the The State of Awakening, he should be standing high and mighty, holding the most authority in his hands, but today, he did not even have the authority to punish a little girl who had insulted him.

The Divine Queen asked in a slightly angry tone, "Sacred Tree, we have nothing to say about you protecting the Third Prince, and no complaints at all. But if you want to protect that damned girl Shi Yao Yin, you have to at least give us an explanation, right?"

Before Divine Queen could finish his sentence, a whip-like tree root suddenly appeared from the ground and whipped her flying.

"Ahh …" Divine Queen was sent flying several tens of meters away by the tree root. He fell onto the ground and sustained injuries, especially on the parts where the tree root had struck. His skin and flesh had been ripped apart, and he was in so much pain that she couldn't even stand up.

The palace maids at the side did not dare to step forward to help Divine Queen. This was because Divine Queen was injured by the holy tree, so unless the holy tree gave them permission, they would not dare to move recklessly.

Seeing how badly Divine Queen had been beaten up, no matter how angry he was, Divine Emperor did not dare to be angry. He already understood what the holy tree meant, and did not dare to say more.

After walking far away, the Divine Queen finally dared to get angry, and angrily said: "The Holy Tree actually beat me up for the sake of a little girl like Shi Yao Yin, I'm so angry! It's just a insignificant trash, how can he obtain the protection of the holy tree? "

Even her son couldn't get the protection of the holy tree, but that Shi Yao Yin could.

"Alright, this matter shall end here. No one is allowed to bring it up again in the future. Also, don't look for trouble with Shi Yao Yin or else you will have to bear the consequences. She won't be arrogant for too long anyway. You talked to the holy tree like that just now. You must be tired of living. " The Divine Emperor did not pacify her, but instead scolded her.

"I …"

"The day after tomorrow is Shen-Tian Gate of the Shen-Tian Gate. Pass down the order, Shi Yao Yin can go take a look."

"She's just a piece of trash. It's just a waste of time."

"You better eliminate your enmity towards Shi Yao Yin. Otherwise, if you get killed by the holy tree one day, I won't be able to save you." The Divine Emperor warned the Divine Queen and then left, no longer travelling together with him.

Divine Queen stood in place without moving. Thinking back to what he had experienced today, how could the anger in his heart be quelled so easily?

She hated Shi Yao Yin so much that she wouldn't stop until she taught this damned girl a lesson.

So what if he had the protection of the holy tree? It was good to fix her in the dark.

"Shi Yao Yin, just you wait."

Shi Yao Yin could guess that Divine Emperor and Divine Queen would like nothing more than to hack her into a thousand pieces. Hence, after leaving the palace, she was immediately scared stiff and couldn't move anymore.

"I actually dare to go against Divine Emperor and Divine Queen. Isn't this courage too great, I almost got my head cut off."

"However, this cannot be blamed on me. Who told them to bully others like that?" You clearly know that I will die miserably in a year, yet you still treat me like this. You are simply a group of heartless, unscrupulous people. Serves you right for being scolded by me. "

"Does this The State of Awakening not have any normal people? All of them are scum whose hearts are twisted. "

Shi Yao Yin walked on the empty streets alone, muttering to herself as she walked. After walking for a while, he finally felt afraid.

It was dark and there was no one on the street. It was a scary sight.

I'd better hurry back, lest I run into some bad guy.

Just as Shi Yao Yin was about to hurry up and return to An Kang Wang's residence, two thugs rushed out from the dark corner and blocked her path.

"Yo, I was so lucky to have met such a beauty in the middle of the night!"

"Little beauty, come have some fun with me."

"Scram." Shi Yao Yin bellowed, she was already prepared to use her Deity of Dance Whip technique to teach these two bastards a lesson, but before she could do anything, a black shadow flashed past suddenly, and with a kacha sound, the two thugs' necks were strangled.

"You …"

Even though she was very grateful to the masked man in black for saving her, but his actions were too ruthless. He didn't even say a single word before directly cracking the person in front of him.

Would he crack her too?

Thinking about that, Shi Yao Yin immediately covered his neck with her hands, afraid that the man in black would snap his own neck.

"You … What do you want? "

"Why aren't you leaving?" Jie Kai Chen had actually followed Shi Yao Yin the entire way, and protected her return. After all, it was not safe for a girl to travel at night.

This little girl's silly appearance was also quite cute.

"Oh, thank you for acting so righteously. I can't thank you enough." Shi Yao Yin thanked him politely and then ran off, as if he was escaping for his life.

Jie Kai Chen only looked at Shi Yao Yin's disappearing figure, he did not immediately follow him. Instead, he jumped onto the roof and chased after a red figure in front of him with her fastest speed, only catching up after a while.

"Xie Ying Shou, why are you secretly following a little girl? Did someone hire you to take her life? "

A red-haired man dressed in red, with a red mask and red gloves was standing in front of Jie Kai Chen. To be exact, it was Jie Kai Chen who blocked his way.

He was the famous Xie Ying Shou who specialized in killing, but only killed the evil people, not the good people.

However, with your strength, you are still unable to defeat me. If I wasn't willing, do you think you would be able to catch up to me? Since you know that I'm Xie Ying Shou, then you should know my rules. I only kill evil people. "That young lady is not an evil person, so I will not kill her. The person that I want to kill has just been killed by you."

On the rooftop, a black man and a red man stood facing each other. Their auras were about the same and the red man was slightly stronger.

"Better." Jie Kai Chen did not doubt Xie Ying Shou's words.

"Friend, since you know who I am, why don't you reveal your identity?"

"When did I know your identity? Xie Ying Shou is just your title, as for who you are, if you dare to recklessly kill people, I will definitely drag you out. "

"Same here."

Jie Kai Chen didn't plan to fight Xie Ying Shou, nor did Xie Ying Shou seem to plan to fight Jie Kai Chen. The two of them looked at each other for a while, then flew in different directions and disappeared into the darkness.

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