Hearing Shi Yao Yin's apology, Jie Kai Chen and Jie Mo Yun stopped bickering and turned their gazes over. When they saw it, the expression on Jie Mo Yun's face changed, as if she was unhappy, but he tried her best to cover it up and walked forward.

"Brother Qiu, you finally came. I thought you wouldn't come! You weren't hurt by the collision, were you? "

When Jie Mo Yun said the last few words, she glared at Shi Yao Yin from the corner of her eyes, obviously displeased that Shi Yao Yin had bumped into his friend.

Because of this stare, Shi Yao Yin's impression of Jie Mo Yun decreased greatly, but the one who was at fault was her after all. Was he made of paper?

The person that was struck by Shi Yao Yin was a white-clothed gongzi. She was gentle, graceful, and had an extraordinary demeanor. The white jade flute in her hand was extremely compatible with his temperament, like a king among all white jade.

"Brother Mo Yun, you misunderstood this lady. I accidentally bumped into her just now. This lady, this lady is Qiu Yi Shui, for what happened just now, it is not Miss's fault, but mine, I hope that Miss can forgive me. " The man in white spoke in a very standard manner. His voice was very magnetic, and very pleasant to listen to.

Shi Yao Yin was originally very angry, but after seeing how courteous the other party was, and apologizing to her, as a person with deep cultivation, he should have responded politely at this time, "It's alright, it's just a misunderstanding, Young Noble, you don't have to worry."

He got to know another handsome guy. Could it be that this was where he came from?

Just as Shi Yao Yin was about to become infatuated, she suddenly heard someone's cold and furious voice.

"What are you blanking out for?" "I'm leaving." Jie Kai Chen was displeased, and immediately walked forward, arriving at the entrance of the Shen-Tian Gate and throwing the invitation to the guard, without saying a word.

"I'll be leaving first. Goodbye." Out of politeness, Shi Yao Yin waved his hands lightly to bid farewell to Qiu Yi Shui. After that, he trotted to catch up to Jie Kai Chen and entered the Shen-Tian Gate with him.

After Shi Yao Yin and Jie Kai Chen had walked far away, Jie Mo Yun asked with slight worry: "Brother Qiu, your health is not good, you were hit by someone just now, is it really alright?"

"Brother Mo Yun, you just made a very serious mistake." Qiu Yi Shui dared to speak straightforwardly in front of Jie Mo Yun. Even the ugly truth would not change his expression nor show any fear.

Jie Mo Yun did not mind being criticized by Qiu Yi Shui and asked humbly: "I wonder what kind of grave mistake I made just now?"

"As a man, do you think it's proper to reproach a woman for a little thing in public? Furthermore, she has already apologized to me and you are now glaring at her. If I had not stopped you from reprimanding her in front of the crowd, would you still have reprimanded her? "

"She is An Kang Wang's concubine, who dares to offend her now? Even if I am truly angry at her, I would not dare to do anything to her. "

"Brother Mo Yun, this concerns the cultivation of a person's mental state. If you are unable to correct this problem, you will embark on a road of no return sooner or later."

"Brother Qiu, what's wrong with you today? I've never seen you so angry over a stranger before. " Although Jie Mo Yun had told him a whole story, he wasn't angry at all. On the contrary, she felt that Qiu Yi Shui was strange.

Because of a single Shi Yao Yin, he was scolded by her own good friend. She was truly unhappy in his heart.

"I'm fine, I feel a little uncomfortable today. Cough cough..." Qiu Yi Shui lightly coughed a few times, and then changed the topic, "The Newcomer is about to start, let's go in. Brother Mo Yun, do you have the confidence to be the champion today? "


"Then I'll wait and see how Bro Mo Yun will shine."

Shen-Tian Gate's Newcomer was at the foot of the mountain in a large martial arts arena, the seats around them were already filled, even Divine Emperor and Divine Queen had arrived, there was a sea of people at the scene, other than big shot, other small fry people would stand outside and watch.

Shi Yao Yin and Jie Kai Chen arrived late. The two walked in side by side, attracting the attention of countless people.

"Look, this is An Kang Wang's concubine who just married into the An Kang Wang Palace. I heard that she relied on An Kang Wang's backing and became a lot bolder, and was no longer as timid and weak as before."

"What's so strange about that?" Anyone with a powerful backer would have great courage. However, if this happens, Scholar's House will very soon be in trouble. I heard that Shi Yao Yin was bullied quite a bit back in Scholar's House, and the reason she married An Kang Wang was all because of that father of hers. "

"In order to become a first-grade Grand Scholar in the current dynasty, Shi Xue Wen did not hesitate to push Shi Yao Yin into the pit of fire. If I were Shi Yao Yin, I would pull all of my enemies along with me before I die. Back then Shi Xue Wen thought that Shi Yao Yin was cowardly and cowardly, and did not dare to do anything even if she was forced to marry An Kang Wang.

"That may not be so. Don't forget, Shi Xue Wen still has another precious daughter, Shi Qian Meng."

"That's right, if Shi Qian Meng manages to enter the top three in the Newcomer s this time, no matter what, Shen-Tian Gate and the Divine Emperor will do their best to protect her. With Shi Qian Meng supporting you, what can Shi Yao Yin do to Scholar's House? "

"Haha …" This Scholar's House's drama format is also quite interesting! "

Although these people were whispering to each other, the people around them could still hear them as long as they listened carefully.

Shi Xue Wen's expression was already extremely unsightly, especially when Shi Yao Yin sat in a position even more noble than his, he was extremely unhappy in his heart.

This damnable brat, she had been opposing him ever since she got married, causing the Divine Emperor to treat her coldly. It also caused the surrounding people to avoid her.

Hmph, he wanted to see how long this damned girl could keep her cool for. Once Meng Er obtains the top three places in Shen-Tian Gate, it would be his turn to give this damned girl a hard time.

Shi Yao Yin followed Jie Kai Chen and sat in their place. Their positions were not far from, or even close to, the Divine Emperor s.

Because they were sitting very close to each other, the moment Shi Yao Yin sat down, he immediately felt the anger and hatred coming from Divine Queen's body. However, she did not pay it any heed and turned a blind eye, purposely not looking at Divine Queen, or any other place.

At this time, Jie Mo Yun brought Qiu Yi Shui into the arena and even personally sat him down.

In an instant, the attention of everyone present shifted from Shi Yao Yin to Qiu Yi Shui, as they were extremely curious about this outstanding looking, handsome and refined looking man.

Who the hell is this guy?

Shi Yao Yin was also very curious about Qiu Yi Shui's identity. Hearing the discussion of someone at the side, she pricked up her ears and listened carefully, after listening for a long while, she finally found out who Qiu Yi Shui was.

Qiu Yi Shui was not some noble descendant nor was he a descendant, but a scholar who had read many poems and books. He was proficient in Ethereal Evasion and was an expert in Star Observation and divination.

However, Qiu Yi Shui's body was not well, and it was said that because he leaked too much of the Heavenly Mystery, he was punished by the heavens, so his body was weak.

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