After an hour, there were only a hundred or so people left on the arena who could last until the end of the free-for-all. In other words, there were nine hundred people that were eliminated.

Amongst the nine hundred of them, at least half of them were beaten up by Shi Qian Meng, thus Shi Qian Meng gained very high praise, but became the target of many people's resentment. Especially the people who were beaten up by her, they all wished to beat him up.

The First Prince Jie Mo Yun and Si Tu Ding Tian from the general's manor were both stronger than Shi Qian Meng, but they were not so heartless. Only this woman was ruthless enough to become the focus of attention.

"Shi Qian Meng, let's wait and see." A disciple who had been beaten down by Shi Qian Meng was extremely unwilling to accept this, and had even said such vicious words before she left.

Shi Qian Meng did not think much of the man, as long as he was someone who was beaten down by her, she would not care, only the strong could enter her eyes, and the weak did not deserve it.

After the battle royale ended, the last elder came out to preside over the competition, and said loudly: "Next up is the second match of Newcomer, to select your opponent by drawing lots. One on one, you all only need to defeat your opponents and enter the next round. Now, everyone is here to draw lots, and the person who draws the same number is his opponent. "

The remaining one hundred or so people all went forward to draw their lots one by one. When they drew, they prayed in their hearts, that they would never draw Shi Qian Meng, Jie Mo Yun and Si Tu Ding Tian, otherwise they would be done for.

Shi Qian Meng also didn't want to fight Jie Mo Yun and Si Tu Ding Tian that quickly, so she was especially nervous when drawing the lots, and only when she was sure that her opponent wasn't Jie Mo Yun, and wasn't Si Tu Ding Tian, did she heave a sigh of relief.

"Right now, everyone who obtains their lot must look for their opponent. The match will begin in fifteen minutes." After the last elder said this, he left the martial arena and let the one hundred people on the field prepare for battle.

Over a hundred people, two groups were divided into fifty groups. The competition progressed very quickly and it ended very quickly. In the end, there were only fifty people left.

Among these 50 some people, they still fought by drawing lots, all the way until there were only 10 left.

The remaining ten people were the most outstanding new disciples in Shen-Tian Gate. Regardless of whether they managed to enter the top three, they could still receive great care from the Shen-Tian Gate. If they could enter the top three, they would receive even better treatment.

Amongst the ten people, Shi Qian Meng, Jie Mo Yun and Si Tu Ding Tian were the people who had the highest chance of entering the top three, but there was one person who was not bad, his name was You Fu, and his name was very special.

You Fu was about the same age as Jie Mo Yun, and was slightly weaker. However, he was about the same age as Shi Qian Meng and Si Tu Ding Tian, so it would be an accident that he was ranked in the top three.

If You Fu defeated Shi Qian Meng, then he would be in third place, and if Si Tu Ding Tian was defeated, then she would be in second place, but the possibility of the latter was very small.

Shi Qian Meng originally thought that her opponent would only be Si Tu Ding Tian, because she had never thought of fighting Jie Mo Yun for the first place. Even if she was in the second place, she did not think much of it.

But this person called You Fu made her feel fear, because she might not even be able to protect third place.

Why hadn't she noticed this person called You Fu before? Damn it.

After that, another round of competition, with six contestants remaining, with four contestants remaining: Shi Qian Meng, Jie Mo Yun, Si Tu Ding Tian and You Fu. This time, the top three contestants in Shen-Tian Gate would be selected from the four contestants, and one of them would be eliminated.

"Next up is the most important battle. However, everyone is tired. We will rest for an hour before we start the match."

Even if the people on the martial ground were not tired, the people who were watching would be tired, not to mention the fact that there were so many noble people here, so they would not be tired.

During the break, Shi Qian Meng went to her own seat and sat down. Unintentionally, she saw that Shi Yao Yin was enjoying her delicacy with relish, looking like she was very happy, and seemed to get along well with Jie Kai Chen.

How could it be like this? It shouldn't be like this, right? The Jie Kai Chen that she knew was extremely cold, and would frequently keep people at a distance. He treated even the Divine Queen with the same cold attitude.

But Jie Kai Chen didn't seem to be that cold towards Shi Yao Yin, at least he didn't have a disgusted expression on his face.

Shi Qian Meng was in a bad mood, so when she saw Shi Yao Yin, he was angry, but suddenly she thought of a scheme by a person, and stood up to walk over.

"This is my sister's first time coming to an occasion like this. Are you used to it?"

"Thank you for your concern, sister. I have completely adapted to this kind of situation." Shi Yao Yin replied with her spear in hand. When she spoke, he did not even look at Shi Qian Meng, and just lowered her head to eat.

Shen-Tian Gate's food was not bad, it was rare to have something to eat here, how could he not eat a little?

At this time, everyone noticed the two thousand gold in Scholar's House, and they all turned to watch the commotion.

This was exactly what Shi Qian Meng wanted, and she continued: "Little sister has always been able to sing and dance since she was young, since she has already adapted to this kind of occasion, how about we perform a little for everyone? If you can't cultivate, then you will lose all value in living. If you want to live well, then you should work for someone of value, right? "

"Elder sister's words are wrong, who lives has no value? Everyone who was born in this world had their own value, and as for how much they were worth, that depended on the person. For some people, you might have some value, but for others, you might not be worth a single cent. A value is not something that can be obtained just because you say so. If you say so, then so be it. "

Just as Shi Yao Yin finished speaking, she immediately received the praises of the people around him.

"Well said. Everyone who was born in this world has their own value. For a young lady to be able to say such profound words at such a young age, it is truly rare! "

"How can a person's value be only measured by cultivation? If you think that a person's value can only be measured by cultivation, then that person is too shallow. "

"Everyone has their own value. Even those who can't cultivate are making their own contributions to this world."

Hearing that everyone was praising Shi Yao Yin, the anger in Shi Qian Meng's heart flared up even more, and she felt as if she had lost all face.

Ever since she was accepted as a direct disciple by the Shen-Tian Gate's Sect Leader, the surrounding people had all praised her, not Shi Yao Yin. Was it just because Shi Yao Yin said a few useless words?

No, she definitely could not let Shi Yao Yin snatch away her own halo, and even more so, could not lose face.

"Little sister, since you said it like that, why don't you show off your value and treat it as a show to liven things up for everyone." If little sister doesn't dare, then forget about it, just pretend that big sister didn't say anything. "

"Why would I not dare?" Isn't it just a program? For my sister, it's a piece of cake. I would like to trouble elder sister to prepare an instrument for her sister to play a song for everyone. "

The reason why Shi Yao Yin agreed was because she knew that if she refused, Shi Qian Meng would definitely cause a ruckus and mock her with this matter.

Wasn't it just singing and dancing? That's my specialty, a small matter that's easy to capture.

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