Shi Yao Yin agreed to Shi Qian Meng's request, to let everyone enjoy their performance.

Jie Kai Chen knew that Shi Qian Meng had deliberately asked for trouble, but since Shi Yao Yin had agreed, he did not say much.

It was just a performance. Even if the performance was embarrassing, it didn't matter. There was no danger to his life. If someone dared to harm her in secret, he definitely wouldn't let them go.

No matter what, this girl had once saved his life. She had saved his life and was also his wife in name. In terms of emotions, he couldn't let anyone harm her.

When Shi Qian Meng came to find trouble with Shi Yao Yin, the hearts of another person burned with fury.

Qiu Yi Shui wanted to kill Shi Qian Meng because he knew that Shi Yao Yin had no value in scolding him. Although he did not say it out loud, but the meaning in his words could be imagined.

Since this Shi Qian Meng was not a good person, killing him would not be a bad rule.

Shi Qian Meng did not expect Shi Yao Yin to agree to the performance so quickly. She felt that it was not good, but things had already gotten to this point, and she could only bite the bullet and go down the stage.

She thought that Shi Yao Yin would reject her, and then use this matter to mock Shi Yao Yin. Who knew that the result would be like this?

"Meng'er, what the hell are you doing? Did you forget what happened in the hall last time? So many people were present, and even the Divine Emperor was present, yet you still dare to openly find trouble with Shi Yao Yin, and play around. " Shi Xue Wen reprimanded Shi Qian Meng severely in private.

"Dad, I just wanted her to perform on stage, but I didn't do anything to her. Nothing will happen to her. I had my people do something to the strings of the zither, just you wait and see her make a fool of herself. " Shi Qian Meng was secretly delighted, and waited to see a good show.

Shi Xue Wen did not say anything else, but he was very uneasy in his heart. He felt that targeting Shi Yao Yin in public was not a wise decision.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

Following Shi Qian Meng's request, a normal disciple of the Shen-Tian Gate found a zither and placed it on the martial ground.

Shi Yao Yin drank some tea to moisten her throat, then stood up and walked towards the martial grounds. She was able to maintain her calm as she walked in front of tens of thousands of great figures of the The State of Awakening.

This alone was enough to win her over.

A small matter like playing the zither and singing was too easy for her. It wasn't like it was a competition, but it was just her solo playing. It didn't matter whether she played well or not, so why should she be nervous?

Shi Yao Yin came to the martial grounds and sat in front of her zither. She first checked the zither strings but was unable to find anything wrong with it.

Everyone on the stage was staring at Shi Yao Yin, and when her beautiful hands started to play the zither, the beautiful sound of the zither came out.

"My sword, where should I go from? Love and hate cannot last forever."

It was just the first sentence, but it was already extremely shocking. The heavenly music sounded wonderful, but the lyrics were very novel. It had the aura of a martial artist.

"My sabre cuts through the air. I don't know what it means, but I don't know what it means."

Hearing this, the crowd began to get excited. The song seemed to bring one into a state of mind, causing one's blood to boil and their body to be filled with a mysterious energy.

"I am drunk and hazy, and my feelings of love and resentment are illusory and empty. I am awake, dreaming of life and death. "

At this point, someone suddenly flew up into the air and came to the martial arena to practice his martial arts.

Seeing someone suddenly fly up to the martial arena, everyone was astonished and began to discuss amongst themselves.

"Isn't that Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao Jiu?"

"Oh my god!" Senior brother Xiao has comprehended the Outer Space Flying Sword, and has already reached the realm of one with the sword. "

"Look, Senior Brother Mu Bai also flew out."

"Senior Brother Mu Bai has comprehended the Nine Fingers of Pure Yang."

"Whether it's the flying sword or the Pure-Yang Nine Fingers, both are very difficult to comprehend!"

"Look, look! Another person has comprehended a move!"

As Shi Yao Yin's singing continued to spread, more and more people flew to the martial grounds. These people either had new comprehensions or had new breakthroughs, following the rhythm of the singing.

"We are in a hurry, we are in a hurry, I wish we could meet again. Love also rushed, hate also rushed, everything with the wind. He let out a wild laugh and a long sigh. To be happy for the rest of my life and let out a sorrowful cry, "said Meng Hao," Who will be sharing life and death with me? "

Shi Yao Yin's song had a mystical power that could help people understand martial arts, raise their cultivation, and raise them to the next realm.

This kind of unbelievable event caused the audience to be extremely shocked. Many of them hurriedly followed the song and entered a state of enlightenment, not wanting to miss out on such a rare opportunity.

When everyone was trying to comprehend something, Shi Qian Meng was still unable to calm down and comprehend it. This was because her heart was already burning red from anger, and was about to explode from anger.

Why did this happen?

She wanted Shi Yao Yin to make a fool of herself, but in the end, Shi Yao Yin had created a major event that shook the world. If this matter were to spread, then would her title of being a favored son of heaven still exist?

Shi Qian Meng did not dare think further, she already could not resist and wanted to kill Shi Yao Yin, but just as she was about to do so, she heard a warning.

"You'd better not act rashly. So many people are gaining enlightenment and advancing. If I ruin them because of your relationship, I won't let you off so easily."

The person who spoke the warning was Zuo Xian Chi, Sect Leader of the Shen-Tian Gate. At this moment, in his eyes and heart, Shi Qian Meng was already insignificant.

He never thought that Shi Yao Yin, whom he had abandoned back then, would actually have such abilities! Playing one song and it could help one to gain enlightenment and promote his level, this kind of talent, even ten, hundred, or even thousand Shi Qian Meng could not compare to.

"Sect Leader..." Shi Qian Meng was completely anxious and confused, he was regretting letting Shi Yao Yin perform.

She had known Shi Yao Yin for such a long time, but she had never seen Shi Yao Yin display this kind of ability before.

What went wrong?

At this time, no one paid attention to Shi Qian Meng. Everyone was admiring him playing the zither, drunk on the rhythm of the singing. Even Jie Kai Chen was no exception, their hearts were filled with shock.

This girl was really not simple!

"I'm crying, my tears streaming down my face. I laugh, I am mad, heaven and earth are in turmoil. "

Shi Yao Yin did not know why so many people suddenly jumped out to train, but she could tell that all of them were very excited, so she continued to sing. Suddenly, the guqin in her hand snapped, and with a peng sound, it hurt her index finger when it broke, and a drop of blood dripped onto the broken string.

How could a good string break? It must be Shi Qian Meng's doing.

The zither music suddenly stopped, and those who were still trying to comprehend the situation, lost their support from the outside world, and failed in their comprehension. When they woke up from their state, they first looked at Shi Yao Yin, and quickly realised that Shi Yao Yin's finger was injured by the broken string.

"Does Shen-Tian Gate not even have a decent zither?"

"F * ck, laozi almost figured it out just by a little bit, just a little bit more."

"No, this string seems to have been deliberately broken by someone."

It was unknown who said that, but it immediately caused a commotion.

If Shi Yao Yin hadn't done such a big thing, no one would have noticed her zither strings or cared about her fingers. But now, no matter if it was a broken string or injured finger, it was still a big matter for many people, and they had to get to the bottom of it.

Shi Qian Meng was even more anxious, panicked and scared, and did not know what to do.

She didn't know this was going to happen. She really didn't know.

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