After Shi Qian Meng and You Fu finished their first match, it was Jie Mo Yun and Si Tu Ding Tian's turn to compete.

Jie Mo Yun's weapon was a treasure sword that could slice through metal like mud, but Si Tu Ding Tian's weapon was not bad either. It was the Situ Family's long army spear that was passed down from generation to generation, and was even a low grade one spirit weapon.

Weapons were divided into three grades: Mortal, Earth, and Heaven, and each grade was also divided into three grades: upper, middle, and lower.

In the The State of Awakening, there were very few weapons that could be ranked as high-grade, let alone earth-grade or Heaven-grade, even low-grade Mortal grade weapons were pitifully rare. Earth grade weapons were very few in number, and Heaven-grade weapons only existed in legends.

Si Tu Ding Tian's long army spear was a rare low grade human-step weapon in the The State of Awakening. Whether it was the spearhead or the spear shaft, they would release a strong power in the course of battle to suppress the enemy's weapon.

Although Jie Mo Yun's sword was a treasured sword that cut through iron like mud, it was not of a high rank. Compared to this, his weapon was a little inferior, so in this battle with Si Tu Ding Tian, he could only rely on her strength to win.

But he never expected that Si Tu Ding Tian would actually change weapons on the spot.

"Using a long spear to fight you is unfair, so I want to change to an ordinary spear to fight you fair."

"You'll lose faster this way." Jie Mo Yun did not praise Si Tu Ding Tian for changing his weapon to seek a fair fight, but rather mocked him for his foolishness.

If you don't use advantage, what else can you be if not a fool?

"Winning or losing isn't important. What is important is the process. Moreover, I don't think that I will lose."

"Since that's the case, I'll let you enjoy this process and then let you face the reality."


With his sword in hand, Jie Mo Yun attacked Si Tu Ding Tian with his sword first.

While dodging the incoming sword energy, Si Tu Ding Tian rushed at Jie Mo Yun, slashing the spear in his hands forward, cutting through Jie Mo Yun's front defenses with an unstoppable force. Then, he took the opportunity before Jie Mo Yun could counterattack to execute the Soaring Dragon Spear Technique.

"Soaring Dragon."

The Situ Clan's Dragon Soaring Spear Art mainly relied on tyrannical strength, especially the last move of the Dragon Soaring Spear Art. Dragon Soaring Through the Heavens, once the mysteries of this move were comprehended, the power of the Dragon Soaring Spear Art would increase tenfold.

"How could that be?" At this moment, Jie Mo Yun finally understood the true power of the Flying Dragon Spear Art. She did not dare to underestimate her opponent anymore and immediately used her sword as a shield to block Si Tu Ding Tian's attack.

However, Si Tu Ding Tian had already comprehended the highest level of the Soaring Dragon Spear Technique's profound meaning, and was able to unleash the strongest attack of the Soaring Dragon Spear Technique. Even if Jie Mo Yun used all his strength, he was still unable to block it.

Once again, his defenses had been broken. In a short period of time, it would be very hard for him to make any more defenses, so right now, his only choice was to dodge.

Jie Mo Yun kept on dodging Si Tu Ding Tian's attacks, and there were several times where she almost couldn't dodge.

How did Si Tu Ding Tian's strength suddenly increase by so much? Could it be the sudden insight from before?

That must be the reason.

It was all Shi Yao Yin's fault, playing the zither to sing something was all part of it, giving Si Tu Ding Tian the chance to experience enlightenment. If she did not have such an epiphany, how could Si Tu Ding Tian be his match?

The people on the field were fighting intensely, while the people on the ground were also dumbstruck. Many of them rubbed their eyes to see if they were seeing things.

The current First Prince had always been the strongest among the new disciples, so how could he be beaten down to the point where he could not retaliate at all?

They must have been mistaken.

"Yun'er …" When Divine Queen saw that his son was beaten up so badly, his heart tensed up. At the moment, he wanted to eat Si Tu Ding Tian alive.

Divine Emperor was also worrying for his son. If Jie Mo Yun lost to Si Tu Ding Tian, then where would he be able to put his face?

But this was the Shen-Tian Gate, and there were so many people watching. If he, the Divine Emperor, was here to protect the weak, it would be even more embarrassing.

Si Tu Ding Tian did not care what the people around him thought, nor did he care about the outcome of this battle. He only wanted to see how strong the highest mysteries of the Soaring Dragon Spear Technique were, so he used it to his heart's content.

"Soaring Dragon Ten Thousand Li."

With a Soaring Dragon Technique that soared thousands of miles, the pike in his hand seemed to have shot out several small white dragons, which instantly entangled Jie Mo Yun within them.

"Damn it, scram." Jie Mo Yun used the sword in her hand to slash at the flying dragons, but these flying dragons were invisible, and even if they were cut in half by the sword, they would still be able to recover.

Just as Jie Mo Yun was busy chopping down the small flying dragon, Si Tu Ding Tian's spear suddenly flew towards him. The spear head had an extremely tyrannical power, so even though the spear head did not touch it, he was still knocked dozens of feet away and fell onto the stage.

After taking Jie Mo Yun down from the fighting arena, Si Tu Ding Tian withdrew her force and held onto her spear. She was like a war god surrounded by the light of victory.

In this battle, Si Tu Ding Tian had won.

In front of the Newcomer, everyone thought that Jie Mo Yun would win, but the result was different.

Seeing this, Shi Qian Meng's entire body did not look good, as though she had received a huge blow, and could not believe what she saw.

Why was it like this? She lost to You Fu, Jie Mo Yun lost to Si Tu Ding Tian, how was this possible? The result should be the opposite.

"Si Tu Ding Tian wins this battle." The last elder stood forward to announce the result. Although he was also very surprised with this result, but surprise did not mean that he could deny it.

When the last elder announced the result, everyone slowly came back to their senses and accepted it.

Divine Emperor and Divine Queen's expressions were ugly. They were in a terrible mood, but what could they do? Did they have to use power to change the result?

This was absolutely impossible, and it was also not allowed.

Jie Mo Yun suffered a huge blow. When the last Patriarch announced the results, he stood up and left without saying a word.

What could he say now? Si Tu Ding Tian had given up his low-grade human-class weapon to fight him fair and square. Earlier, he had mocked him, but now that he thought about it, it was just how ridiculous he was.

People would always remember the victor, and the loser would very quickly be forgotten. Therefore, after Jie Mo Yun left the stage, everyone turned their attention to Si Tu Ding Tian and You Fu, because the two of them would be fighting for the first place.

Just as the last elder was about to announce the next match, You Fu stood out and said, "I am not his match, so I concede. Si Tu Ding Tian, do you dare to accept my challenge in two months? "

"I'm looking forward to it." Si Tu Ding Tian accepted the challenge from You Fu two months later.

"Since You Fu has taken the initiative to admit defeat, then I declare that this time, the first ranker of Newcomer is Si Tu Ding Tian. As for the second place, he would get the answer from Jie Mo Yun's fight with You Fu. Next will be the last match, Jie Mo Yun against You Fu. "

After the last round of the competition was announced by the last elder, You Fu had already entered the stage, but Jie Mo Yun did not come back. She waited for half a day before slowly stepping onto the stage.

"First Prince, are you ready?" You Fu did not take advantage of the situation to get prepared.

Jie Mo Yun slightly adjusted her mood and raised her spirits, deciding to have a good fight again.

"Alright, let's fight."

He couldn't win the first place, but he couldn't lose the second place either. Thus, he had to go all out in this battle.

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