Hearing the scream, Shi Yao Yin was also startled. Just as she was hesitating whether she should go over to take a look, suddenly a black shadow flashed and appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye. Before she could clearly see what the black shadow looked like, the other party had already made a move on her.

"Ahh …"

At this time, Shi Yao Yin had already seen the actual appearance of the black figure, and was no longer afraid.

Wasn't this the black shadow who had helped her beat up the hooligans that night?

Why was he here?

Jie Kai Chen was currently dressed in a black armor and had an iron mask on his face. He originally wanted to kill the person in front of him, but after hearing her words, he stopped and asked coldly: "Do you know me?"

There were very few people who had seen him in such attire, and even fewer women. However, this woman had obviously seen him before. Just who was she?

If you want to know who she is, it's easy enough to take off her veil.

Jie Kai Chen took action again, wanting to take off the veil on Shi Yao Yin's face, but just as he was about to move, roars of beasts came from nearby, followed by the appearance of a huge wild wolf in their line of sight, followed by a group of small wild wolves.

"wolf king."

Seeing wolf king appear, Jie Kai Chen frowned, he was confused.

This was only the entrance to the Seven Extinction Ridges, so logically speaking, there shouldn't be such a ferocious beast here. Even the wolf king came out.

There was something odd about this.

"So many wolves." Shi Yao Yin crawled up from the ground and came over to Jie Kai Chen's side. But when she just got near, she was warned by Jie Kai Chen's ruthless gaze, scaring her so hard that she could only take a step back and keep three steps away from him.

What was going on with this person? Last time he acted to save her, but this time he treated her so coldly. It was obvious that he did not care about her life.

Was it because she was wearing a veil?

If it was because of this, then the reason why he acted last time to save her was not because he acted in a righteous manner, but because of her identity.

How complicated, I really can't figure it out.

"Take care of yourself." Jie Kai Chen did not know that the person behind the veil was Shi Yao Yin, so he did not plan to care about her life and death, and with that one sentence, he rushed towards wolf king, planning to finish him off first.

Jie Kai Chen made his move, and the surrounding wolves immediately attacked him, charging forward like a swarm of bees.

"You …" Before Shi Yao Yin could understand what was going on, the surrounding wolves had already pounced towards her. In a moment of desperation, she could only throw out her Deity of Dance Whip and repel the wolves that were attacking her.

Pah pah pah … Upon hearing these sounds, Jie Kai Chen, who was fighting against a wolf king, looked over in Shi Yao Yin's direction. With a glance, he could tell that the whip in her hand was a low grade human-step weapon, and was extremely shocked.

In the entire The State of Awakening, there weren't many low ranked Mortal grade weapons. All he knew was Si Tu Ding Tian's long army spear.

This little girl actually had a low ranked Mortal Realm weapon. It could be seen that her history was not small, no wonder she dared to come to Seven Extinction Ridges alone. Unfortunately, his cultivation was too low, and was only at the realm of an Elementary Spirit. Even if he had an extraordinary weapon, he would still die.

Jie Kai Chen did not look at Shi Yao Yin anymore, and turned his entire attention to his own battle. Although he had the cultivation of Psionic Imperial Realm, this wolf king was not weak, and with the help of a large group of wolf sons, if he were to let his guard down, he would definitely suffer a great loss.

He wanted to fight the wolf king seriously, but he kept hearing irritating voices in his ears, causing him to roar out in anger, "Shut up!"

"There are too many wolves. What should we do if we can't finish them all?"

"This time, I'm afraid I'll become a wolf pack's food. I'm going to be eating. Wuuuuuuuu."

"Get lost, get lost, all of you!" Help! "

Shi Yao Yin waved her whip against the wolf pack while shouting non-stop until Jie Kai Chen roared at her. Only then did she slightly shut her mouth, but she would still say something out from time to time.

"There are really too many wolves. After this wave, there will be a new wave. What should we do?"

Jie Kai Chen did not pay attention to Shi Yao Yin, because he wanted to seriously battle the wolf king. wolf king's body was incomparably huge, and was several times taller than him. The hair on his body was as tough as steel, and normal blades could not even scratch it. His claws were also extremely sharp, so if he was scratched by it, it would definitely take half his life.

"Awoooo …" wolf king shouted as if he was issuing an order.

Very quickly, the surrounding wolves all shifted their attention to Jie Kai Chen and attacked him with all they had left, no longer paying any attention to him.

Shi Yao Yin was initially flustered as she brandished her whip to fight with the wolves, but the wolves suddenly stopped attacking her and started to attack Jie Kai Chen instead. This confused her, and after looking carefully, she understood what was going on, and shouted loudly: "Be careful!"

Jie Kai Chen was attacked by hundreds and thousands of Little Wild Wolves. Although he could kill dozens of Little Wild Wolves in one move, the number of wild wolves was simply too large, and before he could finish killing this wave, another came. He could only barely protect himself, unable to kill the wolf king, and was also unable to fight against the wolf king.

"Damn it..."

wolf king watched on from the side as Jie Kai Chen was attacked by his wolves. After which, he found a good opportunity and suddenly rushed out, intending to deal a fatal blow to Jie Kai Chen.

Seeing the wolf king rushing towards him, Jie Kai Chen immediately prepared his defense, but the wolf king's attack power was too strong, even if he could block it, he would be severely injured. If he was injured, he would be bitten by the wolves. He would most likely die.

However, the situation was dangerous and he did not have time to think about it too much. He could only first block the wolf king's attack.

Just when Jie Kai Chen thought that he would be severely injured by wolf king, the result surprised him, because there was an additional layer of defense on his body, and it was not an ordinary defense. This type of defense had a miraculous power, which not only weakened the wolf king's attack power, but also increased his fighting strength.

It was because of this additional defense that he was not injured when he blocked wolf king's attack.

What was going on?

Jie Kai Chen was extremely puzzled, but he quickly solved his doubts, and at the same time, he was even more surprised.

"You …"

She had actually saved him.

"What are you standing there for? My Blessing cannot last for long, it should only last for around half an hour.

Shi Yao Yin used the Blessing to save Jie Kai Chen and poured a large portion of her essence, energy and divine energy into the Blessing to help Jie Kai Chen in battle.

Blessing could not only be used on him, but also on someone else, as long as she was willing.

Although Jie Kai Chen did not know why the person in front of him would know such a mysterious technique like the Blessing, he did not have the time to figure it out right now, and so he once again immersed himself in battle. With the support of the Blessing, his defense and fighting capabilities greatly increased, and so he rushed towards wolf king, using the sword in his hand, and stabbed at wolf king's neck.

"Aooo …"

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