Jie Kai Chen did not explain, but continued to attack Shi Yao Yin, every single move was extremely ruthless, as if they were all going to die.

"Jie Kai Chen, did you take the wrong medicine?" Shi Yao Yin did not dare to retaliate, she only dodged Jie Kai Chen's attack. She rolled on the ground a few times, dodged a few times, but in the end, she still could not dodge. After taking a punch to the abdomen, she was sent flying several meters away. It hurts! Jie Kai Chen, are you sick? actually hit me? "

This detestable and ungrateful man really had the heart to hit her. Moreover, he beat her so fiercely that she couldn't even stand up due to the pain. He was simply a big bastard.

[He has saved you several times. Even if you don't feel grateful, it shouldn't be necessary for you to beat him up, right?]

"Take out your weapon and fight This King well." Jie Kai Chen became even more ruthless. No matter how much pain Shi Yao Yin felt from being beaten up, or whether she could even stand up now, he would continue to fight.

When Shi Yao Yin saw that Jie Kai Chen had attacked her again, in a moment of desperation, he summoned her Deity of Dance Whip to resist and fight with him. However, she was not Jie Kai Chen's match, even if there was a Deity of Dance Whip, she was still beaten up miserably. After three to five rounds, she was already covered with wounds, lying on the ground crying.

"Ever since I was young, I have never been beaten up so badly before. Jie Kai Chen, you big bastard, you big rotten person, you even hit girls, you are not a man. "

"What are you crying for? "Get up and fight again."

"I won't get up. If you have the ability, then beat me to death."

"You …" Jie Kai Chen had on a speechless expression, and had to explain it a little, "Your realm was raised too quickly, and crossed over a large realm all of a sudden, and your basic skills were not solid either. If you did not have enough practice to steadily pull your realm up, this might not be a good thing for you, but it's like a hollow bamboo.

After hearing Jie Kai Chen's explanation, Shi Yao Yin immediately calmed down, pouting and complaining, "Why don't you explain yourself earlier!"

"Then it has been made clear, is it not time for you to stand up? You did use the mandarin fruit to raise your realm up, and while the mandarin fruit's energy hasn't completely dissipated, after a few battles, you might still be able to gain a bit. "

"Alright, let's begin." Shi Yao Yin regained her fighting spirit. While holding back the pain on her body, she stood up and started to fight with Jie Kai Chen, although she was quickly defeated again, she did not complain like before. After being beaten down, she stood up and continued to fight, continuing to circulate between being knocked down and standing up and being beaten until she could no longer stand up again.

Although she had been beaten to a pulp, she felt refreshed at this moment. It was as if an empty bottle of water had been filled to the brim and was no longer empty. The meridians in her body had been cleared.

Seeing that Shi Yao Yin was beaten up so badly that she could not get up, Jie Kai Chen did not attack again. After all, she was just a girl and had just cultivated for a short period of time.

After training with Shi Yao Yin no longer, Jie Kai Chen started to research the mandarin fruit s that she had acquired. However, she was not researching the seven complete mandarin fruit s, but rather the mandarin fruit that had been split into two by Shi Yao Yin.

When the two halves of the mandarin fruit merged together, the fruit suddenly turned into a red light and flew out, blooming in the air like fireworks.

Success... What do you mean? Before Jie Kai Chen could figure it out, the four words had turned back into red dots of light and scattered all over the place, disappearing without leaving a trace.

At the same time, a strong repulsive force suddenly appeared and repelled the two of them.

"Ahh …" When Shi Yao Yin was bounced out, she fell down again, and her face twisted in pain.

Her whole body was already in excruciating pain. Now that she had fallen, the pain was even more intense. Why was she so weak?

When Jie Kai Chen was bounced out, he was not that miserable, he only retreated a few steps and then steadied himself. Seeing that Shi Yao Yin had fallen face-first, he could not help but laugh, and then walked over to help him up, and asked: "Are you alright?"

Shi Yao Yin had an extremely aggrieved look on her face as she said in grief, "Not good."

"If he can still be angry, it means that nothing is wrong."

"Jie Kai Chen, there is something that I still do not understand."

"What is it?"

"Why am I always the one who gets hurt?"

"Pfft …" Jie Kai Chen was a person that did not laugh, but in front of the lively, lively, interesting and cute Shi Yao Yin, he could not help but laugh, because this little girl was really too interesting.

"I'm already in such a miserable state, yet you can still laugh. Do you even have a little sympathy?" Shi Yao Yin purposely cursed angrily, but she wasn't angry at all. She was actually in the mood to enjoy Jie Kai Chen's enchanting smile, and was secretly infatuated.

When this fellow smiled, it was as if he was able to charm all living beings. His smile was like a deadly poison, the moment it was poisoned, there was no cure for it.

Jie Kai Chen did not laugh too much. He only chuckled for a moment, and then, he returned to his original appearance, expressionless, indifferent and warm. "We have obtained the mandarin fruit, let's quickly leave this place. Seven Extinction Ridges is in a lot of danger, it's better to leave as soon as possible. Other than us, there are other people who know that there are Celestial Tree in the Seven Extinction Ridges. They might encounter enemies on their way back, so they had to wear your veil back to prevent others from recognizing you. "

After he finished speaking, Jie Kai Chen also put on his mask.

"Oh." Shi Yao Yin knew that their identities were special, and that once the matter of the mandarin fruit was spread out, even if they had the protection of the holy tree, it would cause them quite a bit of trouble, so they definitely could not let others find out their identities.

The two of them had just put on their masks and veils when they heard a familiar sound, as if someone was walking towards them.

"Hide." Jie Kai Chen pulled Shi Yao Yin aside and hid in the bushes. He even signaled her to keep quiet.

Shi Yao Yin nodded her head, she did not say a word, and even her breathing was extremely slow. Peering out through the gaps in the grass, she saw a few black clothed men walking towards him, they were searching all over the cliff, and someone quickly said: "Found it."

With these words, the dozen or so men in black all went over to the edge of the cliff to have a look.

"It is indeed a Celestial Tree. It's a pity that it has already been stolen."

"Who took the mandarin fruit? Ning Wang? "

"No matter who took it, Master only wanted us to bring back a piece of the Celestial Tree's branch. Get the ropes ready and go down to pick them. "


The men in black were all ready to throw the ropes down the cliff. But just when they wanted to climb down the rope, the ground suddenly shook, the entire Seven Extinction Ridges shook, the ground started to crack continuously, and the cliff began to slide down.

"What happened?"

"Ah... "Help …"

Those black-clothed men were all standing at the edge of the cliff. Due to the fall of the cliff, most of the black-clothed men had fallen down the cliff. Only one or two of them were lucky enough to escape.

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