After the two black clothed men who survived by luck fled in a panic, the intense shaking of the Seven Extinction Ridges stopped.

Shi Yao Yin and Jie Kai Chen were hiding within the trees, both of them tightly hugging a large tree. No one knew why, but the place they were at wasn't affected by the shaking.

"They're gone." Shi Yao Yin said in a low voice.

"This Seven Extinction Ridges seems to be protecting us intentionally or not." Jie Kai Chen recalled the strange things that happened after he entered the Seven Extinction Ridges. He didn't think much of it before, but now that he thought about it more carefully, there were many strange things.

"Now that you mention it, I feel the same. Previously, when Ning Wang wanted to pick mandarin fruit, everything was stirred up. As for you, you just have to pick them, and then there were these black-clothed people. It seems like when other people touch the mandarin fruit, the world will shake, and when we do, everything will be fine.

"It doesn't matter if it's a coincidence or not, let's leave this place first."


Because of the ground cracking and the falling of the rocks, the Seven Extinction Ridges's environment had completely changed. It looked like a dead end wherever he went. But Shi Yao Yin and Jie Kai Chen were able to easily exit the Seven Extinction Ridges, and silently return to the Imperial City, returning to An Kang Wang's residence.

However, some people were not so lucky.

A woman wearing a red dress and a red veil was standing in the middle of the chaotic mountain, her eyes filled with anger.

At this time, the two men in black who had fled from the cliff in a panic kneeled in front of the woman and said with a trembling voice, "Reporting to Madam Yue, that Celestial Tree had already been buried completely along with the cliff. Out of the dozen or so brothers, only the two of us are left."

"Since that's the case, then go and accompany your brothers." yuanfen was not in a good mood from the start, but the bad news of the return of her subordinates made her even more furious. In one breath, she shot out two silver needles, killing the two who luckily escaped.

"Ahh …"

The two men in black were killed without even a chance to beg for mercy.

The yuanfen did not care about the life and death of the two men and ordered his men, "Keep searching. No matter what, find me the Celestial Tree. Ning Wang, that useless trash is dead, I still have to find someone else to do my job for me. Pass the order down, within a single day, send over all of the information on First Prince's Jie Mo Yun. "


"I must obtain the Celestial Tree. The things inside the holy tree can only belong to me." After saying that, the yuanfen turned around and left. Her skills were excellent, even in the mountains that could collapse at any time, she could still come and go as she pleased.

However, what she did not know was that all of this was not under her control at all, nor did she know how extraordinary the Celestial Tree was. Even a single leaf of the Celestial Tree was not something she could pick as she pleased.

When yuanfen brought his people to search around Seven Extinction Ridges for Celestial Tree, Jie Kai Chen and Shi Yao Yin had already returned to An Kang Wang's residence, each of them doing their own thing.

After returning to An Kang Wang's residence, Jie Kai Chen merely warned Shi Yao Yin to not come and disturb him for the next few days, and then returned to the East Court.

At the moment, Shi Yao Yin had no energy to disturb Jie Kai Chen. In the world inside the Seven Extinction Ridges, she was beaten up all over by Jie Kai Chen, causing her body to feel pain. If she did not lie in bed for a few days, how could she recover?

Wu wu wu … It hurts. This Jie Kai Chen bastard, his attacks were ruthless, even if there was a reason for him to do so, it shouldn't be so heavy, right? "It's so painful."

"Year 1 and Year 2. My whole body is in pain right now, so I can't make food for you, so you guys can bear with it for now. When your injuries improve tomorrow, I'll make some food for you guys." "But I brought back some good stuff for you guys."

Shi Yao Yin took out the remaining two mandarin fruit s from her body. Without a shred of sadness or reluctance, she ate them on the first day of school.

On the first day of the new year, he laid below the bed with Shi Yao Yin, quietly and coincidentally waiting. Seeing that there were fruits to eat, he was extremely happy, and ate all of them in one go, swallowing the entire mandarin fruit with one gulp.

Shi Yao Yin stretched out her hands with difficulty and caressed their heads, pacifying them: "These two fruits are not ordinary fruits, they are priceless, it is already not bad if there is one to eat, even those royalty descendants cannot! "Alright, you guys can go out and play. I'll rest first. I'll play with you guys after I've rested enough."

The first and second days of the new year are very obedient, so go outside.

When it quieted down, Shi Yao Yin felt even more pain all over her body, she could not even lie down, and because it was too uncomfortable, she could only complain and alleviate the pain.

"Bastard Jie Kai Chen, bastard Jie Kai Chen, you beat me until my entire body hurt, but don't worry, once I return, I will hide in East Court, and not let me disturb you, hateful …" "Wuwuwu, it really hurts."

"Jie Kai Chen, you bastard …"

The more Shi Yao Yin scolded, the more excited she got. In fact, she wasn't angry at all, she was only trying to ease the pain by scolding people. At that moment, a white bird flew in from the window and landed on the bed, staring at her.

"Xiaobai, it's you!" Aren't you afraid of humans? If they casually entered a human's room, it was very easy for them to be captured by bad people. Furthermore, with how beautiful you are, most people would definitely capture you and lock you up as a pet. "

"Good boy!" Don't casually enter humans' rooms in the future, do you know that? In this world, there are good people, but there are also bad people. If you are unlucky and meet a bad person, then it would be terrible. "

"It feels so good touching your hair." Shi Yao Yin caressed the little white bird's head with her index finger, trying to be gentle in fear of hurting it.

The little white bird stayed at Shi Yao Yin's bedside for a short while before flying off. When it flew to the window, it even stopped for a while, as if unwilling to leave, but in the end, it still flew away, flying outside An Kang Wang's residence, and immediately transformed into Qiu Yi Shui.

At this time, Qiu Yi Shui's eyes were filled with anger and killing intent. He glared fiercely at the direction east of An Kang Wang's residence, and said while gnashing his teeth: "Jie Kai Chen, I will definitely tear you into a thousand pieces."

He had only been in An Kang Wang's residence for two days and Shi Yao Yin had already been beaten to such a state by Jie Kai Chen. How could he not be angry?

Someone who could be so cruel to a weak little girl should die.

Just as Qiu Yi Shui was about to get angry and kill someone, the bookkeeper Hoodlum walked over and said respectfully: "Young Noble, the First Prince has come. He said that he must see Young Noble today, otherwise he will not leave."

"A person who is unable to see through victory or defeat like that is a mediocre person. He is fated to not become one among people, and even more so, he will not become the king among people. However, he still has some value, something that can be used against Jie Kai Chen. " Qiu Yi Shui sneered coldly, his evaluation of Jie Mo Yun was extremely poor, and this was indeed the truth.

Jie Mo Yun was not able to win among the Shen-Tian Gate, even being ranked second, she received a huge blow to his heart. The resentment in his heart was plentiful, wanting to cut Si Tu Ding Tian, who was ranked first, into a thousand pieces, and also wanted to tear You Fu, who had defeated him, into ten thousand pieces.

But he was the current First Prince, if he killed because of the competition, then he would lose even more things, so he could only come to Qiu Yi Shui and ask for Qiu Yi Shui's help.

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