Shi Yao Yin had to lie on the bed for an entire day to recover from the pain. Although it was still painful, it was not that serious anymore, and she felt that her body was different.

The little green pearl in her dantian had grown a bit in size. Before, it was only the size of a mung bean, but now it was at least the size of a peanut, and the life source and vitality it contained were even more powerful.

This should be what she obtained after consuming the mandarin fruit. If her cultivation realm increased again, then the green pearl in her Dantian would become a little bigger and its power would become even stronger.

However, it was not good to increase realm too quickly. It was just as Jie Kai Chen said, if the foundation was not solid, forcefully raising realm up, it would be like a hollow bamboo, which looked strong but was actually strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

"It's a new day. Good morning, everyone." After Shi Yao Yin got up and washed up, she went to the courtyard to take a breath of fresh air and greet the flowers and plants around him.

Just as he finished speaking, he saw a green light appear on the banyan tree in the courtyard. Qing Mu walked out of the green light and smiled benevolently to Shi Yao Yin: "Good girl, you did not disappoint my expectations and successfully obtained the mandarin fruit."

"Senior Qing Mu, your information is really well-informed, hehe! However, that mandarin fruit had already been eaten by me, so I gave the other two to the first day of the first day of the new year. "Aiya, I forgot to count it as your share."

"Good boy, I don't need it. En, it's not bad that a mandarin fruit can reach the high level spirit general realm. After consuming the spirit fruit, you will immediately receive a better experience, and your realm will be stabilized, so your foundation is firmer now. "

"Hehe …" Shi Yao Yin laughed awkwardly, she really did not know what to say.

After being beaten up by someone, she had to thank that person. This kind of feeling was depressing enough.

Qing Mu did not question him in detail, and amiably said: "Since you have already advanced to the spirit general realm, then we should also increase the other things, and come with me."

"Where to?"

"green border."


Although it was Shi Yao Yin's second time in the green border, she was already very familiar with the place.

After Qing Mu entered the hut, he used the staff in his hand to activate a formation. The hut was immediately enveloped by a green light and a green ball appeared on the table, floating in the air.

"Senior Qing Mu, what is this?"

"This is the Saint Origin Orb left behind by the goddess of life. Not only does it contain the inheritance left behind by the goddess of life, it also contains an incomparably powerful life source. With your current ability, you simply cannot control this Saint Origin Orb. The green border is supported by this Saint Origin Orb, if there is no other way, the green border will no longer exist. "

"Saint Origin Orb, goddess of life. Senior Qing Mu, who is the goddess of life? " Shi Yao Yin stared at the shining Holy Origin ball, she could feel the majestic power inside. The power was too great, it made her afraid and he did not dare to touch it recklessly, at most he only dared to look.

To think that a ball the size of an egg would have such great power! This world was truly full of wonders!

"goddess of life is the creator of life. She has the ability to bestow life upon people, and she can make the world full of vitality. She was the god of life. All living beings respected and loved her. She could gather the power of all things in the world. She could give people powerful strength, and she could also protect them. The reason I brought you here is because I hope that you can comprehend the power of will. Previously, you had already comprehended the life source, so I believe that you will definitely be able to comprehend the power of will. "

"Power of will? What kind of power is willing? "

"A person's wish can also be considered a type of willingness."

"So the so-called 'power of will' refers to the power of wishes! Just like the power of blessings, it can come from the blessings of all living things in the world, so can the power of will also come from the blessings of all living things in the world? "

It was unknown whether it was because he had consumed the mandarin fruit or not, but Shi Yao Yin felt that his comprehension ability had increased by a lot, and very quickly, he realized a little corner of the power of will. He tried to use the life source in his body to convey his meaning to the small flower in the room, and begged it to give him some good wishes.

Xiao Hua received Shi Yao Yin's words and released her own wishes.

A dot of white light flew out from the small flower and landed on Shi Yao Yin's finger. Although the power of the white dot of light was insignificant, to the point that it was almost undetectable, Shi Yao Yin could still feel it.

"That's right, this is the power of will. When you have enough power, you can make everything in the world wish you well, and then you can do what you want to do better. No matter where he went, those who were protected by the power of all living things, whenever he encountered any living thing, would slightly show their goodwill. If one's will is strong, it can also change the mentality of the enemy. "

"Wah …" This move sounds really amazing. "

Qing Mu slightly smiled, then used the scepter in his hand to point at Shi Yao Yin's body. A streak of green light flew out from the scepter and landed on Shi Yao Yin's body, then transformed into a beautiful dress.

The skirt was mainly emerald green, with pink patterns on the cuffs, waist, and the corner of the skirt. It was like a spot of red in the middle of a myriad of greenery, exceptionally beautiful. The sleeves were not connected to the shoulders, but were separate, buckled on with a golden metal ring, and unfurled like a green fan.

"Wah …" What a beautiful dress. " Shi Yao Yin looked at the clothes on her body, exclaiming in shock and like them to the extreme.

"This is the gossypium, it can protect you from the enemy's attacks, it can be considered my second gift to you."

"Senior Qing Mu, the gifts you have given me are all very precious, I feel a bit embarrassed, hehe!"

"As long as you can grow up properly, it will be the best repayment to me. I thought it would take you a long time to figure out what you wanted, but you did it all at once. With your current cultivation level, using the power of will will will consume you greatly, so unless you have no other choice, do not use this power. But your Blessing can be raised by a level, when the time comes, the power of the Blessing will be even stronger. "

"How do I upgrade the Blessing by one level?"

"The Blessing has a total of ten levels. Your current Blessing is only a level one, so raising it to level two is not difficult. As long as your cultivation reaches that level, the power of your life source will be sufficient. "Come, I'll teach you." Qing Mu taught Shi Yao Yin how to upgrade her Blessing by one level.

Not only could the Blessing be upgraded, the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb could also be upgraded.

Shi Yao Yin earnestly studied with Qing Mu, she had already reached a level where she forgot all about, she even forgot about the pain in her body.

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