Although he did not wish to be pitied, for the sake of his family in the village, he could only accept Shi Yao Yin's help. Bringing a few strong and strong people along with a few old and dilapidated ox-cart, they arrived outside the gates of An Kang Wang's residence.

Even the royals and aristocrats were afraid to come to An Kang Wang's residence, let alone these insignificant commoners. If it wasn't for the food, they wouldn't dare to come here even if they were beaten to death.

"You Fu, are you sure An Kang Wang is willing to give us food?"

"This isn't a joke. If you make a mistake about what Princess Hua-Yang means, then our village will be in trouble."

"Eldest Uncle, Third Uncle, don't worry. I'm sure that wangfei is willing to give us food." Unlike the others, the Princess was a good and kind person. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been able to get such good results in Newcomer. " Although You Fu did not interact much with him, his intuition told him that Shi Yao Yin was an extremely good person.

At this time, Shi Yao Yin walked out of the Duke Palace gates while carrying a bag of rice in each hand. The first and second days were also bringing a lot of stuff, and she was still holding onto a few bags of rice, as she followed Shi Yao Yin out.

"You Fu, you came. Because Jie Kai Chen doesn't allow anyone to enter the Duke Palace, I could only take out the things bit by bit. You guys wait outside for a while, I'll go back and move. On the first and second day of the new year, put down your things and let's continue. " Shi Yao Yin casually threw the rice bag in her hand to the ground, and then also put down the things she was carrying on her body for the first and second days.

Seeing Shi Yao Yin coming and going, other than You Fu, everyone else was dumbfounded.

Was that person An Kang Wang's concubine? An Kang Wang was really willing to give them food?

"Everyone, don't just stand there. Hurry up and move all the grains into the car. First, fill up a car." You Fu began to move things into the carriage.

When he saw these grains, it was as if he saw the happy smiles of his loved ones. His heart was filled with sweetness.

After You Fu took the lead, everyone followed along. Although Shi Yao Yin had only brought out two bags of rice, the two big dog beasts had brought out a lot. One of them was more than ten bags of rice, which showed just how powerful these two dog beasts were.

"You Fu, were those two the legendary spirit beasts? "He's really quite handsome, bigger than all of us combined."

"I've long heard that there are two spirit beasts in An Kang Wang's residence. I never thought that I'd be able to see them for myself.

"Shh …" This is An Kang Wang's residence, don't speak carelessly. Otherwise, if you get into trouble, your little life will be lost. "

"An Kang Wang's wife is very nice. As long as we don't do anything bad, she won't do anything to us. So, I hope everyone will not forget the kindness that you have given us. " You Fu reminded his, as he would always remember Shi Yao Yin's kindness in his heart.

Not long after, Shi Yao Yin brought out some other food, it was the same for the first and second days of the new year. One man and two dogs could bring out a lot of food every time, and after a few trips, the cars that You Fu brought over were quickly filled to the brim.

"You Fu, take the food back to the village first, and come back later. There are still a lot of food left in there. I personally made some pickled vegetables and stored them in jars. Also, I'll be bringing out some cured meat later. "

"Since that's the case, let my uncle and uncle send the food back. I'll just wait here." You Fu suggested.

"No." Shi Yao Yin was strongly opposed to it.


"Your uncle and third uncle are just ordinary people. What if they meet bad people on the way back? As for me, I do not need anyone to guard this place, because no one would dare to behave atrociously in An Kang Wang's residence. Go, go and come back quickly so that you won't be able to move all of it even if it gets dark. "

"Alright." You Fu listened to Shi Yao Yin's arrangements, and first escorted the grain vehicles back to the village.

Luckily he listened to An Kang Wang's words or all the food in these carts would be gone.

The news of Shi Yao Yin giving food to the You Family Village had spread throughout the entire Imperial City, upon learning of this matter, she brought a few people along to intercept them. Initially, she wanted to vent her anger on the people of the You Family Village, but she was no match for You Fu, after fighting for so many times, she had already been defeated.

You Fu pointed the blade in his hand at Shi Qian Meng who was sitting on the ground and angrily scolded: "A person with such a vile character like yours is worthy of being called a proud daughter of heaven, this is simply an insult to the term 'proud daughter of heaven'. You can't even compare to An Kang Wang. She's heaven, you aren't even like mud on the ground. "

"You Fu, you should at least know how to spout lies even if you open your eyes, Shi Yao Yin is just a trash that can't cultivate, how can she be compared with me?" Although Shi Qian Meng lost to You Fu, she was still scolded back in a bad mood when You Fu said that she was inferior to Shi Yao Yin.

"The Royal Concubine said, everyone has their own value. Cultivation is only one of the values, not all. You see cultivation as the only value of your life and you've rejected all other ideas. Such extreme thoughts are truly annoying. "

"You …"

"Don't bully others just because you are the young miss of Scholar's House. Don't forget that the current Scholar's House is like a clay Buddha crossing the river, unable to protect yourself."

"You Fu, do you believe that I won't kill you?"

"Can you kill me? You and I do not have any grudges between us, but since you want to snatch the food from my You Family Village, you are my enemy. Towards my enemies, I will not be merciful, even if she is a woman, I will not have the slightest bit of mercy towards her. "

Shi Qian Meng said righteously: What are you snatching from your You Family Village's grain? These grains were all bought using the money of my Scholar's House, so they are all my things. "

You Fu sarcastically replied: "Are you telling me you've been tricked?"

"No matter what, these things belong to my Scholar's House. You better hand it over, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

"If you still want to snatch food, I will definitely not show mercy because you are the daughter of the Scholar's House, and I will definitely cripple you. In three months, you will reach the Spirit Realm Trial. If you are crippled or heavily injured, I wonder what your achievements will be like within the Spirit Realm Trial? "

"You … You Fu, you are ruthless, but don't be happy too early, I will soon let you know the consequences of offending me. "Let's go." Shi Qian Meng did not dare to fight with You Fu again, she was afraid that she would be injured, so she could only put down her words and leave angrily.

The Spirit Realm Trial in three months was very important, it was her only chance to change things. She could not lose this chance because of You Fu, these insignificant people.

In any case, You Fu would be going into closed door training soon, so it didn't matter to her if she annihilated the entire You Family Village.

Shi Yao Yin, You Fu, just you wait.

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