Shi Yao Yin battled with Jie Kai Chen throughout the night, and only until dawn did the two of them lie down on the floor of the courtyard, tired to the point of directly resting, and enjoying the sunrise together.

On the first and second day of the new year, two people and two dogs were lying together. The scene was extremely warm.

"Jie Kai Chen, you have locked yourself in the East Court for so many days. What are you doing? If it's inconvenient, you don't have to answer that question. " Shi Yao Yin asked casually. Although curious, she did not force Jie Kai Chen to answer.

Jie Kai Chen slightly smiled, and said coldly: "In the past, I might have been unable to tell you, but now, I can. I've been busy making dan beads these past few days. Where else would that Mysterious Deity Pellet come from? "When concocting pills, one must be extremely focused, especially when concocting high-level elixirs."

"So you know how to refine pills!" Was that East Court's sudden explosion due to her concocting pills? "

"En, there was an accident last time. The pill furnace exploded."

"Jie Kai Chen, thank you!" At this time, Shi Yao Yin only felt gratitude towards Jie Kai Chen. Moreover, they were both in the same boat, so they could empathize with each other even more.

If they became strong together, wouldn't they need to fear being eaten by the holy tree after a year? Because they had enough power to resist the Tree.

"You saved this This King's life multiple times, so this can be considered as this This King repaying you for saving my life. Right now, you are already in the Spirit King, and in the entire The State of Awakening, very few people are your match. When you go out and play in the future, if you meet someone who doesn't know how to play, you don't have to swallow your anger. " Jie Kai Chen wasn't so cold towards Shi Yao Yin now, and his attitude was much better than before.

"What if Divine Emperor bullies me?"

"As long as he doesn't die, you can do whatever you want with him."

Hearing how cold and heartless Jie Kai Chen's words were, Shi Yao Yin was a little curious. "Jie Kai Chen, do you have any conflicts between you and your father?"

Jie Kai Chen snappily asked, "Then, what conflict do you have with your father?"

"That's true, we're evenly matched. The situation is more or less the same." I often don't understand why my father would be so good to Shi Qian Meng and be so cruel to me when they were both daughters. He didn't even treat me as his own daughter. Sometimes I really wonder, am I really my father's biological daughter? "

"This King advises you to guard against Shi Qian Meng."

"To be honest, I really don't think much of Shi Qian Meng. But if she dares to provoke me again, I will definitely make her miserable. "

"This King supports you. However, you have to stabilize your foundation as soon as possible since you're improving too quickly. The most effective way is to spar with others. Alright, we'll stop here for today. This King still has other things to do, I'll spar with you another day. " After Jie Kai Chen finished, he stood up and left.

Shi Yao Yin also sat up, and said to the leaving figure: "You should go back and take a good bath, and change your clothes."

When the figure in front of her disappeared, she lowered her head and looked at herself. Smelling the scent, her face was filled with disgust as she muttered to herself, "I should also go take a bath and change my clothes."

Although this time, the fight wasn't as tragic as the last time, but she was still beaten black and blue. The place was black and blue, while the place was purple. If she didn't deal with it properly, she would definitely swell badly tomorrow.

After Shi Yao Yin comfortably took a hot bath, she laid on the bed to rest and had a good night's sleep. Because she had been too tired to sleep last night, she fell asleep as soon as she got into bed, unaware of anything else.

When Jie Kai Chen returned to the East Court, he also took a bath and changed into a clean set of clothes. After that, he wanted to enter the secret room for closed door cultivation, but just as he was about to enter the room, he suddenly felt a strange aura around him, causing him to be on high alert.

"Who is it?"

Right at this moment, a red figure appeared out of thin air and rushed out from the corner to attack him. His moves were vicious, and it could be seen that the other party wanted to take his life.

"Xie Ying Shou." Jie Kai Chen recognized the person in front of him with a single glance, but he did not know his true identity. He only knew that he was the most mysterious assassin in The State of Awakening, and whoever he wanted to kill, he would never be able to kill.

Xie Ying Shou had been following Shi Yao Yin before, and now, he had appeared in his residence.

"I never thought that the great An Kang Wang would actually like to stay in a secret room. It seems that you have quite a lot of secrets." After transforming into Xie Ying Shou, the current Qiu Yi Shui was no longer the seemingly weak and weak white-clothed scholar, but a powerful life reaping assassin.

"Don't you have a lot of secrets? This King was curious, what are you doing here? to kill This King? "

"That's right."

"Xie Ying Shou has always only killed bad people. From this, I can deduce that you think the This King is a bad person."

"Are you a good person?"

"Good and bad are relative, but there's no point in telling you that. At first, This King didn't want to fight with you, but you shouldn't, shouldn't, shouldn't have, you shouldn't have provoked This King, do you really think that you can kill This King as long as you want to? " Jie Kai Chen's face instantly changed, his eyes filled with anger.

At the same time, the surrounding environment began to undergo a drastic change. The temperature of the room skyrocketed, and in an instant, it turned into a heated boiler. When the temperature reached a certain point, the room started to light up with flames.

However, these bright flames were very strange. They did not burn anything in the room, but only attached to it.

Jie Kai Chen raised his hands to control the flames in the house, using them to attack Xie Ying Shou.

Xie Ying Shou dodged Ming Huo's attack and said in shock: "To think that your cultivation has already reached such a realm, you would probably be the first person in The State of Awakening. However, with your little bit of cultivation experience, it's not enough to kill me. "

"Although the This King does not know who you are, but the This King is sure that you are not someone from the The State of Awakening. As for who you are, the This King is not interested. From today onwards, Xie Ying Shou will no longer exist. " As Jie Kai Chen spoke, a bizarre little ball of fire appeared in the center of his palm.

At this time, the bright flames in the room condensed together, forming a few long chains that trapped Xie Ying Shou's entire body.

The moment Xie Ying Shou was sealed by the fire chain, Jie Kai Chen threw the fire ball at him.

"What?" Xie Ying Shou never thought that Jie Kai Chen would have such a method. In order to preserve his life, he did not hesitate to pay a huge price to break the chains on his body, and then used the wings on his back to block the fireball that Jie Kai Chen shot at him.

The fireball was too powerful, and it directly pierced through his wings. The red feathers were scattered all over the place, and the moment they touched the bright flames, they would be burnt to ashes.

From that strike just now, Jie Kai Chen's strength was definitely not inferior to his. He had underestimated his opponent too much.

"Jie Kai Chen, keep your life for now. I'll come again another day to take it."

"You want to leave? It won't be that easy." Jie Kai Chen then controlled the bright fire in the room, wanting to agglomerate the chain of fire to bind Xie Ying Shou.

However, Xie Ying Shou had turned into invisible red smoke and red feathers, disappearing without a trace.

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