This was the first time Shi Yao Yin had met him. Even though they had already become husband and wife, they were like strangers to each other, with no feelings whatsoever.

When meeting for the first time, he naturally had to properly greet the other party and leave a good impression. This way, there wouldn't be too many contradictions between them living together in the future.

Shi Yao Yin thought like this, so she took the initiative to greet Jie Kai Chen. She even showed a golden smile, and said with a sweet voice: "Hello, I'm Shi Yao Yin.

Would it be strange for couples to greet each other in this manner?

Who cares? Since he had already said it, he could only do it in a random manner.

Jie Kai Chen treated Shi Yao Yin's greeting as a joke, but in truth, it was also a joke. However, even if it was just a joke, he was too lazy to bother with it, and merely explained the matters in a simple manner, before warning him coldly: "From today onwards, you will live here, and you can live anywhere in the Southern Courtyard, the Western Courtyard, and the Northern Courtyard. However, you are not allowed to take even a single step into East Court, otherwise you don't have to wait for a year, I can have you report to Hades at any time."

Although Jie Kai Chen's attitude was very cold and harsh, Shi Yao Yin did not put it to heart. It was because she could understand the feeling of someone who knew that their time was running out.

This kind of person was actually very pitiful.

"Fine, I promise you, I won't go to your forbidden area." Shi Yao Yin answered seriously, with such seriousness that no one could doubt her. She believed in her so easily, her voice and smile were captivating, like a small flame in winter, warming everything around her.

Jie Kai Chen was a little surprised. He felt that Shi Yao Yin was a little different from the rumors, and started to size her up again with a suspicious look.

According to what he knew, Shi Yao Yin was a timid, cowardly person. Although she was the daughter of the Scholar's House, she lived a lowly life and normally did not even dare to speak loudly. She was even afraid to meet strangers.

However, Shi Yao Yin, who was standing in front of him, did not seem to be such a person. She was cheerful, lively, and quick-witted, and was not as timid as the people outside said, because she actually dared to take the initiative to greet him. When she stood in front of him, she was not scared nor trembling like the others.

At this moment he was a little doubtful, was the person in front of him really Shi Yao Yin?

The answer was of course, because the Scholar's House definitely would not dare to let others marry on Shi Yao Yin's behalf. With Shi Yao Yin's position in the Scholar's House, it would not be worth it for the Scholar's House to take such a risk for her.

Shi Yao Yin saw that Jie Kai Chen was staring at her for a long time without saying a word, which made her a little uncomfortable. He then tried to find another topic to talk, to break the awkward silence, "I'm really hungry, do you have anything to eat?"

"Every yard in the kitchen has it. Find it yourself. "In the future, you can take care of your food and clothing. Even if you starve to death, don't look for me." Jie Kai Chen retracted his gaze, and used an even colder tone to speak, and then turned and left.

"Hey, are you just going to leave? What about those things outside? " Shi Yao Yin asked loudly. She originally thought that Jie Kai Chen would stop when he heard her, but the result was not like that.

Jie Kai Chen did not stop, and continued to walk forward. However, he had a response, and said unconcernedly: "I don't want those things, if you want to move in, then do it yourself. Don't bother me."

"That's a lot of gold, silver, and jewelry."

"It's just a common thing."

"Hey, hey, Jie Kai Chen, don't go! If you leave, what should I do? "

"Hey, you really left just like that?"

As Jie Kai Chen gradually disappeared into the distance, he finally stopped shouting and stood alone outside the gates of the Duke Palaces. There was not a single person in his surroundings, and a burst of cold wind made her feel as if something terrifying was moving around his body.

This place seems a little.

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