Shi Qian Meng initially wanted to customize some new clothes for the tailor shop, but who knew that she would run into Shi Yao Yin.

Initially, she did not want to provoke Shi Yao Yin, but after meeting him, she could not hold it in.

However, Shi Yao Yin was no longer the same as before. Not only had she become more daring, her eloquent skills had become very strong. She was not even able to take any advantage of him when talking to him.

"Shi Yao Yin, don't think that with An Kang Wang's support, you can act fearlessly. I'll be waiting for the day you die, and I'll see how you can still act so arrogantly."

"Shi Qian Meng, you better not offend me too much. Otherwise, I will definitely let you die before I die. Don't doubt that I don't have that kind of courage. Right now, I can do anything I want, even if the entire Scholar's House were to be sent to hell, I wouldn't hesitate at all. "

"Hmph. No matter how nice your words sound, you will undoubtedly die one year later. I am in a good mood today and I won't care about a person who is about to die." Shi Qian Meng gave herself a way out, even if she did not dare to provoke Shi Yao Yin, she still wanted to keep her face, and had to act as though she was above him, proudly leaving, and as she was leaving, she took a glance at You Xiang.

It was true that she did not dare to offend Shi Yao Yin now, but the others might not be so.

You Xiang had heard from the relatives who were escorting her the food that day that Shi Qian Meng had once tried to snatch the food from their You Family Village on her way there. Therefore, when she saw Shi Qian Meng, she gritted her teeth in anger.

But she was only an insignificant daughter of a village. On the other hand, Shi Qian Meng was the daughter of the Scholar's House, and was even a disciple of that village.

"You Xiang, ignore her. We will continue shopping." Shi Yao Yin held You Xiang's hand and walked outside, continuing to stroll with her.

After changing into new clothes, You Xiang became much more confident. She felt much more comfortable walking around, as there was a happy smile on her face and she held all sorts of gifts in her hands. His heart felt as sweet as it could get.

Because her family was poor, she didn't even have enough to eat. She never had new clothes, didn't walk the streets, or even ate all kinds of delicious food. But today, she had everything that she had never had before. At this moment, she felt that she was very happy. She was very satisfied.

Shi Yao Yin was someone who had experienced much; she naturally knew what a fourteen or fifteen year old girl liked in her heart. Originally, she had only wanted to do her best to be a host and accompany You Xiang for a bit. But after getting along with You Xiang, she realized that she really liked this little sister.

I hope she's happy because she likes it.

"Princess, it's getting late. I have to go back to the You Family Village." You Xiang said reluctantly.

"I said I'm going to call me big sister, why don't you remember? "If you call me consort again in the future, I'll ignore you."

"Elder sister."

"That's more like it! You Family Village is quite a distance away from Imperial City, so I'll hire a carriage to take you back. Firstly, you should be able to hurry up, and secondly, you should be safer. "

How could Shi Yao Yin be at ease to let You Xiang walk back to You Family Village alone? Hence, she hired a carriage to bring her there, and personally saw the carriage leave the Imperial City before returning to An Kang Wang's residence.

However, what she did not know was that right after she left, Shi Qian Meng came out to do naughty things.

"Go and get that girl from the carriage."


The two attendants followed Shi Qian Meng's orders and quickly rode to chase after the carriage that had just left the city.

"What are you doing? "Let me go."

You Xiang struggled with all she had, but how could the delicate her break free? In the end, she was escorted in front of Shi Qian Meng, and only then did she know the reason, and angrily said: "So it's you."

"Yes, that's me. Since I can't touch Shi Yao Yin, then I can only vent my anger on you. I will let you beg for death, and let everyone in You Family Village have a taste of my anger. " Shi Qian Meng pinched You Xiang's chin, and said viciously.

"What do you want?"

"I heard that your You Family Village's crops are growing pretty well this year. In another two months, you will be able to harvest a plentiful harvest. If your crops are gone by this time, I wonder how you guys will harvest after two months? I also heard that your You Family Village has starved quite a few people over the years. If you don't harvest this year's crops, would you starve more people to death? "

"Shi Qian Meng, you are too vicious. You will definitely die a horrible death."

"You lowly ants, do you have the qualifications to speak ill of me?" In my eyes, you are like ants crawling on the ground. It doesn't matter how many you die. Come, let's go to You Family Village. " Shi Qian Meng rode on her horse and advanced towards You Family Village.

"Ahh …" You Xiang's hands, which were tied up by Shi Qian Meng's hands, dragged her along as she moved quickly. Her legs could not catch up to Shi Qian Meng at all, and in the end, she was dragged along as she was scraped and scratched by the rocks on the ground, her wounds were shocking. In just a short period of time, she was tormented to the point that she did not look human anymore.

Shi Qian Meng who came to You Family Village not only destroyed countless of crops, but also injured many people. Many houses were turned upside down, and some older people couldn't help but be shocked. They lost their breath and died.

Many people kneeled down and kowtowed to Shi Qian Meng, begging her to forgive them, but Shi Qian Meng did not.

"This is the result of going against me, Shi Qian Meng." It wasn't enough for Shi Qian Meng to smash it in the You Family Village, so when she left, he set a big fire in there. Only after bringing You Xiang along did she leave excitedly.

The You Family Village who was suddenly plagued by this calamity cried silently. The big fellow cried for an entire night before he thought of You Xiang, and after asking around, he was extremely anxious to know that You Xiang had been taken away by Shi Qian Meng.

"Shi Qian Meng must have taken You Xiang away for revenge. This woman is truly heartless. "

"So what do we do now? If You Xiang fell into Shi Qian Meng's hands, she would definitely suffer greatly, and might not even be able to preserve her little life. How about we contact You Fu? "

"You Fu is cultivating in the Shen-Tian Gate, how can we even go in? Furthermore, Shi Qian Meng is also a disciple of the Shen-Tian Gate and is also a direct disciple of the Sect Leader.

"This won't do. Even so, what should we do?"

"Tell me, is there any use in finding An Kang Wang's wife?"

It was unknown who said this, but the scene immediately quieted down. Everyone looked over.

The one who spoke was You Fu's uncle, who was one of the people who went to deliver food to An Kang Wang's residence and had seen him before. It was because he had seen it before that he dared to make such a suggestion.

Shi Qian Meng was not only a disciple of the Shen-Tian Gate, she was also the daughter of the Scholar's House. Just based on their small status and background, it was impossible for them to fight against him, unless they found someone stronger than Shi Qian Meng, which would give them hope to seek justice.

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