After consuming the pellet that Jie Kai Chen gave him, he rested for a period of time. Currently, he was already much better, and his strength had also recovered a bit, so he didn't need anyone to support him anymore. Thus, he stood properly, stood at the side to watch the show, watched, and then asked in a low voice next to Jie Kai Chen's ear: "What kind of person is this Elder Linghua?"

"I'm not sure." Although this Elder Linghua was very mysterious, he was not interested. As for how she should handle today's matters, she would first take a look, and then, if it didn't suit him in the end, he would take care of it herself.

If the person who touched him didn't pay a price that would satisfy him, then there was no way he could just leave it at that.

At this time, Shi Yao Yin and Jie Kai Chen were no longer the center of attention. Everyone's gazes were on Elder Linghua and Shi Qian Meng, and after everyone learned of Shi Qian Meng's actions, they all pointed at her furiously, waiting for her to end up like this.

If Shi Qian Meng was only deliberately targeting someone, they had nothing to say. After all, it was a personal grudge, but the act of burning the entire village to death was something that people despised.

Elder Linghua walked in front of Shi Qian Meng and asked coldly: "Why do you want to destroy You Family Village's crops?"

"I …" In front of Elder Linghua, Shi Qian Meng was so scared that he couldn't even speak, making him look helpless. Helpless, he threw a pleading look at Zuo Xian Chi, hoping that her master could help her.

But Zuo Xian Chi didn't have any response, he only stood there watching coldly, looking at his disciple who he had completely abandoned. His eyes were filled with ice cold disappointment.

"Answer my question, why did you destroy You Family Village's crops?" Seeing that Shi Qian Meng did not answer for a long time, Elder Linghua emphasized his tone and asked angrily.

"I... "I …"

"How are you?"

"I …"

"Do you not want to answer or do you not dare to?"

"Elder Linghua, this disciple knows his wrongs. Elder, please be merciful." Shi Qian Meng endured the pain on her body and kowtowed to Elder Linghua to apologize.

"If you ask me to be merciful, then who will be merciful to the people of You Family Village? In two months, the crops will be harvested, but you destroyed all of their crops at this time, and all their hard work for more than half a year went down the drain. "It seems like you haven't tasted the taste of starvation. How about I lock you up and starve for ten days to half a month, making you so hungry that you even want to eat the soil on the ground. That way, you will understand the importance of food."

"This disciple is wrong, I will never dare to do this again."

"Wrong?" Was just saying that he made a mistake enough? To think that you were born in a family of officials and officials. Your father was a high official in the imperial court, but you didn't know the importance of the people's will. After those crops are harvested, 50% of them will have to be turned over to the national grain depot. What you did yesterday is equivalent to destroying the imperial property. If you were to judge your crimes based on this, I wonder what your fate would be? "

"This …" Shi Qian Meng was shocked, her eyes were filled with fear, foolishness, foolishness, panic.

How could she understand the common will of the people? She was always self-centered, always striving for victory, and as long as it wasn't something that went according to her will, she would think of all sorts of ways to deal with it, to destroy it, and never feel that there was anyone in this world who could deal with her.

But she never would have thought that the situation would be so serious this time.

The Elder Linghua did not stop and continued, "Also, haven't you heard of the term 'pay with one's life'? Don't think that just because you have some ability you can kill people as you please. The third rule of the Shen-Tian Gate is that it is forbidden to kill people for no reason. As a disciple of the Shen-Tian Gate, you should be very clear about how many crimes you have committed, right? "

"Elder Linghua, this disciple knows his wrongs and begs for mercy. This disciple truly knows his wrongs."

"How come you didn't know you were wrong when you did all those heinous things? Do you really think you can do whatever you want with your status as the young miss of the Scholar's House? Even if you become the Divine Queen of the The State of Awakening, I will still punish you if you commit any crimes. " The more Elder Linghua spoke, the more agitated she became. Her disdain and anger towards Shi Qian Meng had already become very obvious, and she seemed like she really wanted to ruthlessly punish Shi Qian Meng.

Shi Qian Meng was so scared by the Elder Linghua that he cried. She really had nowhere to go so she crawled to Zuo Xian Chi's feet and held his feet for help, "Master, this disciple knows her wrongs and asks master to save disciple."

"The biggest mistake I have done in my life was taking you in as my disciple ten years ago. They originally thought that with outstanding talent, you were a capable person. Who knew that you had such an evil character? Your ruthlessness was enough to make anyone's hair stand. From now on, Shi Qian Meng is no longer my disciple, and is no longer Shen-Tian Gate's disciple. " Zuo Xian Chi ignored Shi Qian Meng's plea and immediately announced her expulsion from the sect.

"Master, don't... This disciple knows his fault, he's wrong … "Don't drive me out, don't …" Shi Qian Meng cried until she burst apart, she had already collapsed.

Even so, no one sympathized with her, and there were even some who secretly applauded. Especially those Shen-Tian Gate disciples who were beaten down by Shi Qian Meng on the Newcomer, they were so happy that they wanted to release their firecrackers.

Elder Linghua did not reprimand Shi Qian Meng again. Instead, she looked at Jie Kai Chen and asked with a smile: "My prince, I wonder if you would be satisfied with this result?"

"Elder Linghua's words are asking the wrong person, you should ask This King's wangfei about this matter." Jie Kai Chen chuckled, he sized Elder Linghua up with a mysterious gaze.

This woman was not ordinary.

"Does Your Highness mean that I should leave this matter to Princess Hua-Yang?"

"It's enough for the princess to handle such a small matter."

"In that case, would you be satisfied with the result?" Elder Linghua turned to ask Shi Qian Meng.

"Not satisfied." Shi Yao Yin answered immediately, without even thinking.

Shi Qian Meng was already on the verge of collapse. Hearing Shi Yao Yin's unsatisfactory words, she was so angry that she could not help but scold, "Shi Yao Yin, don't go overboard."

However, after she finished cursing, she realized that, in her current situation, she simply didn't have the qualifications to curse. She had lost, she had lost thoroughly.

Shi Yao Yin sarcastically retorted, "I didn't even say anything when you said that I was being excessive. If I said everything and did everything, wouldn't you want to kill me?"

"You …"

"Since you have done it so flatly, I will not show you any mercy."

"What do you want?"

"We'll do whatever we need to do. How you used to treat me, everyone knows, but I don't care, because I think of you as a spoiled little girl, but you shouldn't, you shouldn't, you shouldn't have touched my bottom line. When I get back, I will get someone to make a list, all of You Family Village's property losses will go to you. As for the murder and arson, I will hand you over to the imperial government for punishment. "

"Hmph." When Shi Qian Meng heard that Shi Yao Yin wanted to hand him over to the imperial government for punishment, she snorted coldly with pride.

However, she was just proud of it for a short moment, and was soon scared senseless again.

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