Shi Yao Yin knew what Shi Qian Meng was thinking and immediately splashed a bucket of cold water on her, in case she was still arrogant, "Even if Shi Xue Wen has unparalleled power, he shouldn't even think about helping you escape your guilt, otherwise I would attack again, and at that time, there won't be a place for your Scholar's House in the entire Imperial City."

"Shi Yao Yin, Scholar's House is your family, and my father is also your father. Are you not even going to let your own father off?"

"You can ask everyone present this question and see how they answer it. For the sake of becoming an official, a man didn't hesitate to push his daughter into a fire pit. Was he even worthy of being a father? Pushing me into a fire pit is one thing, but look how he treats me? Ever since he knew that I was born with Yin Meridians, he no longer treated me as his daughter. Even if I was tortured to death by both of you, he wouldn't even spare a glance at me. I feel that I need to properly investigate my own background and find out whether or not Shi Xue Wen is my biological father. "

Shi Xue Wen had rushed to the scene just in time, and upon hearing Shi Yao Yin's words, he was shocked, and almost lost his balance.

"Lord, are you alright?" A follower supported Shi Xue Wen.

The moment the follower said this, the surrounding people immediately noticed Shi Xue Wen and turned to look at him.

The current Scholar's House had already become an enormous joke. They thought that Shi Qian Meng was the proud daughter of heaven, that she was doted upon and cared for in every way possible, and Shi Yao Yin, who was considered to be a trash, had actually grown up in their humiliation.

But now, everything had reversed. Shi Yao Yin who was once thought to be a trash was now an expert of the Spirit King s; Shi Qian Meng who was once thought to be the pride of the heavens, was actually a nobody in the Spirit s realm.

One Spirit King Realm and one Spirit Realm. It was simply like comparing the heavens and the earth.

Shi Yao Yin had just noticed Shi Xue Wen's reaction, and felt that it was very suspicious. She only said that if she wanted to investigate his background, why would Shi Xue Wen have such a huge reaction?

Was there some other story in her life?

It seemed that this matter would have to be investigated.

"Father..." When Shi Qian Meng saw his father, she immediately cried from grievance. If it was the past, she would definitely have asked her father to stand up for her. But now, she didn't dare to.

No matter how much power and influence the Scholar's House had, he was still no match for the Shen-Tian Gate. If even the people of the Shen-Tian Gate were unwilling to help her, what could the Scholar's House do?

After experiencing this, she came to realize that she wasn't that strong. She was just like ordinary people, she had troubles that they couldn't afford to cause. Because she did not know this, she had paid a heavy price.

After Shi Xue Wen arrived at the scene, he did not say anything, nor did he say anything. He just brought Shi Qian Meng away, "Let's go."


"Let's talk about it when we get back."


Under countless gazes filled with ridicule, Shi Xue Wen brought his daughter and left. From start to finish, he did not say a single word to Shi Yao Yin, nor did he even look at her.

The doubts in Shi Yao Yin's heart grew larger and larger, and she was truly unable to hold back. Before Shi Xue Wen could leave, he asked: "Tell me, who exactly is my father?"

Shi Xue Wen stopped in his tracks. With his back facing Shi Yao Yin, he did not answer her question. Instead, he asked her, "When did you first know about your past?"

"I had my suspicions long ago, but I was able to ascertain it from your indifference and ruthlessness. If I were really your daughter, would you treat me like this? The back of your hand is all flesh, even if I was born with Yin Meridians and am a trash that cannot cultivate, you still wouldn't be so cruel to me. All of these things are very weird, and the only explanation is that you are not my father, and I am not your daughter. "

"Because you suspect that I'm not your father, that's why you're hiding your true strength from me, right?"

"Do you think the answer to that question makes sense? He had planted the seed himself, so he must bear the fruit of this seed. Even if you marry me to An Kang Wang, I don't have much resentment towards Scholar's House, and even if Shi Qian Meng comes looking for trouble with me all day long, always targeting me, I will just treat her as an ignorant fool, and won't bother with her. But she shouldn't, shouldn't, shouldn't have gone that far. Shi Xue Wen, this is the result of you raising your daughter for no reason. If you had taught her to be kind to people since you were a child, would she have had such an outcome? Madame Shi has taught her to bully the weak since young, and you are teaching her to fight for fame and gain. It would be weird if a person who grew up in this kind of environment could become one! "

Shi Yao Yin's words not only made Shi Xue Wen feel touched, but the others also felt the same.

A fifteen or sixteen year old little girl was actually able to understand such a great principle. It was truly rare. Compared to Shi Qian Meng's unreasonable, arrogant, domineering, and competitive nature, Shi Yao Yin appeared to be even more outstanding.

"You're right, I've harmed my own daughter. But even so, it's not your place to teach me a lesson." Shi Xue Wen could not bear to be taught by a junior like Shi Yao Yin in front of everyone and pointed out his shortcomings, and scolded back in anger.

"A person with a broad mind who is able to control the seas and rivers would not care about these things. If he is to argue, then it means that his cultivation is not up to standard. " Shi Yao Yin retorted boldly, and thought to himself: I'm not your daughter, I don't care if you live or die, you don't matter if you die from anger.

"Shi Yao Yin, you're done. Scholar's House has already been hurt so badly by you, what else do you want? "

"Scholar Shi's words are wrong. The reason the Scholar's House has today is because you all brought it on yourselves. You can't blame anyone but yourselves. Everyone is responsible for their own choices. What choice did you make back then, and what responsibilities do you have to take on today? "

"Did you already know about that?" Shi Xue Wen felt that Shi Yao Yin's words had other meanings, and that there were hidden meanings behind them. He felt that something was amiss.

If Shi Yao Yin didn't know about that, then why would she say all this? But if she did, who told her?

Shi Yao Yin was also confused, she did not know what Shi Xue Wen was implying, but she could guess that Shi Xue Wen must have some big secret that he was hiding from her, thus she deliberately asked: "So what if I know, so what if I don't know?"

"It looks like you already know about that. "In that case, whatever you want to do is up to you."

"No rush, I still have some time. Take your time."

"Shi Yao Yin, you are ruthless enough. "Let's go." Shi Xue Wen left with a heavy heart.

"If you want to leave, then leave! Who's afraid of you! Jie Kai Chen, we need to leave as well. " Shi Yao Yin purposely pretended to be mysterious and wanted to pull Jie Kai Chen along to leave with his, but just as she was about to move, the wounds on her body were pulled all over, causing her to frown in pain.

It seemed that just the pills Jie Kai Chen gave her were not enough to completely heal the wounds on her body.

Jie Kai Chen saw that something was wrong with Shi Yao Yin and hurriedly went forward to support her. After that, he simply carried her horizontally and jumped onto the back of the first disciple. He then said to the first junior, "Bring the people from the You Family Village back to the Duke Palaces."

"Woof woof woof …" The sophomore called out a few answers.

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