After Jie Kai Chen brought Shi Yao Yin and left, the people of You Family Village also brought You Xiang and followed the second year out. With the warbeast leading the way to protect them, they were not afraid of anyone killing them.

To be frank, what happened today was because of their You Family Village. Some people did not dare to find trouble with An Kang Wang and An Kang Wang, and might put everything on their shoulders.

After the matter was over, the crowd dispersed, the disciples of the Shen-Tian Gate returned to the sect, the few Great Clan Elders went to the Meeting Room to discuss about an important matter.

When everyone had arrived, Elder Linghua flew into a rage, "Are you all tired of living? Even An Kang Wang dares to provoke him, does he really think that the Shen-Tian Gate can do whatever he wants without fear of the heavens or the earth? "

Many people were unsatisfied with Elder Linghua's words. Furthermore, they had suffered so much today, so now that they had returned to the sect, they no longer had to worry about anything.

"Elder Linghua, don't you think that what you have done today is too shameful? Not only will you lose your face, you will also lose the face of the Shen-Tian Gate. So what if it was An Kang Wang? The Shen-Tian Gate was the very foundation of the The State of Awakening, and there was no The State of Awakening without him. So what if Jie Kai Chen was the son of the Divine Emperor? In just a few days, he killed two strong warriors from Shen-Tian Gate, how can we forget about this debt? "

"We absolutely can't do it like this. Back then on the Newcomer, Jie Kai Chen had already killed Elder Ji Liu and now that he killed Elder Feng Mei, even if he can't get Jie Kai Chen to kill him to pay with his life, he had to suffer some punishment or else the world would think us Shen-Tian Gate easy to bully. "

"That's right, we must make sure that An Kang Wang receives some punishment, and that An Kang Wang Concubine must also be punished. Otherwise, how can we, the Shen-Tian Gate, maintain our dignity?"

The Elder Linghua laughed coldly and taunted, "All of you are crying after seeing the coffin. If it were not for me appearing in time to stabilize the situation, would you all still be alive to boast so shamelessly? Let alone exterminating you old fellows, even if you were to exterminate the entire Shen-Tian Gate, Jie Kai Chen still would have the ability to do so. "

"Elder Linghua, don't try to scare us off here. How can a mere yellow haired kid like you do anything? He only relied on his noble identity as a prince. "

"If you don't believe what I'm saying, you can go and try, but before I say it, this will be the last time I'll help Shen-Tian Gate. If you provoke a disaster that will annihilate the Shen-Tian Gate, then blame yourselves for the consequences. I shall kindly remind you guys not to think that Jie Kai Chen will die in a year, and you might be the ones to die. If that's all you have to say, then take care of yourselves. "

"Linghua, if you have something to say, then say it properly. Don't be like this." Seeing that the Elder Linghua wanted to leave, Zuo Xian Chi stopped her and kindly advised.

"What else do you think there is to say? Zuo Xian Chi, I advised you to think twice when you accepted Shi Qian Meng as your disciple. What An Kang Wang had said today made a lot of sense. The pillars of a nation cultivated by the Shen-Tian Gate were all the victims of commoners. To think that you all still have the face to be so arrogant and conceited here, why don't you go back and take a good look at your own disciples? "

"Elder Linghua, don't talk too much. How to teach your disciples is our problem, what does it have to do with you? "

"Exactly, you don't have a disciple yourself, how would you know this?"

"Whatever you say. In any case, it's your own business if you want to die." Zuo Xian Chi, from today onwards, I am no longer an elder of the Shen-Tian Gate. Ling Hua spoke harshly for a while, then left without looking back.

"Linghua..." Zuo Xian Chi wanted to call Elder Linghua back, but before he could finish, the Elder Linghua had already disappeared.

On the other hand, the other clan elders did not seem to care, some of them were gloating, as though they really wanted Elder Linghua to leave.

Seeing these people, Zuo Xian Chi's heart was filled with disappointment. He secretly let out a helpless sigh, and then, he also left to the peak of a mountain to come to the side of Elder Linghua.

"You're here." Elder Linghua stood at the highest peak of the Shen-Tian Gate, looking down from above at all the good mountains and rivers. However, there was not the slightest bit of appreciation on her face, as if she was disdainful of everything that she saw.

"You knew I would come?" Zuo Xian Chi asked, and then answered, "That's right, there's almost nothing in the The State of Awakening that you don't know. You seem a little abnormal today. Can you tell me why? "

"Because there isn't much time left."

"What do you mean?"

"As the Sect Leader of the Shen-Tian Gate, you should know the biggest secret of the Shen-Tian Gate. Jie Kai Chen might very well be that person. If my guess is not wrong, Jie Kai Chen's current realm has already surpassed the Spirit King Realm, and Psionic Imperial Realm is above the Spirit King Realm. With his power, he would be able to destroy the entire Shen-Tian Gate. you don't seem to really care about the life and death of Shen-Tian Gate? "

"Extreme growth and decline, this is a principle that will never change. Too many people in the Shen-Tian Gate were used to the days of being high and mighty. They always thought of themselves as the people standing at the very top. For people like them, even if you were to talk your head off, they would still not listen to you. If you were to make them suffer a lot and teach them a lesson, they would instead learn to be a bit more obedient. "

"If that's the case, then you, as a Sect Leader, are planning to let your subordinates do as they please."

Zuo Xian Chi slightly smiled, and said indifferently: "They are no longer children, and should be responsible for their own decisions. If I knew the biggest secret of Shen-Tian Gate a little earlier, I wouldn't have accepted Shi Qian Meng as my disciple ten years ago. "

"Everything has its destiny. Why are you thinking so much? Even I do not know much about him. There is a barrier that exists in the An Kang Wang Palace to protect him, so I have no way of finding out more of his secrets. However, I have an intuition that he is definitely not someone who is willing to go against him. "

"What about you?"

"Me?" The Elder Linghua smiled mysteriously and said: "I am just a person in trouble."

"Since you are unwilling to say, then I will not ask too much. However, there is something that I want to ask you."

"Ask away."

"Can a person with yin meridians cultivate or not?"

The Elder Linghua smiled as she spoke, "Only people from remote places like your The State of Awakening treat those who are born with Yin Qi as trash that they cannot cultivate. Furthermore, your The State of Awakening has produced quite a few of them over the course of ten thousand years. It's evident how much the heavens have cared for your The State of Awakening, but it's a pity that you are all too ignorant and wasted away with so many good seedlings. "

"If that's the case, then Shi Yao Yin is not an uncultivable trash."

"That's right, it's not that she can't cultivate, but that your The State of Awakening doesn't have any suitable cultivation method for her. However, judging from the strength she displayed today, she must have met an expert. With her help, Jie Kai Chen would be even closer to success. "

She was really curious, who exactly was the expert that Shi Yao Yin met?

I never thought that this little The State of Awakening would actually be such a place filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It's getting more and more interesting.

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